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    Son of LO BorninDarkness's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Maastricht (Netherlands)
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    I wrote this yesterday, around midnight, just after smoking some weed, when I was lying on my bed under the open window. Apparently wind has an inspirational effect on me.

    Cold wind enters the room
    caressing my face as it passes by
    cooling the hatred raging in my soul
    if only for a short while.

    Light falls in through the open window
    disturbing the Darkness inside.
    I curse it, for only in the Shadows
    can I keep my rage in check.

    Life is like a bright light
    it hurts my eyes when I gaze upon it.
    If life is light, then I shall bring Darkness
    ending that which I know is wrong.

    My only desire is to feed the Shadows
    rip men's souls screaming from their bodies
    carry them into the blessed Night
    until mankind's flame has burned out.

    Only then will my hatred diminish
    its own fire dying with that of everyone else.
    When cursed light has faded away
    and blessed Darkness reigns supreme.

    Ze titles yez...
    When in doubt,
    <SilverMane> I would trust BID with my life
    <SilverMane> HEIL BID!
    <Adrian-> BiD is Omnipotent; All Knowing, All Powerful!
    <Scary_Troopers> I see you as an optimist, GT. : D

    But what of the midgets!?
    =]Front in favour of Moderation of the Harshest kind.[=

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    Senior Member Sister_mel's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    Originally posted by BorninDarkness@Dec 2 2003, 19:45
    Apparently wind has an inspirational effect on me.

    I better not fart in front of you then&#33;

    I&#39;m impressed by your ability to write while being high .

    *Still contemplating the secrets within the words.

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