This is an IG vs. Tau story I started writing in maths class one day when I got bored and I finally managed to get it typed up, I was wondering what you guys would think about it. I don't know too much about Tau so there may be some minor mistakes.

Either way praise or constructive critisim is equally appreciated.

Assault on City 92

“We must take this city. For the greater good. For it holds a dark secret, which no one must be allowed to unveil, we are charged with the job of destroying this weapon before it can cause any damage.?
A quiet city, not one of Kalamutu’s major cities, but significant enough. Very significant.
The city held a very powerful secret, one that could cause great turmoil across the entire universe, a weapon, capable of crippling every army which fought for its beliefs, but also the innocent civilians who didn’t deserve it.
The Tau could not let this secret be discovered, if it was then the ancient weapon would surely be activated by the Imperium and spell doom for thousands of millions of people.

“Take the waste facilities, and then advance North into the city to the Manufactorium and then rally with the other troops for the final assault on the Imperial Palace.?
The handful of Fire Warriors in the squad nodded in understanding and loaded their Pulse Rifles.
The Fire Warriors stormed out of the back of their Devilfish Troop Carrier and into the ruined outskirts of city 92.

“We are holding the last major defence position in the area. We have been given the responsibility by the Emperor himself to hold this city at all costs. We will not let that alien scum pass through our ranks and take City 92. DO YOU GET ME??
A unison response came from the fifty plus troops assembled to defend the great city.
Their Lasguns were loaded and the tanks were revved up and ready to head out.
“We will hold this city, or the Emperor shall never forgive us!!?

Two Tau Fire Warriors crept forward; their adversaries were right in front of them. Unaware that they were about to be brutally murdered.
One of the Guardsmen looked around just a few seconds earlier than the Tau would have hoped (and it could later be said that his quick glance over the shoulder saved his very life) and shouted.
The Tau sprang up out of the rubble and zipped off a few rounds each from their Pulse Rifles.
One of the Guardsmen went straight down, but the other, the one who had spotted the Tau in the first place, threw himself forward over a few empty barrels and into a ruin.
He whipped round and cracked off a few rounds of his Lasgun. One or two hits connected with the Tau’s armour and one Tau saw his knee, or where a human knee would be, explode in a shower of bone and flesh.
The Tau dropped down in agony and left the Guardsman to his team-mate.
The flashes of the Pulse Rifle fizzled into the walls of the ruin and scorched marks which were dangerously close to the window where the Guardsman was hiding.
“Oh Emperor please save us, we need your mighty assistance to rid City 92 of these evil creatures that would question your divine rule.?
The Guardsman kissed a pendant of a Warhammer and slipped it back inside his armour.
“Emperor give me strength!? he pleaded.
He unclipped two frag grenades from his utility belt and threw them out of the window.
There was an almighty boom that shook the dust from the rafters above and rocked the floorboards below.
The guardsman sprang out from the window and dived sideways, the Tau hadn’t been close enough to be caught in the grenade blast but he’d been temporarily blinded and as the Guardsman jumped he clicked off as many rounds as his hands could muster before slamming into the ground and breaking his arm.
“Please be dead! Please be dead!? he pleaded through gasps of pain, and as he rose to his feet he saw the splattered remains of the second Tau.
“Oh thank the Emperor!? praised the Guardsman.
His shoulder was scratched and slashed open in odd places and his elbow was searing with pain, but he’d survived.

“Kais, go down the left flank, when we give the signal you attack their flank whilst we make a head on attack.?
The lone Fire Warrior nodded in his bulky helmet and slipped a new clip into his Pulse Rifle.
The main Fire warrior squad moved forward and held their guns at hip level.
A squad of Guardsmen were shouting somewhere in the distance and the crack of Lasguns was heard as the shots began to fly towards the Tau.
The Tau Pulse Rifles zipped off hot energy at the approaching Guardsmen. Not only were the Tau outnumbered but they were stuck out in the open.
One of the Fire warriors gave the signal, a solitary grenade shot into the air.
Kais, the lone Fire warrior appeared and threw two plasma grenades into the fray of Guardsmen; the explosion tossed them in the air like leaves in high winds.
His Pulse Rifle was rasping out so many shots it was amazing that the barrel hadn’t overheated.
The Tau were now slowly gaining the upper hand. Their superior weapons were puncturing the Guardsmen’s armour easier.
A Guardsman shouted a hoarse battle cry and lunged forward into the Tau with his chainsword whirring menacingly.
The chainsword hacked easily through the Tau armour and sliced quickly through flesh and bone.
It was common knowledge that the Tau were extremely bad in close quarters combat, and this certain Guardsman was taking heavy advantage of this information.
“AAARRRGGGHHH!? came his cry as he lunged at the next Tau in the squad, who sub-sequentially dodged and smashed the end of his Pulse Rifle into the Guardsman’s teeth.
He dropped to the floor spitting teeth and frothy blood everywhere and was quickly dispatched by the surrounding Tau.
Guardsmen were piling forward from every angle, Lasguns flashing wildly as shots pinged off the superior Tau armour.
A Devilfish Troop carrier whirred up the hill behind the Tau, its Burst Cannons a blaze of white against the mellow sun.

“Westbrook! Watch the devilfish!? bellowed Sergeant Willis as he cracked off a few rounds of his Autogun.
The trooper to Willis’ left spun round and his spotter quickly slipped a Krak Missile into his launcher.
There was a momentary click before the whoosh of fuel being burnt at a super high speed propelled the missile away and slammed it into the hull of the Devilfish.
The shell exploded in a shower of flames and metal shards, the Devilfish jumped a little and slammed into the ground, spraying rubble and more metal everywhere.
“Good shot Westbrook!? screamed Willis over the racket.
Suddenly Willis was hit, a Bolter round straight to his chest.
“WILLIS IS DOWN! WILLIS IS DOWN!? yelled Westbrook.
The command squad’s medic came rushing over to inspect the damage.
“Wait a second this is a Bolter round.? Said the medic as he crouched over Willis’ scrunched up body. “That means there’s Space Marines here! We’re saved!?
Suddenly the Medic’s head exploded in a shower of brains and bone.
“Space……Marines…wouldn’t do……that!? gasped Willis clutching at his stomach.
Without any of the Guardsmen doing anything approximately twenty Tau were thrown into the air at the rear of their ranks.
There was a blood-curdling roar and Sergeant Willis leant back a little to see round Westbrook’s legs.
Westbrook looked round and saw the problem.
In the midst of the Tau were about fifty Chaos Space Marines and thirty Heretic Guardsmen.
“Westbrook……you know……what to do…? gulped Willis, “…do me…proud!?
Westbrook nodded through silent tears, he’d had a lot of respect for Sergeant Willis, and he’d always been there to look out for him when Westbrook made a potentially deadly mistake.
He turned round and let rip with his Autogun. Bullets sprayed into the whole jumbled mess of troops below them. Tau, Heretics and Chaos Marines alike were hit and felled by his rage.
“Here you b*stards! If you want us come and f**king get us!?
He pulled his last grenade from his belt and ripped out the pin with his teeth.
“This is for Willis you F**KERS!?
He threw the grenade with all his force and it bounced off the Chaos Marine Sergeant’s head and dropped at his feet.
“Oh, fu…? the explosion sent his body fifteen foot in the air and ripped both his legs clean off his body.
Tainted blood sprayed down on the Heretic guardsmen and they cowered before the Chaos Marines.
“Come on you pussies! Take them out!!!? screeched Westbrook as he took up Sergeant Willis’s master-crafted power sword and charged into the Heretics……………