Heleur stood before the trials, garbed in carapace armour fitted tightly around his frame. Many small plates emerald green in hue shimmering in a million different ways under the artificial light. Helmet obscuring his face, made from the same material as the armour with shinning red retinal receivers and high curved top, while upon the sides lie a deadly weapon, the scorpions sting. Many electro magnetic needles fired from these sense activated weapons biting into the skin of the enemy.

He bears ancient weapons handed down through the ages, the shuriken pistol black and opaque capable of sustained fire of deadly small spinning discs and the chain sword thin and light in the hand ready to unleash biting death upon the enemies of Biel-tan.

At the open door in front of him lie the trials, the trial of speed, the trial of combat and the trial of mind. huge blades swing down from edifices in the wraith bone walls promising swift death to the unworthy or untrained, these stretch as far as the eye can see in perfect rhythm
Gleaning passing close to the cold stone ground.

His breathing becomes deep , he takes up a stance of readiness one foot back chain sword raised high. Sprinting forwards he leaps and rolls avoiding the swinging blades as they bear down upon him. Timing each move as the blades pass somersaulting through then forwards.

Onward deeper through the trials, at last through the blades a chamber wait’s a sealed door to one side and a huge vaulted ceiling light falling through blue stained glass onto the mosaic floor depicting the great Karandras with enemies besetting him at all sides faces in agony as he rips them apart. Suddenly several concealed doors slide open revealing combat droids each bearing blades upon the arms, coming down upon Heleur relentlessly moving towards him.
Acting fast he charges the first, mandiblaster firing straight at it’s head causing malfunction it starts to wheel around erratically Heleur brings the chain sword down in a swift arc upon the droid, metal teeth sparking as they tear through it’s head sending it down to the ground, turning swiftly and somersaulting over the nearest droid he fires the shuriken pistol straight at it’s neck circuitry discs rip through the metal severing the head oil pouring from the hole.

A blade grazes his armour as he lands sparking against the tough plates, with no time to think he lashes out with a foot sending the attacking robot off balance, Leaving the droid no time to recover he leaps forward driving the chain word through it’s chest sending gushing oil all about slicking his armour in there black blood. Pulling the weapon free he scans around to the last remaining robot, covering the distance between them at remarkable speed he lunges with the chain sword but the robots blades parry the blow and bring the attack to him, clashing the blades bring blue light as they exchange blows each looking for an opening.

Heleur notices he is being pushed back to the wall and he’ll soon have no room to manoeuvre, bringing a heavy blow down the robot strikes but Heleur dodges just in time the robot is slow to regain balance, He turns running up the wall and flipping over the robot he brings the chain sword round in a lazy arc cutting through the torso, The mechanism drops to it’s knees hemmeraging oil Heleur deals the final blow splitting it’s bionic head asunder as he does so the sealed door opens beckoning him on to the final challenge.