well, i like to write, so hears a crack........
Im writing it based around some stuff my deathwing have been upto....

Brother Arakrak's thoughts weighed heavily upon him. Knowing his chapters history strained him. He wanted to destroy the fallen like nothing else, he wanted to redeem his chapters honour.

He and his fellow Battle brothers prepared to assault the the witch hunters army. they had heard rumours that she new of the whereabouts of one of the fallen.

The Thunderhawk Gunship which had dropped them at the battle field Cast its shadow upon them like Our moon elclipses the sun. "Brothers, We MUST capture the inquistor alive, she knows the wherabouts of one of the fallen...." the mournful voice of Captain Zacharias loomed from the vox casters in the terminator armour. Arakrak checked his storm bolter, readied it and unleashed hell upon the sisters that were accompanying the inquistor. Many fell, but they did not falter. His Command Squad strafed towards them, all the while felling the inquistors bodyguard with holy bolter and assault cannons.

The Sound of the Guns could be heard from miles around. The Inquistorial storm troopers whom where waiting in ambush checked there hell guns. They knew they were facing a deadly enemy, and many of them were shaking and quivering like a sheet in the wind.
A commisar whom had joined them lectured them how they were doing the emperors service, and how they were culling the weak. they knew they were facing super humans, men who could rip apart thousands and leave nothing but a nimbus of blood in there wake.
They started to charge.

Arakrak and his squad where in the midst of a swirling melange' with the inquisitors body guard. He didn't think it would be this easy.... He then realised that things weren't as they seemed....

Without warning Las fire started to wash upon them like a tsunami from the hills above. Arakrak kicked the last of the celestians down, and activated the plas-cuffs onto the inquistor. He Let loose with a howling ball of pyschic energy, which tore apart the storm troopers. He knew that the inquisition where trying to interfere with his chapters business.
They Would pay.

"Men, For the Emperor, CHARGE!!" The Commisar cried. the storm trooper and his squad charged upon the giants. the Terminators crushed them ruthlessly, tainting there armour with the blood of the weak. the nerve of the Strom troopers broke. They started to flee when the Commisar turned around and blew the head off the Seargeant of them, but it was too late.

Arakrak Batted the Commisar aside with with his storm bolter, also shooting him.
Him and his men destroyed the remaining troopers.

He went back for the inquistor. She was gone.....

so what did you think. just something i wrote then.
I plan on making this into a series for the hell of it.....