im gunna do this different, every day ill post a little to add to the story, kinda like a bunch of shows put together into one. Ill start today

The snow drifted across the plains making an eerie siloutte as a solitary figure made his way across it, snow muffling under his feet. Across the plain lay the city of Jingin. It wasnt much, windswept and seemingly bare, it bore a resemblance to Camra a city on a battle torn planet now like so many others, distant and small in an endless solar sytem, interlocking and ever changing. The gates lay dormant, thier monsterous jaws shut tight foreboding to the evil inside. Cryptic writing lay all over, etched in walls, on parchment nailed tot he walld, and on countless weapons strew all over. A side door opened and the man went in, the cold winter air reeceding in the warm firelight of the gatehouse. The figures hood came off to reveal a heavily stern face, grizzled with scars, his hair jet black and his eyes blue. "tis cold out there" a voice came from the red puffy chair before the fire "Aye tis to cold to hunt proper" came the reply.
"In my days the city was thriving and we all had enough to survive a winter, now with this new threat we have nearly enough to survive". The chair spoke again
"Well john i fear that we will not survive much longer" the man spoke again
"well Disul i fear i must agree" 'john' replied, rising from the chair he turned to his friend "Catch anything?"
"As a matter of facti cau....." a man burst through the door interuppting Disul
"Sirs they come, the demons, they come!" the man said hesitantly a shotgun rested in his quaking hand. An explosion rocked the room and soot covered the group. "Not so soon no no!" Disul ran past the two and on to the ramparts where many men were firing off the platforms. Disuls head found its way inbeetween a group of men and he stumbled back as he saw the enemy force. He was dragged up by a tall well built man. "Common dont just sit there help!" the man yelled then continued down the ramparts shouting orders. Disul turned his body toward the once white field, now turned red with the enemy. "Incoming!" came a yell, and a shell wreaked havoc upon the rampart. Disul awoke and tried to stand, but found himself held down by a large blood red foot. He looked around and saw the city had been overrun by the things, the man who had dragged him up now lay in several pieces thrown upon a pile that was burning "Brother what with this one?" a metalic voice came from the metel helmet. "He is of no worth to us.....kill him" Another said. The machine took the wierd weapon from the other and reloaded the clip "For the Emporer!" came the voice and then silence.

Siverus awoke in a cold sweat, his hand clamped upon the bedsheet like a wheap whore to a man. He couldnt remember most of his childhood and what h could remember was jumbled, but the same dream had haunted his nights for weeks. Siverus walked over to the dresser and downed a couple of sleeping pills, then laid back down to bed. "Maybe now", he thought, "he could get some decent sleep, tommaro was gunna ge he!!"