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    "Squad Redemptor! Do you read me?! Come in, Squad Redemptor!"

    Octavius angrily smashed a small hole in the dried mud beside the radio unit. He and the Battle Brothers of Squad Angelus had been pinned down in one of the Ork trenches, of this blasted planet that the natives called Sentanec, designated Imperial Outpost 624/B-917A. Not that many of the heretics had survived the 6 month long onslaught that the Ork assault had brought with it. Squad Redemptor had been last seen charging a horde of the Greenskins in one of the trenches behind Squad Angelus, and now they weren't answering their comms-unit.

    Octavius grimaced at the realisation that his squad was probably alone now, deep in enemy territory. He reloaded his bolter and took a look at either direction in the trench.. He had to think of something, and it came to him almost instantly..
    "Brothers, the Emperor has guided us behind our enemies front battle lines. Let us harrass them with his blessing! Forward!" With an almost uniformity about them, the squad roared forward screaming "For the Emperor!"


    Curran breathed a sigh of relief, desperation and remorse. He was the only survivor of the assault on the greenskins by Squad Redemptor, fighting with at least 10 orks in close combat before realising that he was the only one left..
    The comms-unit was smashed beyond repair, and it was suicide to leave the trenches. he had only one option.. to go deeper into Ork held territory and find an honourable death in the service of the Emperor.

    He threw his bolter aside, useless now without it's ammunition. He had only his bare hands and a combat knife.


    "Blast them! Blast them to the Eye! Commissar Drake looked out from his Command Post away from the main fighting. From time to time there would be a short burst of gunfire, but it quickly died down as the Imperial Guard swarmed into the area to reinforce the guards.

    "Those blasted Orks have overrun 3 continents, and already they've captured half of Bijjick.. They even have a foothold on the Capital! What are you going to do to help, Captain Maximus?"

    Maximus took his gaze from the digi-maps and fixed an icy stare on Drake.

    "What would you have us do? Half of my Company is engaged in defending these so-called 'important' cities, while you send wave after ineffective wave of Guardsmen into the midst of death! I will allow you the courtesy of Command,
    Commissar, but do not forget your place."

    The Commissar spluttered "Those cities hold key members of the Government! If we allow them to fall, then this world will be unable to Govern itself after the war is over!"

    "Politicians! Bah! They are not the chosen of the Emperor like the Astartes... and neither are you Commissar.. They, like you, are just as susceptible to the lust of power, corruption, and the ever-present influence of the Dark Gods.. Do you really expect me to believe that they are worth saving?! Hah! 10,000 politicians are not even worth the life of one Space Marine. Nevertheless, I have allowed to you retain control, because I am interested in the tactics of the Imperial Guard."

    Drake gasped, and sat down. "You mean to tell me you're only here because you're interested in how we operate? That's absurd! You can't really expect me to believe that's the only reason you came here!"

    "As I said before Commissar," said Maximus with an ever-growing deeper voice, and a stare that was becoming icier by the minute, "You should learn your place. Among the untold billions that comprise the Imperial Guard, there are untold hundreds of thousands of Commissars who would gladly fill your role, now leave before I have you executed as a heretic."

    Okay, this isn't a complete story. I'm introducing the characters in this piece.

    Octavius is the badass Sergeant who leads his men on hit and run missions after being trapped behind enemy lines.

    Curran is the Gordon Freeman of this story. He's going to be a big help to the Imperial Forces, taking out major ork targets and such.

    Captain Maximus is your usual xenophobic, fanatical zealot who has a general disdain for humans who aren't Space Marines.

    Commissar Drake is a bit of a wussy, and not much of a tactician or a strategist, and he lets Maximus talk down to him because he's scared of being executed, as he knows Maximus would do it.

    John Reeves "Overcode" Hall, 1980-2005,


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    :ph34r: For a title how about simply. 'Behind Enemy Lines' as your main characters seem to be there.
    <span style='color:red'>&quot;Right lads, lets make a tactical advance to the rear of our posistion&quot;
    &quot;Errr do you mean run away?&quot;
    &quot;Thats the one&quot;</span>

    &quot;Oh man, look at that.&quot;
    &quot;Over there, by that river of boiling souls.&quot;
    &quot;Well I&#39;ll be damned... it&#39;s a Starbucks.&quot;

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