first off i wrote this last year before i read any 40k fluff. i had to write a fiction short story for english and used warhammer 40k as insiration. THis is not Fluff accurate. Any ideas/ oppinions would be nice...

From the memoirs of Ezekiel Grand Master of Librarians
Keeper of the book of Salvation
The accounts of Ezekiel Grand Master of Librarians, Keeper of the Book of Salvation. It was early on the morning of that first battle on Macragge when the alarm sounded. As I reached the top of the east side balcony I could hear the sound of automatic weapons. As I peered over the balcony edge I could see them. Six limbed beasts. Smaller than the rest of them. As I stared in pure horror staring at the twisted mass trying to count their numbers my command squad came up behind me. There were four members with me. Anabis a heavy support with a lascannon. Blood, Another heavy support with a missile launcher. Blue armed with a heavy bolter. And lastly Veteran Sergeant Ghost Armed with a Bolter and a Chain sword. These men where my life line and my support. These guys would be the only thing that kept me alive that horrid day.

There they where moving as one mass towards our compound. The smallest ones we call them Termagants and Hormagaunts. These guys well let’s say they attack in numbers and are about half the size of a man. They both have the same body structure with six limbs. The rear two are primarily used for movement as the front two contain some sort of weapon. All the weapons that the Tyranids have are grown from their bodies. And they don’t use conventional ammunition. They fire upon us acids, Flesh boring beetles and harden spines of bone. It may not seam like much but any weapon of theirs can and has pierced the armor of my men. The Termagants carry fleshborers. These are the weakest of the Tyranids. The fleshborers fire beetles that can dig through the strongest of armor. And the Hormagaunts don’t carry ranged weapons. They cave two scything talons. These are like sickles long curved sharp blades of bone and chitin that they use to cave through their enemy. You see these talons on many of the larger beasts as well. The scariest thing about these Hormagaunts is that they can jump twice as far as any of the other species of Tyranid I have ever seen. And these Gaunts as we use to generalize these two species can move even faster is they use all six limbs for movement. Putting them at the head of the assault.

As they moved towards us that day my men opened fire upon them ripping to shreds instantly these guants. I could see men below me on the floor of the forest getting killed. As the Hormagaunts leaped and took out almost an entire squad of men win one assault charge. Lucky for my command squad and me we where out of range of the Hormagaunts and the termagants where to busy shooting at the men on the ground. But it isn’t the sheer numbers of the guants that I fear it’s the larger beasts that soon follow these gaunts. Then I heard it another alarm and the sound of voices and men rushing towards the north end of our compound as I reached the back door I could see my men being torn apart and I could see what was doing it. Genestealers.

Genestealers are monstrous creatures. Its not their size that is scary its their claws. They have four arms each one has a claw on the end. This claw is powerful enough to crush through the thickest of armor. I have yet to meet someone who has found something that can stand up to these claws. Plus they can sneak up on anything. I can’t count the number of times there has been an attack without any warning lead by the Genestealers. If you can manage to catch them before they get into close enough range to assault you they have almost no armor. Even our bolters can pierce it. As they ripped through our first line of defense we retreated through the blast doors I could see the last members of 5th Squad being ripped to shreds leaving a haze of blood in the air. We shut the doors and tried to catch our breath. And then we heard it the distinct sound of metal being crushed. It sounded like a screaming banshee. As the sound got louder I knew that they where breaking through. I ordered my men to ready their weapons. As the first genestealer broke through the blast door me and my men open fire immediately tearing to shreds the lightly armored genestealer. But that was the easy part because at that instance the three remaining Genestealers poured through the now nonexistent blast doors and lunged right at my men and me. Lucky as they charged towards us Blue got off a shot with his heavy bolter and hit one of the remaining Genestealers right in the head leaving now only two. One of them charged right at blood and before any of us could help him the genestealer had ripped both of his arms off. As we heard Blood cry out in pain the seconded genestealer went right for Ghost. The genestealer didn’t manage to teat through Ghost’s armor somehow. This meant the end of this genestealer for Ghost came down heavy with his chainsword at the shoulder of this genestealer totally ripping its back to pieces.

As me and my remaining men raced back to the east side of the complex where this whole battle started I could still hear the gunfire but now as I raced up the stairs to the balcony could hear shouts and screams there where still gaunts everywhere but they where not the least of our problems. There she was the queen of the battlefield the hive tyrant. This is the beast that is responsible for controlling the whole hive. She stands three times taller that and of us so that would put her at about 21ft tall. She isn’t just a beast at close combat with her scything talons that I have seen rip even the toughest of tanks to shreds but this one carries a venom cannon. This thing has the longest range of all the Tyranids and is also the most destructive. I have seen this cannon take out tanks before they even got a shot off at her. This thing also fires three shots in succession so even if you dodge the first one there is still three more barreling towards you. Plus I have her rumors that she also has immense physic powers. I believe this because of her large caprice that sits in top of her head. Plus the is surrounded by a bodyguard type of thing. We have come to call them tyrant guards. There only purpose it to guard their queen and protect her at all costs. Then as I stood there in pure horror looking at this beast that was marching towards us I heard the sound of blast doors opening. And then I herd the sound of a machine walking and I knew what it was. A dreadnought. Basically it’s a machine with to heavy weapons this one had a close combat weapon and a lascannon. But we sent it out to late. Before we even got the blast doors open the Hive Tyrant shot and tore off the dreadnought’s lascannon and disabled its movement servo gears. So all it was doing for us now was sitting there blocking the blast doors. I ordered my men to fire at the Hive tyrant Anabis hit the tryand with the lascannon and it ripped tight through its chitin bone plates but that didn’t stop it, it turned towards us and fired. All three shots hit us. Ghost was blown to pieces leaving a mist of blood on anything around where he once stood. At the same instant that Anabis was hit but his armor protected him. And then the last shot barreled towards me but my physic defense field forced the missile to divert and miss my squad and crash into the building behind us. As the rest of the men around us fired I realized that the guards where just blocking most of the shots fired in their direction and anything else. In order to kill the Hive Tyrant we needed to get rid of guards first. As I ordered my men to fire at the guards the tyrant shot again. This time two of the three shots missed and the other one missed our squat and blew First Sergeant Nick’s left arm off. As he ran around screaming a brood of Hormagaunts leaped on him ripping him to shreds. At that same moment I open up a vortex of doom that sucked the Hormagaunts into an empty void. Then I turned my attention back to the Tyrant Guards. But only a standard bolter witch couldn’t pierce the thick armor ob the guards I figured I would try hitting them with a physic blast. I focused and then fired at the closest guard and I hit him square in the chest. Although it didn’t kill him Anabis fired with his lascannon and that finished the first one off. Just as the first guard fell there was a rustling in the woods to the left of me. As I turned to look at what had made the noise I could see another 100 of so guants moving through the bushes following them where Tyranid warriors. These are basically smaller weaker versions of the Hive Tyrant. As I counted one, Two, three, four, five of them they all fired into the squads that there rushing out of the compound to meet the oncoming wave of Tyranids each warrior carried a venom cannon and shot twice with it. Luckily for the squads and where engaging with the broods of guants only four of the possible ten shots had hit and they suffered only 3 casualties. As they fired in return I could see countless numbers of guants dropping but that didn’t matter the guants still assaulted the marines. But for them there was nothing I could do. As I turned my attention back to the Guard I could see it was straggling to walk and then a missile from a unit on the ground blasted it and it fell. As I saw this I screamed to focus on the Tyrant and now the obvious threat of the five warriors. Because the guants are the lowest for of Tyranid other that the ripper swarms but they are mindless creatures like rats that swarm in after the battle to kill any remaining forces that may remain. But if all creatures that can communicate through a physic connection with the hive mind are destroyed the guants loose their organization and usually fall back. I told Anabis and blue to hold their positions and concentrate their fire of the Hive Tyrant and is she was to die before I got back to turn there attention on the five guards.

I ran inside towards the command post. We needed to send out a tank. As I reached the command post I saw that we only had one tank ready to go and that was a Razorback. This tank is mainly a transport tank but its all we had set but it dose have a decent weapon selection plus I can load it up with six heave support space marines. So with its twin linked lascannon and its 6 space marines I should be able to get it launched and it should be just what we need to finish off the tyrant and the guards. So I ordered it to be loaded and launched as soon as possible. After this I raced back to my men. By the time I got back the Hive Tyrant was dead and there was only four warriors left. I fond Anabis but I couldn’t find Blue. Anabis said he had gotten crushed when the Hive Tyrant hit the watchtower and it collapsed. But I didn’t really have time to worry about another fallen comrade. By this time another Warrior had fallen and there appeared to be only about ½ of the gaunts left. Just as I focused to fire another Physic blast I heard a rumbling that disrupted my concentration and my blast missed on of the last three warriors. I looked to my left and I say the razorback followed by the dreadnaught. Someone must have repaired it. As the tank and the dreadnaught moved into range of the warriors and gaunts everything well silent other than the gunfire. Over the sound of automatic fire I could hear a scream unlike anything I have ever heard. Just as this scream ended the rear door of the razorback opened and the heavy support squad of space marines piled out and at the same instance the razorback fired its twin lascannon and took out another Warrior.

Just as the heavy support squad had cleared the front of the Razorback we heard the sound of gunfire from the woods and all three shots plunged into the side of the razorback and it blew up. At that same instant the dreadnaught turned and started firing its assault cannon into the woods just as it emerged. A hive Tyrant. One unlike I have ever seen before this one was mutated in some way. It had wings and 2 sets of scything talons and it was fast. It charged the dreadnaught and carved through it with ease. Luckily this Tyrant didn’t have guards. And then emerged what had shot the Razorback a Carnifex. This thing we can closely relate to a tank. It’s strong and tough. This one carries another venom cannon and also has a pair of scything talons. I focused and fired a blast directly at the Carnifex. Even though I hit it directly it’s still walking. It turned and fired right at me. Even though I raised a physic shield only two of the shots diverted away from me and plunged into the wall behind me. The other broke through and hit me right n my chest plate. But my armor stopped it but the force still threw me to the ground. As I was getting up a shadow fell over me and I looked up to see their silhouette of a huge winged beast, the Hive Tyrant. It Swooped down and assaulted Anabis and me. Its first attack caught Anabis in the arm just breaking through his armor and his 2nd attack missed us both completely. We struck back. I hit thy Tyrant with my ForceSword and killing him instantly. A Force weapon kills an opponent instantly because of its physic powers. Bye now the Heavy support squad had been minimized from five to two. Just as the remaining two units in the heavy support squad was about to fire they where assaulted from behind by eight Hormagaunts. As they where being torn limb from limb the Carnifex fired at me again but this time it missed so I focused and shot another physic blast at him. This one killing him.

Now by this time there are only two warriors left and most of the ground troops are dead and the remaining ones are focusing on the gaunts charging at them or are locked in close combat and the warriors are just blasting away at the ground troops. With all the movement I couldn’t focus a physic blast onto any of the remaining warriors so I couldn’t really do anything. Anabis however was able to fire a shot and killed another one of the warriors. The remaining warrior turned and fired in our direction. The first shot hit Anabis in the shin of his right leg and the 2nd hit him in the left side of the chest. Neither shot was blocked. The first one blasted his shin off and the 2nd left a crater in his chest. He fell back and slammed into the floor. At that instance I opened another Vortex of Doom over the remaining warrior and sucked the warrior and some of the nearby gaunts into the vortex.

Almost instantly the remaining gaunts seemed to instantly loose their organization and their will to kill. They began to retreat back into the woods. We suffered heavy losses and my command squad was totally wiped out. But we won this battle. There is a lot of repair that needs to be done and we need to bury the dead and heal the wounded. But I fear that this isn’t the last that we have seen of this enemy. Next time we will be more ready.