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“Look at her. No, look Sire not touch; a creature like that would tear you apart should you get close enough.? The voice belonged to a human male, by the looks of him he was in his late thirties or early forties; he was dressed in a cream doublet and a pair of crimson breeches – over which he wore a silver chest plate and a chainmail skirt that hung loosely over his waist. Strapped at his waist in an elegant scabbard was an ancient sword of his people, a small fang like ornament hung from the pommel; an angular rune was carved into it. He was talking to a small child who stood with a rather slack jawed look on his face. The boy wiped a lock of golden hair from his eyes and turned to the man.

“Why? I would not harm it.? spoke the young lord. He too was dressed like his elder partner but lacked the armour. Instead his clothing bore a richer look, the clothing was etched with a heavy golden thread and the occasional jewel sparkled in the afternoon light. The object of his gaze was an oversized cat, it endlessly paced its steel barred cage occasionally loosing a roar; her heavily clawed feet constantly tapped on the hard floor of her confines. The young prince looked expectantly at his tutor who, knowing that look his young master currently wore, sighed before beginning to speak;

“Because Sire she is not from these lands -?

“It is a she?? enquired the boy

“Yes, a she. Now as I was saying she's not from here. If I recall she was found wandering the Badlands. A wild animal she was – and still is – but no longer will she hunt or live as she should, now she depends on us. But. Don't let that fool you, she would still tear you to pieces if chance is given.? explained the elder man

“But why is she here? Why is she not still running about??

“My aren't we inquisitive today? Fine, I can tell you her story but then you have to go see Master Rinehart for your politics lesson.? instructed the man, to which the younger male's reaction was to screw his face up and make a silent unseemly comment. “Don't let you mother hear you say that or it'll be my head on the block.? his tutor said much to the boy's shock and embarrassment. “Now her story isn't long but I remember being told by one of those who hunted her – led them on a merry chase she did. Now let me see.. ah yes. There was a group of hunters on orders of your grandfather, they were told to bring back wild creatures from the world so that the people of this fair city could enjoy them. I was told that they had already caught a creature – a horse of black and white stripes he said, not that I'd believe him of course, but as they were on their way back they caught sight of this here cat. Well I say they saw it but it appeared like it was hunting them or the creature with them.? the young prince was now wrapped completely within the tale

“Continue, please.? he said.

“Well for two days this cat followed them and then whenever they'd get close it would just disappear into the grass, but one of them got a good look at her; 'a sleek, golden furred covered body that moved with the grace of an elf. Claws and fangs of purest ivory were her weapons' he told his captain. So they decided to try and capture this beauty. Unsure how they decided to use the horse as bait, making camp – or supposedly – they waited with the striped horse tied down outside the ring. They always had one on watch hidden in the wagon they kept, a bow was in his hands and his aim was to wound the creature ready for capture. But it appears these animals are rather cunning for when morning rose one of the groups horses had bee devoured – it's carcass lay with its ribs spread wide to the air and half its insides missing. Now the hunter got personal – it was his horse.

The group tracked it and over the course of the afternoon they found her sunning herself, fat and happy as you like at the side of a lake. Once more they used their new captive as bait, this time letting it loose and forcing it towards the cat, as soon as that white and black appeared she was up and running. I was told that she easily matched the horse in speed then suddenly pounced upon it, her razor sharp claws tearing through the soft flesh of the horse with ease? at this the armoured tutor made a claw with his hand and pretended to rip out the young lords innards – gaining a laugh from the young man. “Well as she gorged herself on the second kill of hers in such a short time the hunters surrounded her and with a practised ease crippled her, as the arrow pierced her leg she let out a howling roar – much like that of a cat but louder – this caused the horses to buck and one tossed its rider and fled.

But the arrows were coated in a herb they were told would numb and knock out the target for a period time, it took its time but finally did. Apparently she weighed a tonne and had to have the herbs forced into her twice along the journey – quite how they managed that I didn't ask. And then the poor creature woke up here, caged but not broken. Take note of her Karl, know you limits but never give in. Caught but unbroken. Now, off to Rinehart with you.? he instructed. Once more the sour expression appeared on the young prince's face but it was mingled with an expression of concentration – like he was trying to interpret the message the lionesses story held within.

As he went the a young soldier dressed in full combat armour passed the prince, with a bow, before stopping at the tutor and saluting.

“Reiksmarshall, sir. The Emperor requests you join him in the throne room m'lord.? came the relayed message, in a noble voice. The Reiksmarshall Kurt Helborg took one last look at the retreating form of the Emperor-to-be Karl Franz and smiled.

“A fine boy that, and a fine Emperor he'll make. Now, lets not keep his father waiting shall we?? turning to look once more upon the prowling form of the female lion Kurt nodded in a mocking salute and left the renown ' Zoo' of Altdorf – the only one of it's kind in the known world.