Title: Storm of Rust
Author: Obi
E-mail Address: madbad8dangerous@blueyonder.co.uk
Copyrighted: Dec 4th, 2003
Category: Sci Fi
Rating: R or 15 due to Violence (does anyone read this?)
Spoilers: Some
Keywords: None

The Following book series have been included in the story.
Warhammer 40,000

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This is my first time writing, please, please, please. Feedback is coin of the realm and I need all the suggestions I can get.

The newly made Warsmith pondered upon his fate and he laughed. The half breed had finally come into power, power over those who previously held it over him. He now knew that the hatred they had gifted kept him going through the millennia. They have achieved what others have not done before, the capture of geneseed from the followers of the false Emperor.
Abaddon thought to use it to make Legions of followers, but the Warsmith had other plans in mind. “I will have a legion of my own Iron Warriors, half breeds like myself. Damn Abaddon and his Black Crusade, damn the corpse god and damn his followers. I will achieve what Horus had failed to do, the Galaxy will burn.? Hatred suffused every fibre of his being.

Within the Eye of Terror the Iron Warriors fight against the other Legions for gene-seed, slaves and resources, honour be-damned. New Iron Warriors have been recruited from the most capable of slave warriors fighting battles for the amusement of the Dark Gods.
The implantation of recruits is a brutal affair, unlike the debased, but careful measured program of development used by Imperial Space Marines. Whether the candidate lives or dies is left to the will of the Chaos Gods and only the toughest of the initiates ever survive.

How goes the implantation of the new geneseeds on the recruits he asked the sorcerer groveling before him.

“My Lord, there have been complications? Fear evident in the mutants voice.

“What has happened??

“The geneseeds…..the geneseeds are tainted my lord.?

Rage and fear coursed through the Warsmith.

“What do you mean?? grabbing the sorcerer and leaving him dangling by his feet.

“My Lord, the geneseeds implanted in the recruits killed them. The Imperials have tainted the geneseeds! Those we have tested are all the same, none are usable.

He flung the sorcerer against the wall, his spine breaking from the impact. The Warsmith cried out in rage and failure

“NO, NOOOOO!!!!?…..his long range plans coming to nought.

In the Warp the malicious laughter came upon a Daemon Prince.

“Did you really think that your sacrifice was enough? I wanted you to enjoy a brief moment of the power you would have achieved, now join those who have failed me.?

The youngest of all Daemon Princes fell due to the capricious joke of the Chaos gods and fled into the gray world of gibbering, mindless daemons bubbling in and out of existence but knowing in its core being of what it had achieved and lost..........