Geahs, Vutlure Shaper, glided above the roof tops watching his Tau employers and his Master Shaper, Adjkare, intentally for any sign of trouble, a bullet wizzed into his spines and knocked his head round he saw a human sniper aiming again, it went into tactical manuvers and swooped down and sliced off the humas head with its Axe the head was quickly consumed and the skull hefted at the passing tyranids, its kindred followed him out of their sight

They hovered down to the ground level and followed them then they pounced hacking and slashing at the foul creatures the ones at the back were quickly disposed of before the others had gathered them selves up Geah slashed wildly at what seemed to be the leader of this brood a claw sliced of part of his shoulder one more he slammed the flat of his axe into the creatures head it collapsed with a tricle of green blood drnning down the side of its head, he then cut it's arms off and reguarded it as 'leftovers' he would come back for this.

Raees and his hunters had found the best place for sniping there was the body of a dead human and the Vulture Kindred below fighting a brood of tyranids they spotted a huge group of humans advancing towards the lines of tau and the Mercenerys he belonged to. He motioned the rest of his kindred to line up an be ready to shoot. Ajdkare caught the eye of his Hunter Kindred Shaper he nodded. Raees gave the command to take down what seemed to be the main threat.

Sergent 'Mantis' Derge saw eight of his men fall then bullets hissed round him and more fell he lifted his autogun to his eye and aimed down the mussle at the kroot snipers then a bullet hit him in the side of the head just as he pulled the trigger he took down 10 of his own mean. The Tau snipers, grinning madly, have the Shas'O the thumbs up.

Geahs flew round behind the lines of the Humans and waited for the Goads to let the Knarloc go then the Kroot would charge as one and rip into the humas lines he was waiting for this intently, Genestealers then jumped onto the backs of his kindred that was the last thing his kindred ever did.

The knarlocs hissed, they smelt the Great Knarloc, it was angry, It ran.

There'll be more soon i've jus got to go pick a m8 up.