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    the attack of the shadow warriors

    The attack of the shadow warriors.

    “through there!" growled White snow wolf, his loyal warriors slid through the crack, the shadow warriors had come out of the dark ness, his warriors, the almighty strength of union, were unarmed, they where brutally cut down before they could bear arms upon the enemy, he ordered the retreat, and they fled into a near by cave, he watched as sjirke, one of his top thieves, was cut down as 5 shadow
    warriors just materialised in front of him as he fled, their dark blades cutting through the light clothing of the thief, White snow wolf turned to wards his warriors, they slumped to the floor, decapitated, White snow wolf back towards the wall screaming, he threw his arms over his face, the blades of the shadow warriors descended upon him, White Snow Wolf woke, he called his warriors to arms, he
    had just seen what was out side the camp, it was no dream that he had just endured... it was a warning, the shadow warriors once again came out of the darkness, but instead of falling upon a unprepared camp, they fell, onto an the organised battle line of the almighty union, they raced forward eager for a challenge, and crashed upon the line, but the following battle, was not what they had expected.

    White Snow Wolf, being an eternal creature ripped through the line of shadow warriors like, well, a wolf, murdering 80 of them that dark day, as he struck down his 79th shadow warrior, a blade from the darkness behind him fell upon his back, he felt some thing he had never felt before... pain...
    It had been a gruelling battle, White Snow Wolf’s beloved wife willowv2 had fallen to their dark blades,

    cypher_killz, helter, ragnorak, seeker, adam wuddam, Their glorious leader White Snow Wolf was missing... presumed dead, smoking PK fell to his knees when out of the gloom, game a shadow warrior...
    White Snow Wolf swung around bellowing like an enraged demon, his almighty sword slashed the belly of the warrior, who fell to his knees, life robed from him, White Snow Wolf fell too his knees, as yet

    as yet another shadow warrior came, White Snow Wolf threw his sword at him, yet thurgor got in the way accidentally, battling valiantly against the shadow warrior who had followed his lord, as he wandered away from the battle, yet failing, the sword decapitated thurgor’s opponent, and leaving a great bloody chasm in the thieves, body, he fell to the floor, looked up, and was decapitated by the shadow

    warrior, he came up to the great wolf, White Snow Wolf cursed him, then some thing happened that neither the shadow warrior or White Snow Wolf expected...
    Abu yassir fuk struck down the shadow warriors, he turned away from White Snow Wolf, who was still lying there, this was his first mistake, White snow Wolf picked up a hatchet, and just as he was about to throw, a axe came out of the gloom, it

    smashed into the spine of abu yassir fuk, who slumped to the floor dead, the remaining members of union charged the shadow warriors, eager to recover their lord.....


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    1. Fix your spelling.
    2. Shorten the sentences. Ones so long are unreadable.
    3. Think out better names for your characters. The current ones are simply ridiculous.
    4. What the hell is that story supposed to be about anyway? I don't see a single molecule of plot in there.

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