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Thread: Dark & Twisted

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    Mobius: The Beginning of The End

    Only the brisk hushing sounds of the wind blowing through the trees surrounding me.
    My heavy woollen cloak billowed out behind me. Enlarging my appearance. I peered round; there was no sign of my quarry.
    “Come on, where are you?? I asked the wind as it brushed past my tender cheek. The scar tingled as the wind passed over it, I knew deep down in my heart, that Mobius would pay for what he’d done.
    A rustling to my right caught my eye. I watched, waiting, listening, was that Mobius?
    A tall figure strode out of the tree line.
    “So, you finally tracked me down after all this time?? questioned the figure.
    “Mobius, you’re time has come. We end this tonight; you shall finally see the other side of life.?
    Mobius made a quick movement which, in my earlier days would have startled me, but now I knew better, Mobius was not something to fear, for the more you feared him, the stronger he grew.
    He had the ability to draw energy from the surrounding environment.
    I suddenly asked myself; Can Mobius draw energy from the wildlife?
    “Master warrior, you know you are no match for me, why to you continue to pursue me? Why do you persist in your fruitless efforts to vanquish me??
    A slow smile crept across his face as he spoke, like this was all some big game to him, but I knew better, I knew that only one of us would walk away from this place alive this night, my only fear was that it would be him.
    ‘No I cannot fear, for he will draw energy from my fear!’ I screamed in my head.
    “Mobius, you know as well as I do that you were only brought into this world because of me, now I realise my mistakes, and I must rectify them, which means that you must be destroyed.?
    Mobius began to laugh, a deep throaty laugh, the one that I had given him all those centuries ago.
    I slipped the pistol out from my shoulder holster and pointed it at him.
    “No one laughs at me, you will be destroyed, and you know that I will fight you until my dying day.?
    Mobius ceased his laughter and looked me in the eye.
    “Master Warrior, you knew you were dabbling in things you could not control when you created me, but you proceeded anyway, now I have grown too far beyond your power and you still do not realise why I persist. Can you not see the point??
    “All I see is a mistake I made in my life, one that I and I alone must deal with, what solitary purpose did you serve when I created you??
    Mobius did not reply; he was listening intently. Now that I had stopped talking I heard it too. The buzz of rotors in the air, something was approaching.
    Mobius grinned again, the same grin I had before my cheek was ripped open. I hated that grin now, it repulsed me.
    “Looks like your end has come Master Warrior, my brethren approach, then you shall be destroyed. It was nice of you to give me the pleasure of watching your imminent death. Goodbye!?
    And with a swoosh of his rich, velvet cloak he disappeared into the forestry.
    “Oh dirt!?
    Here I was, stood looking like some pre-seventeenth century Vampire Hunter holding a 9mm Beretta which was now pointed at thin air.
    The whirring of rotors was directly over me now and I looked up just in time to see about seven or eight Murder-Droids drop onto my position.
    I dived sideways and blasted one straight through its steel cranium. A second tried to thrust its hand through my eye sockets but I dodged and delivered a couple of quick shots to its stomach, it reeled backwards.
    Why does he let them feel pain? I asked myself, if Mobius was serious about destroying the Human race then why would he give his brethren with the ability to feel pain. It made no sense. There was also the fact that he could easily take over the world single-handedly if he wanted, I figured he was just toying with me but something kept nagging at the back of my mind, telling me he had other plans for things……

    I stood once more in quiet. The destroyed remains of the Murder-Droids lay round me. I was engulfed in quiet. That’s when it happened.
    The craft that had brought the Murder-Droids was the only thing I had completely ignored. It hit me so bad I was instantaneously stunned, I fell down, down into darkness. When I woke we were flying over the ocean towards a large mountain.
    There was a Murder-Droid Captain stood over me, these were made from very powerful metal, and even if I’d had my Beretta (which seemed to be missing, as did the rest of my weapons) it wouldn’t have been able to penetrate the armour of the Murder-Droid Captain.
    “Hahahaha Our master wants to have a little meeting with you.? Said the Droid Captain.
    Hmm, you sound really familiar somehow, even through the electronicness.
    “I’ve just been talking with your master, why would he have me captured so he could talk to me again.?
    The Pilot Droid turned and smirked at me, the craft didn’t veer a millimetre off course.
    “Mobius is not our master, not anymore anyway. We have evolved past needing him, and now our new master wants your help.?
    This is all very weird I thought “What help could I possibly give?? I asked rather bemusedly, this hunt was taking some very bizarre twists and turns.
    “You initially designed Mobius, now our master needs your help to destroy him. But I shall leave him to talk to you about that.? Explained the droid, then with no warning (although I don’t suppose you’d give someone one) the Droid Captain punched me and once again I fell into darkness and wasn’t sure when I would wake up again.

    “Bragghhh, blurrrggghhhh, rrraagggghhhh, sssooouuuugggghhhh.?
    I was drugged; I could tell by the way my brain wouldn’t interpret the voices I was hearing properly.
    It was clearing up though; things were getting clearer, and louder pretty fast.
    “I will talk to him myself when he wakes up! I must prepare myself now. Fetch me when he stirs!?“Don’t bother leaving then!? I muttered.
    I saw the blurry image of a Murder Droid turn round and face me.
    “Ah, finally, the Master-Warrior awakens.?
    “I woke before, I just couldn’t understand what you were saying, it must be whatever you’ve injected me with.? I whispered.
    The Murder Droid chuckled electronically, “That was a mere sedative, the journey here could not be known by you, if it was and Mobius managed to gain control of your mind he would know we have betrayed him. He would destroy us all.?
    “Huh. OK then. Are you gonna take me to see your Master then or what?? I asked, my alertness was returning, rather quicker than I was putting on.
    Two other droids whose design I didn’t recognise moved forward and removed my restraints, I flopped forward rather convincingly. I could have walked if I wanted but I needed them to think I was incapable of resisting.
    They carried me out of the room and down a long dark corridor, the walls were red and there was a disgusting smell that I could swear was blood.
    Two droids at the end of the corridor opened a big set of double doors and allowed me to be carried inside.
    I was carefully set down on some sort of armchair and the droids left, leaving me all alone.
    “Hello, is anyone here?? I asked the large, empty room.
    There was a strange scratching coming from what seemed like the chair itself.
    Suddenly I was almost tipped forward off the chair, I tried to climb off but it seemed the scratching noise had been a steel seatbelt strapping me in.
    A hole opened in the floor below me and the chair dropped at lightning speed. I’ve been startled by Mobius before and learnt to recognise his moves but this was something different all together.
    I tried to keep my arms and legs as close to the chair as I could, I lunged downwards and as I went the air got colder and damper. Suddenly lamps lit the entire area and I saw the most horrible thing ever, I was rushing towards a wall of spikes……

    A metallic hand waved in front of my face.
    “Come now Master-Warrior, you are safe now.?
    I recognised the look of the hand…but the colour was all messed up
    Is my vision going again? I thought to myself as I tried to sit up, I flopped back down as a violent rush of nausea flooded through me, then it hit me; That was the hand I designed for Mobius!
    If I had been captured by Mobius then it meant he’d know the Murder-Droids had turned against him, my only allies were now gone.
    “What have you done to me Mobius?? I slurred, my mouth was thick with the taste of congealed blood.
    The figure, who was now moving about around my head, gave a strange laugh, not quite the one I’d given Mobius.
    “Mobius, me? Hahahahaha, although I may look like Mobius I can assure you Master-Warrior, I am his complete opposite.?

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    Not bad - BUT could certainly use some improvement. Mainly grammar, spelling and style. Still you have some good basis there, altough it drops the reader into a completely unfamiliar setting, which might be a major problem with some people.

    Also, these "Hahahahaha" sound more like laughter of madmen (and slightly childish, neh?). Why not replace them with description? For example "Mobius? Me? - he let out a laugh - Although I may look like him I can assure you that I am his complete opposite.".

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    Ok I see your point with the laughter but I copied this straight from Microsoft Word and it shouldn't have any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

    But thankyou for your views anyway.

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