Okay a short short story, since I feel like being creative, but am kind of in a hurry, need to go out and get some medication for this damn broncitis.

Lt. Grail kicked the tau in the helmet, and while he was down plunged his blade into the vile creatures helmet. The tau let out a muffled scream, and the wound oozed that sweet smelling tau blood that Grail loved so much.

He turned back to the battle, and smiled. He saw lasguns, and flamers tear the enemy to ribbons, melting their armor, and searing the jungle vegitation with a hiss. He saw a tau trying to sneak up on one of his men. Quickly drawing his bolt pistol, he smeared the creature on a nearby tree with a screaming blue light.

Joining the fray he shouted orders to his men, who were driving the enemy into a trap.

"Push them back!" He yelled "I want none to survive."
"Yessir!" His men shouted and layed down even heavier fire.

"We are losing shas'o" Shouted on of the fire warriors
"We are never losing young warrior, remember the tau'va" He said trying to comfort the warrior, and himself.

The Drathvipers inched closer driving the Tau toward their death. Then it came.

The sound of a thousand suns exploding tore through the visors of the Fire Warriors as a group of well placed plasma charges torched the squad, leaving only a few who were cleaned up in the remaining seconds of combat.

"OohRAH! yelled the Deathvipers

They celebrated laughing, and beating their chests, the battle was won. But the war was not over. Above their planet, hiding in the warp was a Tau battleship, and it was waiting for a report. Anytime now, it would emerge, and rain death on Catachan.