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    Character Bios-What do you think?

    OK I have a story idea in my head but i'm finding it hard to explain to people but I have written out most of my Character Bios and was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on whether they are good, bad, ok etc and any suggestions for improvement.

    Ex-German Special Forces

    Lieutenant Hamlock Ferdinand
    5' 11" tall. Long, blond hair tied back in ponytail. Blue eyes. Well trimmed blond goatee.
    Deep scar running from under left eye to lower jaw. Small scar on right thigh approximately 4-5cm in length.
    Ex-German Special Forces team Commander with seven years of experience in the field.
    Good knowledge of most automatic rifles and usually carries a Heckler & KochG11 as a primary weapon with a Vektor SP1 as a secondary.

    Sergeant Vicktor Buthkle
    5' 8" tall. Short, spikey brown hair. Brown eyes. Slight stubble dotted across whole of jaw. Small 3cm scar above right eye. Half right ear missing (top of lobe).
    Ex-German Special Forces sniper expert.
    Served three years in the German special sniper division.
    Very knowledgable of nearly all commonly used sniper rifles, in particular Russian and Swedish.
    Carries a VAL Silent Sniper as primary and a Heckler & Koch USP Pistol as secondary.

    Private Hans Von Calcick
    6' 1" tall. Medium length black hair. Hazel eyes. Bushy moustach. Scar across upper stomach from left to right. Small scars across both hands (fishing hooks).
    Ex-german Special Forces, three and a half years experience.
    Very good with all types of handgun but can handle other weapons too.
    Carries two highly customised Browning BDA9 pistols with secondary weapon being a Russian Makarov.

    Private Vincent Bruning
    5' 8" tall. Medium length spiky ginger hair. Brown eyes. Scar across lower throat. Scar running from left breast down to lowest right rib.
    Ex-German Special Forces, four years, three months experience.
    Demo expert, extremely effecient with all types of explosives, particularly Semtex, C4 and TNT.
    Carries a Steyr AUG Para sub-machine gun and a Browning BDA9 as a secondary weapon.

    Private gregor Radofski
    5' 9" tall. Extremely short brown hair. Green/blue eyes. Full face beard. No distinguishable scars to be seen.
    Ex-German Special Forces only two years seven months experience.
    Expert with Machine Guns and other forms of heavy weapons (Bazookas, Missile Launchers, Grenade Launchers etc).
    Spanish Ameli light Machine gun is his primary weapon with a Colt Detective Special (Revolver) as a secondary.

    These are just my baddies, as you might have guessed they're all German, and just so we're all clear, I have nothing against germans (I'm part german myself!) but I was just browsing through my big book of guns and the Heckler & Koch G11 stood out to me so I decided to make my terrorists Germans!

    Any critism would be appreciated, thank you!

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    this is for the rp right?
    anyway cool bios and some evil baddies to destroy
    we're not running, we're attacking in another direction!
    -Call Of Duty 2
    imperial guard

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