Chapter One. "The Chaos Wars" Episodes of Meridian Mobile Defence Force - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Chapter One. "The Chaos Wars" Episodes of Meridian Mobile Defence Force

    Ludwig Von Karskov had grown and lived the house of nobles for all his teenage years. He
    learned the studies of warfare, economy, and politics. He was the tennant to his father on
    the field of battle when war would break out. He went to school, practiced his planets martial
    arts and grew younger with every passing year due to his rigorious training excersizes.

    He remembered the moment his father had died. It was a suppressed memory but it was
    still fresh and it burned whenever he saw death. Lucky for him, his father had died in his
    arms. Von Karskov knew he had turned his back on his father for the longest second, and
    had turned around to find him dead and twitching in the trench.

    Long remembered for his heroic moments in raising the white flag, the guns of battle had
    stopped for the day to allow the funeral for the Mayor of Meridian to be buried. Such was
    the fact of life on Meridian Prime and honor was treated to the highest standard. Mayors
    would lead by example in running the city, and showing cause by fighting alongside
    comrades. Von Karskov had now succeeded his father and rose through the ranks
    by winning campaigns and stamping out corruption in the capital hive of Meridian.

    These were the times of peace, when the Emperor reigned. Planets bowed in respect
    and made voyages to Terra to pay tribute amongst the high ranking officers. These
    sessions were called "Mark Sessions" Ment for marking the moment of alligance. Von
    Karskov's father had long history with the high lords of Terra and worked closely with the
    Inquisition. It was Von Karskovs turn to lead by example and follow in his fathers footsteps.

    Then the news of the great treachery reached Meridian Prime. The telepaths had relayed
    all the messages to Von Karskovs secretary.

    "My Lord, we have dire news from the Adepts."

    Karskov also remembered this moment, "What is the news of Terra, Mr Secretary?"

    There was a long awkward silence and his secretary thought and considered his words very
    carefully. The answer was slow and painfull and burned like open flesh. "My Lord, treachery
    has been declared."

    The shock was so overwhelming to Von Karskov, he fell on the floor sinking to his knees. His
    love for his master pained him greatly. He sat down by the golden window of his political
    office. "Mr Secretary, I need a drink. Something stiff."

    "Yes, my Lord." The secretary walked out into the main lobby to the bar sitting off to the
    left of the atrium and returned. Von Karskov took the bottle and poured two glasses. "To
    our aliegance or whatever remains."

    The two sultry characters took a moment of silence and toasted.
    I hope you've enjoyed this chapter, I plan on writing about particular battles
    that my army fights on table top and I plan to link them together through drama
    and plot. Pretty much this is creative writing. These are ment to be installments
    for the imperial guard section of Librarium Online, but I think they would be both
    enjoyed here and in my home forum inside LO. If you have any ideas for plot line
    or just want to congradulate me and post comments on each chapter I will try and
    fit them into the flow of the story. But other than that, I hope you've enjoyed chapter one
    which is the introduction to the main character.


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    Chapter Two. "Lonesome Thoughts"

    Karskov and his secretary had sat in the mohogany furnished room together just aimlessly
    thinking. Hearts were deffinitly shredded to peices and both were pondering the upcoming

    Thankfully Meridian Prime was used to having controlled frequencies for public use, Karskov
    had decided it would be a controlled panic and placed orders for frequency lockdown.

    The hours passed and he learned everything he could care less about. But deep inside
    his heart he knew what he already wanted to say to his people of Meridian. Ludwig got
    out of his buisiness suit in his personal bath and switched into his military dress uniform.

    His transformation from politician to dictator was happening and phasing his personai.
    by the end of the day he would be leading his Empire with an Iron Fist. They would
    serve the Emperor, no matter what the cost would be.

    As Karskov drank his Gin and Tonic, he lit one of his last cigars and puffed on it thoughtfully
    while taking in the buzz he was getting from his nicotene and alchohol. Slowly he put on
    his honor chords and wrapped them around his black medal studded leather jacket and
    looked at his 20th century rolex watch. Sadly looking out at the sunshine he took his last
    drink. It was time.

    Gracefully walking out his private study chamber, he looked forward and pushed open the
    brass doors into his atrium where members of the Meridian senate and Press were waiting
    for his thoughts and words.

    He stooped up to his crystal podium with a firm voice he announced his audience. "Members
    of the Press and Senate, I regret to inform you there will be darker days ahead of us."

    "Four hours ago, I was informed of a deep split inside our own vast empire. The Great Horus
    has falsly accused the empire of being traitor. However it is our advantage that we know the
    facts and I will do my personal best to inform you that we will stand with the Empire, and
    any personelle found guilty of treachory in Meridian will be found, persicuted and shot
    to death by firing squad. This is my pledge and this is my aliegance"

    Flashes went off, and reporters were struggling to keep up with notes. Less then seconds
    notice a flurry of hands went up. "Mr Mayor, what do you plan to do on your political
    agenda about this?"

    A well placed staff member raised his hand. And Karskov began answering the question with
    a deep thought. "Loyal citizens, you work so hard to bring food to your table, you live good
    lives. I plan to keep our aliegance straight and narrow. We all have a path to follow; I have
    mine and you have yours. But together we have the same destiny! We shal win this war!"

    Another placed staff member raised a hand. "Mr Mayor, in your absence at war who will lead

    "My dear reporter, we've been in war and out of war for countless centuries. In my place
    for diplomatic channels will be my Secretary."

    The Mayors aide walked up to the podium, "There will be no further questions for the Mayor."

    Departing, the three characters walked back into Von Karskovs private study to gather more

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    Chapter 3. "True Colors"

    Ludwig was back inside his office again. A roaring fire kept his room cozy, and the purple
    drapes were shut for the night. Blue light bounced around the room from the illumination

    He was at his desk surrounded by the two people he trusted most. His aide and his
    coordinator. All of them were in a deep argument. Ludwig pounded his fist on the table.

    "Damn it, Janus. I want my troops withdrawn from all sectors on Meridian and I want
    them starborn in less than 84 hours. If you cant do that, You'll be demoted to field

    His aide interjected, "Sir, with utmost respect. Its impossible."

    "Why's that Janus?" Ludwig was tempered and frusterated.


    "Damn you and your logistics." Ludwig unholstered his firearm.

    Janus backed away. "We'll get on it as soon as posible Sir."

    "Thats the result I want to hear."

    Then the third character stepped up. Dressed in power armour and leather robes he spoke
    in a hushed tone. "Ludwig, we have all the transports. Why do you push your men so hard?"

    "I want results Inquisitor Logan, and I intend to show my beloved emperor my cause. were
    going on a little crusade that should keep you employed for a few more years."

    Inquisitor Logan shook his head and chuckled. "I guess we all need employment these
    days. I'll go talk to the other mayors and do some strangling."

    On Ludwigs desk was a Imperium mandate. reaching in his drawer he took out a quill
    pen and scratched in his autograph on the last line. "There you go Logan, Meridian
    Prime is all yours and rife for your judgement. I want those alliances, savvy?"

    "Savvy." Logan walked out the door and tipped his leather hat to his officer.

    Von Karskov drew weary; he wanted nothing else than to fall asleep and dream. He walked
    back around his desk and sat in his reclining chair to put his feet up on his desk.

    His eyes grew heavy and he dozed off. Darkness faded in and his sleep became unplesent.
    Ludwig drempt of fire and death, he could see faces burning and rubble strewn across the
    streets. Frantically he waved his hands and his chair tumbled over with a loud crash.

    Blinking he woke up to glowing embers in the fireplace. The coldness in the room made him
    shiver. Getting up, he walked over to the fireplace and put more wood in it and threw some
    promethium on it. He wasnt hearing right, but the fireplace seemed to scream at him.

    He went to his bathroom and splashed water on his face. 'This isn't happening' he mused.

    But it was happening. Looking back inside his office he saw the glowing orange cascading
    and dancing across the mohogany walls. Even the floor seemed to turn on fire. He reached
    in his medical cupboard and took out his treasured psy pistol. A swig of whisky quickly
    followed. 'Well to my death I suppose.' Turning around he walked backed in his office
    to face his nightmare.

    To Ludwig the head was hideous it was all he could see, and he didnt want to see more. He
    aimed and pulled the trigger. The thing screached in agony and slumped across the grill
    of the fireplace. For him, to much was happening at once.

    A few moments later five personell ran in. Hellguns at ready they walked up to the incident.
    The sergeant began talking with Karskov while the other four began to set up parimiter.

    "Sir your lucky that thing has a deafining scream, whatever the hell it is I'm sure you've
    pissed off the entire warp network.Were glad we were able to hear it outside."

    Ludwig slouched sitting on his desk. "Sergeant, I want this place secure, get your best
    men in here untill we get an inquisitor. For now I dont think I'll be staying here anymore."

    "Sounds like a plan Ludwig, I'll see to it you get substitioutional quarters."

    "Thank you for your gratitude, get a spellbreaker in here to tie the loophole up."

    "Affirmative Sir. I'll have a officer show you to your quarters."
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