I hadn't expected this.
No sooner had i settled into a routine with my regiment I was reassigned.
Not that I minded, the increasing lack of activity during my time with the 634th Varokk Marshalls was becoming somewhat of a bore. So when my orders came in to transfer to the 13th Minosis I could barely contain my enthusiasm.
Of course, it would mean leaving behind the familiar faces I'd grown to know within the 634th, but it was my duty to follow wherever the Holy Emperor decided to send me.
So I packed my personals (which barely filled one case) and was shipped out the same very evening to the delicatble Cobra Class Destroyer Flames Of Vengence and we departed immediately.
ON my travels I came across a rather interesting character who I now know is one of the most trustworthy people I could have ever met (mainly since he served with me for sixteen years of my career).
But at the time I was cautious who to mix with, as I had no idea what the crew of this particular starship were like.
I realsied in the excitement of transferring regiments and exploring much of the ship that I hadn't eaten in at least five hours, and it seemed my stomach was beginning to complain.
So I did what any sane soldier of the Imperium would do and headed for the nearest mess hall.
Now, not to critisise the functionings of the Imperial Navy, but how any single member of crew could manage to eat in one of the mess halls such as the Flames Of Vengence's was positively mind-numbing.
Ultimately though I reminded myself that most Imperial crews were either so use to this kind of existance that it didn't affect them, or that they were so augmented with bionics that they needed very little nourishment as it was.
I feel I must explain here that I have nothing against augmentation, suffice to say that if we didn't have it I would have retired a long time ago, but still, there is a point where I feel some take it too far.
As I sat eating my, what appeared to be very thick stew I noted the figures around me.
It wasn't until a figure sat at the opposite side of the table from me that I realised how rude I must have looked staring at the crew as they ate.
"Don't mind if I sit here do you Commissar?"
The man was of about thirty six years of age with wild, black hair which was tied back in a long ponytail.
His face sported a moderately thick matt of hair which contrasted spectacularly with his sparkling blue eyes.
At a guess I'd say he was about five foot eleven, not that much shorter than myself in most respects.
"By all means, I would appreciate the company." I replied as I stabbed at a large chunk of carrot in my stew.
The figure smiled.
"I don't blame ya, there's no point trying to have a straight conversation with these tinheads!" (a phrase I later learned he used to describe heavy augments).
He raised his voice as he said it, so all in the mess hall could hear.
Unsurprisingly none of the figures seemed disturbed by his comment.
I however thought he had a point, starship crews were never very receptive of groundlings such as myself, which also made me wonder about my newest companion.
"Commissar Monpholus," I explained as I extended my bionic arm to shake his hand, "and you are?"
"Regulas Brite. Corporal." he replied as he shook my arm rather awkwardly.
"So what brings you to the ship Corporal?" i enquired as I returned to clumsily spoon stew with my bionics.
"Reassignment Commissar, I'm to join the 13th Minosis. Directly under Captain Heifer himself!" he exclaimed wildly, slopping his stew over the table.
I smiled, well here was number one of the new boys I was to join, and it semed he was in the same predicament as me.
I decided I liked him.
"Well I trust I can rely on you Brite, because so far I know no other soul from the 13th Minosis."
His face twisted into puzzlement, then understanding as he realised where I was heading myself.
"I won't let you down Commissar." he answered (and he never did, only leaving my service when he saved my life).

As the week aboard Flames Of Vengence drew to a close I readied myself for departure, only stopping when Corporal Brite appeared at my quarters to inform me my presence was requested on the bridge.
When I arrived I found the Captain waiting for me, alongside Captain Armedies Heifer himself.
Corporal Brite, who had accompanied me turned to leave, but I motioned for him to stay.
As he passed me to take a seat he gave me a sly smile.
Captain heifer stepped forward to greet me. "Good afternoon Commissar, I trust your journey was acceptable?"
Brite snorted and I smirked slightly as I replied. "It would have been better to have more than cog-boys for company. I just thank the holy Emperor I had Corporal Brite here to keep me from going insane."
At these words Captain Heifer acknowledged Brite's presence and scowled at him.
"Ah yes, my new Corporal." he replied rather unenthusiastically.
He failed to mention his like or dislike for brite, and I believe that was due to my presence, whether he actually feared or respected me I never bothered to ask.
The Captain gave us both a small brief on the history of the 13th and informed us that the remainder of the regiment was to join us onboard within a matter of hours.
He highlighted a few of his key members of staff who he explained deserved a little recognition from me. I wasn't inclined to listen much after that point.
"So what exactley are our mission details?" I inquired when the Captain had evidently finished speaking.
I naturally assumed we were heading for another planet in the system for something, due to the obvious point of reassignment meant my services were needed elsewhere.
"Indeed I wondered when we would get to that. As far as I know there have been some rather disturbing reports of the damned Eldar xenos raiding many of our outposts on Sigonus IV. incedentally we've recieved orbital images which detail a large mass of Eldar moving towards a Promethium weapons testing facility. We cannot allow it to fall to the Emperor's enemies. We are to defend the outpost and exterminate as much of the Eldar force as possible."
He passed me a data-slate as he spoke which showed the mass of the enemy force moving towards the tiny blip that was the Test Facility.
I frowned, maybe the data-slate was malfunctioning, but other than that it wouldn't possibly make sense.
"I know, disturbing isn't it?" said Heifer rather more resentfully than I think he meant to.
"No Eldar force this big has ever been seen in the history of the Emperor. They usually operate in small raiding groups and retreat once they have scavenged enough to survive." I replied, and I should know, having faced the Eldar many times before it was something rather strange to see a mass of troops as large as this. "Do you have an estimate on their forces?" i questioned as I passed Brite the data-slate.
The Captain grimaced and took a hot mug of tanna leaf tea from a passing servitor.
"Orbital images guestimate roughly one thousand and fifty, plus vehicles."
This was shocking, there was no way I'd seen a raiding force that large before.
"And the defensive forces?" asked Brite, for he too had been alerted by the mass of Xenos scum creeping towards our facility.
"One hundred and sixty, plus three tanks and a Sentinal."
Was this man insane? At the moment it seemed he was, and way beyond help too.
"You expect us to hold back a force in the thousands, with only a handful of soldiers and a smattering of vehicles???" blurted Brite.
Now it was in the Imperial Creed that a soldier who defies an Officer should be flogged, but in this instance I was perfectly alongside Brite. There was no way that kind of defence would hold against an enemy so large in numbers.
"Well the Eldar obviously came looking for something here, and it must be extremely important to them to send a force this big." I replied.
I was no hero, but when it came to being outnumbered you couldn't really get much worse than that. but it was my duty to do what I could, although I'd prefer not to die fighting innumerable odds on some frakking unknown planet....

Once we'd finally made planetfall it was more obvious to me why our presence here was so desperately needed.
Not only was the Promethium Weapons Test Facility a huge construction that could easily have held at least ten times our regiments number, but the particular weapons they were testing included a few hand held's, and we were promised a little test of them if things got rough on the frontlines.
I made it my job to survey as much of the surrounding area as possible in the few days before the Eldar incursion was due to arrive. if we were going to defend this outpost properly we wouldn't want to leave any blind spots.
Luckily when we began our initial scouting procedures we ran across a few squads from the systems planetary defence force who were more than willing to help in our endevour. it could have been due to the fact that I had drawn my weapon on them before they identified themselves, and must have forgotten to lower it again.
Corporal Brite, although not extremely intelligent, never faltered in following orders, not to mention his skill with almost any Imperial weapon going.

I woke on the morning that the assault was supposed to occur and was not impressed.
Many of the troops had fallen ill with a case of last minute nerves.
Luckily a quick check of my Laspistols maintenance before the entire regiment seemed to change a few minds.
It took an unconsiderable amount of time to get the troops into the most defendable positions and by the time we finished it was past midday, according to my knowledge the Eldar would be here any moment.
Sure enough, within ten minutes, in which I took the time to pray to the Emperor for my protection, the Lasbolts began flying and were retaliated against with a spray of splinter ammunition.
"Bravo Platoon, watch that grav Tank!"
The noise of the ongoing destruction began to ring in my ears, and only until Corporl Brite broke away from Captain heifer's gaze to speak to me did my senses start to function.
"Commissar! We've lost the left flank!" he bellowed over the ear-rupturing bellow of a Leman Russ spreading forth its redemption.
"Dammit!" I cursed as i fired off a few more Lasbolts at some Rangers who were trying to creep through some undergrowth near our position. "OK, Brite, go and commandeer Delta Platoon from the right flank and have them report back to me, you better come too...it looks like we've got some skull cracking to do!"

Things were bad on the left flank, the troops had been reluctent to fall back and had been ripped apart in close combat.
This certainly wan't my day.
When I arrived, accompanied by only Brite and the remnants of Delta Platoon there were only a few squads of guardsmen left, however, given the chance I would have personally walked round and given each and every one a commendation for their courage and faith in the Holy Emperor.
But it meant that we were forced to go in fighting.
The next few minutes of my life were a blur, I remember only firing off my weapon a multitude of times before something hard struck me in the upper jaw, just below my ear.
I reeled backwards and was caught by Corporal Brite as he advanced behind me, he propped me back on my feet and was off again before I could even thank him. I would have looked for him but I realised instantly what had struck me, for an Eldar creature stood before me, before my mind registered it my hands had freed my chainsword and it was buzzing through the air into the Eldar.
It shrieked in pain, its torso seemingly spliting in two diagonaly as it fell. But before I had time to rejoice another Eldar came at me, brandishing a knife or unknown origin to me.
It didn't matter, it was cut down like the rest of their filthy race as we pushed back the advancing column.
I took a split second to blink and when I opened my eyes again I was slumped in a warm leather chair, seemingly inside the Promethium Test Facility.
Brite was stood in front of me with a steaming hot mug of tanna leaf tea.
I sat up, rubbing my head as I did so, it was sore, especially around the back, and I thought I felt matted blood down my neck.
"What happened?" I coughed as Brite drank his own tea.
"Gave us quite a scare there Commissar, you were taken from behind by one of the Eldar, I managed to recover you before they could use you as a prisoner, of course, I had the help of sergeant stevens from Delta platoon too. We thought the safest place for you at the moment would be the Facility"
To be honest, the safest place I would have preffered would have been back aboard the Flames Of Vengence and as far away from this frakking hell hole as I could be.
"What about the battle?" I enquired, managing to un-encrust the blood which had obviously seeped down my throat, but the tanna tea washed it away.
"Don't worry sir, we got things under control, Captain Heifer sent a Leman Russ round to help you out. Luckily it got here just in time, we weren't doing too well."
Slowly but surely the tea was helping my mind kick back into gear, seemingly we had managed to hold them off, but the sounds of the firefight outside still managed to drift in through the windows.
"Is he awake?" asked a Tech-Priest as he entered, his augments were plentiful and I took a great disliking to him. Once he saw my animated body I swear he could have exploded with excitement. "Oh good he can approve our decision then!"
This perked my mind up a hell of a lot.
"What do you mean 'approve your decision'?" I questioned. And I could have bet anything a Cog-Boy would dream up wasn't exactly news I wanted to hear about.
"The Facility has just finished producing a prototype of a Promethium bomb that is directional, they believe if we can concentrate the Eldar into one place, we can eliminate them with one strike." explained Corporal Brite.
I was right, and this was particularly distrubing, because Tech-Priests usually didn't care what happened to others as long as they achieved what they wanted.
"And where exactly do you propose to use this bomb?" I asked, attempting to drain my tea but realising I'd already done so a few minutes before.
"Why here of course!" replied the Tech-Priest. "The Eldar want this outpost so much, let them have it, but once its in their possession, they won't have long to use it!"