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    My new story, The Rise Of Cassius.

    I think it sucks a bit personally, but I'm looking for a second opinion. Enjoy:

    The Rise Of Cassius Martin, Pt. 1

    On the world of Alpha-13 in the megalopolis of Promethea, a new dawn approaches the inhabitants. A white hot sun rises in the east, burning the upper reaches of the atmosphere into dull shades of crimson against a distant horizon. The first rays of sunlight slowly make their way through the massive city. The subtle hint of morning stirs the denizens. Local forecasts of weather predict a warm, but comfortable day. The day is a picturesque scene of spring; a day that shows no warning of the ultimate horror which is to soon fall upon Alpha-13.

    Cassius Martin, whom of which had been awake since morning’s twilight is preparing for his work day. Cassius is an engineer for the Promethean city-state army and repairs light spacecraft. As his job requires, he is a very knowledgeable and curious person. He could remember, even as a child, always questioning why and how, which on more than one occasion got him into trouble.

    Cassius’ unwavering curiosity was looked down upon by his own parents, who thought asking too many questions was inappropriate. The only person who encouraged him was his grandfather, who would tell him the legends of their origins and of the divine protector, who guided them and guarded humanity with his great warriors. He was also told of an unspeakable evil, which plagued the divine protector, an immense power which threatened the existence of man. Cassius learned that this great evil’s strength was their numbers, and that they destroyed countless worlds like their own. These stories fascinated Cassius and inspired him.

    As soon as Cassius started his schooling, he was found to be incredibly intelligent, and later joined the city-state army. During his enlistment period, he attended the Promethean Army Institute, where he graduated top of his class. Many subjects interested Cassius, but his passion was the study of interstellar travel. During this time, many scientists like himself thought that a possible solution for faster than light travel was the Andres-Constantine Theory, which stated that there is another universe or dimension in which time and space are irrelevant, and making short “jumps� through this dimension would take a ship many light years in the real universe. The possibilities for this theoretical travel were endless; many new worlds could be discovered and possibly exobiological life forms.

    Study of the Andres-Constantine theory completely halted with the 5 Years’ War. Many of the contributing scientists to the theory were killed during this time, and it was almost lost. Cassius, as well as many other soldiers that survived helped contribute to the continuance of the theory.

    Cassius stared out the window of his quarters. Light shined across his scarred face, the silent reminder of battles past. He looked at the time and realized that he was late. Cassius quickly gathered his things and left.

    * * * Out in the cold vacuum of space, an Imperial Battleship slides out of the Warp. On the bridge, the First Officer addresses Captain Adrian, commander of the vessel.

    “Captain, we have located the Tyranid Hive Fleet,� He says.

    “What is its location?� Captain Adrian replies.

    “It is approaching a recently rediscovered colony that has been out of Imperial contact for about two thousand years, sir,� the first officer says. “The planet is called Alpha-13, sir�

    “Set a course,� the Captain replies…

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