It may be a little stupid, but i did my best so here it is:

Adrius Martin, a Gue’vesa’ui Team Leader For the Tau sept M’yen Mal’caor Valiantly led his men into battle against the Imperial Guard. Although they were greatly outnumbered, He and his fellow troops marched on. Adrius knew that if he were to die, it would not be in vain; for he would have contributed to the greater good of the Tau Empire. To him, dying could be for no greater cause.

As he continued on, he thought of his father. Adrius’ father was Cassius Martin, an Imperial soldier who was stranded after the Damocles Gulf Crusade. His father, though loyal to the Imperium of man had the choice of either dying, or joining the cause of the Tau. It was an obvious decision. Adrius knew little of his mother, and his father rarely talked about her. She died shortly after he was born.

Out in the distance, Adrius could spot a massive regiment of Imperial soldiers moving in their direction. The men along with their Tau brethren stood ready to confront the threat. As soon as they were in range, the fire warriors of the Tau cadre began to blast off pulse rounds at their enemy. Adrius could see many of the soldiers in the front go down as the pulse fire seared their bodies.

Adrius remembered stories of the Imperial guard his father told him when he was a boy. He used to imagine massive squads of men with lasguns running across large battlefields of some foreign land, taking on some unknown terror that was a threat to Imperium and the Emperor. Although loyal to the Tau Empire, he couldn’t help but respect his father’s former compatriots.

Despite this, they were in the way of the Tau’s glorious cause and must be stopped. As they got closer Adrius commanded his troops to fire. Shots of lasguns fire seared the air and hit guardsmen with a loud crack as it penetrated their armour. Large numbers of them fell to the attack, but more continued on. The guardsmen were only meters away and the kroot warriors charged into hand-to-hand combat. Men were shredded by the kroot’s sharp blades and the remains of them were devoured by the kroot. As the kroot feasted on their enemy’s flesh, the kroot hounds pursued the rest of the troops who had fallen back.

Another squad of guardsmen ambushed the Gue’vesa squad. Adrius noticed that soldiers were very surprised to see them, fighting for the Tau. The confusion soon passed and anger set in. The sergeant of the squad attacked Adrius.

“You traitor!? the sergeant yelled. “ The Emperor gave you protection! He gave you hope and this is how you repay him! Fighting for alien infidels!?

This was far more than Adrius could handle. He landed a blow to the sergeant’s head with the butt of his lasgun and stabbed him multiple times in the abdomen with its bayonet. The zealous sergeant fell to the ground and let out his last breath of life.

“No one can stand up to the might of the Tau Empire!? Adrius screamed in triumph.

The numbers of guardsmen was dwindling and victory was imminent. Morale was high among the ranks of Gue’vesa. The bloodshed continued and finally the forces of Tau were able to drive the Imperial threat away. Adrius and his men were relieved as the power of the Tau forces have once again prevailed.

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