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    (WFB Army of Sylvania) Blacknadder Takes His Fill

    This is my first installment of fluff for my Army of Sylvania in the Tale of X Gamers (please see http://blee.biz/aos for the blog we're all using) that I'm doing with the kind folks from Scorched Earth. I thought you guys might enjoy reading it too. I know some parts are flat and for that I apologize. As always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

    Also, here's a pronounciation guide for the people and places mentioned in the fluff so far.

    Johann = Yo Han (like Han Solo, and it isn't Han as in Hand Solo with a silent d. There's a short A sound like in Dawn)
    Isaru = Ih Sour Oo (like Eh with an I. You say it fast.)
    Blacknadder = Black n adder (like Blackadder with a n in the middle. You say it fast.)

    The Harvest moon rises into the foggy night. A group of peasants hears the wind eerily howl as they traverse the forest with their donkey pulled cart. They left the market later than intended but were successful in their dealings. Their families would make it through another week, God willing.

    A chill ran down the spine of Johann, the eldest and wisest of the group, and he fervently crossed himself in protection. Already 30 years old, he remembered the stories his grandmother used to tell about people stolen in the night and the dead rising from their graves. More than once in his life he thought he felt the presence of evil.

    The howling intensifies but they only have a couple more miles before reaching their farms. Johann sees the other members drawing their cloaks tighter and searching the woods around them for any wild animals. Wolf attacks are common in this region and they all know it. They are prepared, as always, with torches and pitchforks. It is not much but it is better than nothing.

    Just as they enter a clearing a pack of wolves rushes from the trees towards the peasants. Johann hears the pack and sounds the alarm.

    “Get the pitchforks from the cart. Quick, arm yourselves!? he declares.

    As the words leave his mouth, a larger than normal wolf pounces on Thorem and tears the flesh from the boy’s bones. Isaru, Thorem’s older brother, stabs downward with his pitchfork attempting to impale the large wolf missing its torso by inches. The wolf turns on Isaru and snarls. Johann joins the fight with his torch, the wolf turns its head and tries to bite Johann. This is the opening Isaru needs and he uses it to stab the wolf in the side with the pitchfork. A howl of pain escapes from the wolf’s mouth.

    Meanwhile, several other wolves have taken down all but two of the other peasants. Isaru and Johann finish their wolf off and look to their friends. The rest of the pack drags the struggling bodies into the forest.

    “Johann, we must save them,? Isaru says.

    “We’re not match for a pack of wolves. There’s nothing we can do now but get back to the farms and protect our families incase the wolves attack again? Johann retorts.

    “Yes, the wolves may attack again,? says a tall, pale, figure from behind Johann.

    “W..where did you come from?? asks Johann.

    “That isn’t important. But, you look tasty!? the figure slyly says.

    He is wearing a long black cape, black knee length pants and a dark tunic with gold embroidered on it and a large ring on his right hand. Before Johan can respond Isaru steps in front of Johann and menacingly thrusts the pitchfork at the interloper.

    “Back! Get back!? Isaru says.

    The dark figure evades the thrust by moving backwards in a fluid moment.

    “You dare attack Blacknadder von Blacknadder!? it exclaims in disgust. “For that you shall be my meal.?

    Isaru lunges forward again but Blacknadder easily sidesteps and in a single movement grabs Isaru, leans his head forward, and bites his assailant’s neck. Johann looks on with horror and the realization that this is a vampire. He stands no chance of helping his friend. However, if he hurries he may escape with his skin intact. Johann slowly backs away from Blacknadder hoping to avoid further attention while the nightwalker feasts. After taking several steps, he turns and flees as quickly as his muscular legs will carry him.

    Blacknadder stops his feast for a moment and looks in Johann’s direction. “Know this Johann Tinderbrook, I let you live tonight but I shant do so again? says Blacknadder to nobody in particular. He then returns to drinking his fill of blood from Isaru’s now limp body.

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