Today it is time
it is time to wake up, from this dream!

Take up the paddle, go upstream
over the water, in the sun it fiercly gleam!

I will not hang my head, for I am not dead
not a tear, no more they are all already shed!

Hear my heart, it beats hard cause of my joy
Oh dear this is weird, I feel like little boy!

One step here, one step there no! anywhere!
Never to stop, Cause baby I feel no fear!

Join this silly dance, flow into my trance
come darling pretend, you´re in sweet romance!

Spin, spin and sing, Feel the tune deep within
Let it breathe, feel the happiness it bring

Take me hand, come inside be my undying bride
Come by my side, sweetheart I have nothing to hide

I am the man of your dance
I am here to bring one last romance

authors note: this supposed to be read in a cheery type of way, kinda like a silly song :w00t:
and pretty sums me up, cheery, corny and a dance(no matter where it takes place )

cheers dancey