Hi, this is just a start to my space marine story. Forgive any misplaced fluff, I'm not all that aware of much about space marines, but I endeaver to try (and shall buy the codex when I get some money) but in the mean time, tell me what you think ; )

Dolphos Eagles - Last stand at Fort Teron

Prologue: 'Good Lord!'

In all his years of combat Captain Lintus hadn’t seen anything quite like this. Outnumbered, outgunned… the damned filth running wild everywhere the eye could see. Helmet-less, he rubbed at his eyes with an iron fist and turned his attention to the men on the makeshift trench that ridged the hill fort.

Dust and earth sprayed out onto blue armoured marines every few metres. Then something hissed into the wooden storage sheds behind, trailing white smoke. The ground shook as the missile exploded. Lintus found himself on the ground, eating mud and plant.

“There goes the ammunition,? Sergeant Malus said. The dependable sergeant helped Lintus to his feet, grabbing the downed captain by his forearm.

“We don’t need any, let them come,? replied Lintus, as he stared at the burning ammo dump. A bullet whizzed past and struck Malus in the shoulder. The marine shook his head.

“They just took the Eagle,? he said, then aimed his bolter back down the slope. The orks were advancing in great numbers. Like a black tide of heaving madness, they roared and screamed as they made their way up the fort slope.

“Stand firm,? Lintus cried as he marched across the ground. He jumped down into the trench, and took a position by the wall, stepping up onto the wooden fire platform. The tattered banner followed, falling to pieces under slug and fire.

“For the Emperor!? Lintus opened fire, his boltgun rattled in his hand. The bullets found targets and orks slumped to the ground and rolled down the hill. How much longer could the Dolphus Eagles hold Teron VII, Lintus didn’t know. Without their ammo stock, so foolishly left in the open by his own stupid mistake, Lintus guessed it wouldn’t be long. They had lasted longer than he had expected anyhow. Three weeks by his account. Three weeks and still no reply to his urgent communiqué calling for aid.

A loud roar erupted above him. A dreadnought, the soul surviving armoured support left to Dolphus, fired its assault-cannon. The weapon span and whizzed in its mount, a cone of light escaping from the nozzle. He could see the tracer rounds fly down the hill, cutting ork and gretchin to pieces.

The vox chimed in his earpiece.

“Heavy assault on west quarter, request whatever backup you can spare, a krak missile would be nice!? It was Sergeant Corina. Lintus could hear the rattle of gunfire through the com. He keyed his own vox.

“Repel them, sergeant, I don’t believe we have any Krak missiles left… Shoot your own armour out of the launcher if you have too!?

“Yes, sir!? Corina said.

“They’re closing, sir,? said Malus. He strafed his boltgun in a ninety-degree arc, then ducked to reload.

“I’m not blind yet, sergeant,? said Lintus. Then his world blacked out. He felt a sharp pain in his skull. Lintus looked about behind a veil of white. He could see shapes moving about above him. A familiar voice assaulted his senses.

“Captain!? Lintus shook his head. He could feel warm blood drip down the right hand side of his face.

“I’m alright,? he said, “just skimmed me.? Lintus stood, Malus in support holding his weight. Sound was still muffled. The auto-cannon roared, but it felt like he had cotton buds in his ears. The dreadnought stomped along, moving along the line.

“I want ‘Good Lord’ down with Corina. He needs him more than us I fear,? Lintus said. Malus nodded, and gave the order. The dreadnought span round and stomped off, kicking up rock and dirt with its heavy metallic feet.

A grenade tore a hole in the ground a few metres from the trench, viciously spraying shards of metal in all directions. Lintus noticed a piece caught one of his men in the face. The marine slumped back and fell into the trench.

“Where’s that damned Apothecary got too?? Lintus said, as he watched the marine thrash his legs wildly on the ground, holding his face with both hands. Lintus left the parapet and rushed along to the wounded trooper.

“Get back to your firing step,? he ordered another marine who had stopped to help. Lintus kneeled and took one of the marines hands. The wound was deep but hadn’t killed the marine out-right.

“Calm down, the Emperor has been merciful.? The marine stopped his thrashing as he noticed his captain had come. “Its bad, but you’ll live. Keep your head down until I find Aldreus.? The marine simply nodded. “Good lad,? Lintus said as he stood.

“Captain, the green skins are falling back!? A marine shouted enthusiastically. A cheer passed along the encircled defenders trench. Lintus smiled and walked over to the parapet.

“I want those guns,? Lintus said, pointing down the slope. “The Emperor knows we are going to need them.? Then the cheering stopped as the dreadnought went up in smoke and fire to the west.

Chapter One: Two months earlier

Powerful Emissions

The sun crept behind the hills, the sky became a blanket of orange across the horizon. Purpling sky above revealed space and the stars. Lintus looked at the moon and saw a face staring back. A grinning ork. He knew it was just his imagination, but it didn’t matter.

The ground rumbled and Lintus turned. Bright light blinded his vision and forced him to shield his eyes with a raised forearm. The rhino transport rolled past, its track chewing up the earth. The top hatch was open, and a marine stood behind a rare mounted pair of storm bolters. Lintus nodded at the marine, a man from G Company, as they locked eyes.

Another rhino passed, its armour flashing as it caught some light. The blue hull made Lintus proud. The Delphous Eagles insignia lay emblazoned on the front and sides, across the circular door hatches. The light from the command nest called his attention. He strolled across the makeshift road and ducked beneath the blowing canvas.

The group of huddled figures separated to reveal a small, square table. An auspex was set up on it, flashing green in the dying light. A marine stepped forward and pointed towards a glowing arrow.

“We’ve pushed them back into the hills. They’re hiding somewhere in the darkness of the trees. Any move we make is going to have to be made uphill. They’ll have the advantage.? Lintus laughed out loud.

“The Emperor isn’t on their side, Lampolo, and what greater threat is there than to lose His blessing??

“A and D Companies are holding the perimeter at the base of the hill. They have reported only light attacks, nothing serious, just a few fire exchanges. B and C are moving with support from light tanks to the left flank, while E and F are moving to the right. The rest of the chapter is moving behind A and D, as ordered,? said Lampolo.

“Good, brother,? Lintus said. “Have command know that we are about to commence attack.? Lintus paced away from the group, arms joined behind his back. His plumed helmet hung at his side.

“For the glory of the Emperor!? Lintus said. He straightened up and placed the helmet on his bald head with a well practiced motion. Then he stormed off towards A company.


“Sergeant Malus,? Lintus shouted as he approached the line. The night had come, more of the sky revealed space, the clouds all but parted. They crouched behind hastily dug walls of earth stretched along two hundred yards.

“Left Fang in position,? a voice beamed in his ear. It clicked.

“The Maw reads, over. Right Fang, what’s your position, over.? Lintus waited for the click a moment later.

“In position, taking enemy fire.? Lintus looked up. This was the time to do their job. To fulfil their purpose. “Attack, Dolphus Eagles, bring His Might to the enemy of mankind!? A cheer rose as A and D companies stood up and moved over their walls. Then the hillside erupted with flashes of light.

The orks, waiting in the darkness and cover of the trees and slope, opened fire. An ork cry filled the air as the marines paced upwards. Lintus lead the way, his blue power sword hummed in one hand, a bolt pistol roared in the other.

“May the Emperor guide your aim, brothers,? Lintus shouted. The ground before him churned with slugs, slapping into the earth. A rocket hit the ground to his right throwing marines into the air with chilling cries.

A bullet hit his thigh and he stumbled. Another bounced off his thick, white shoulder plate. He steadied himself and stood. He could see the orks were rushing down the slope of the hill, between the thick trees. He braced himself for close combat. A wave of heat engulfed his right side.

A marine caked the hillside with flames from his special weapon, guiding the fire into the ork enemy. Orks caught on fire and rushed around in blind panic, lighting the hill with flickering orange. Boltguns flashed like a thousand cameras in the dark.

Then the two sides met. Lintus knocked an ork off balance as it slammed into his heavily armoured shoulder. He shot it as it rolled on the ground. Malus rushed past to his right, and used his boltgun to parry a blow. The marine knocked the ork to the ground and shot him close range. A frag grenade flashed to his left, which tore apart ork and tree in a fiery cloud. Lintus moved up the slope, feeling the weight of his armour struggle up the steep, soggy mud.

Lintus dropped behind a tree. His armour was covered in ork blood. He could smell it thick in the air. The flamer carried on past him, scorching the ground above with heat and fire. Another followed behind, both hands on a heavy bolter. The tracer rounds lit the night sky like fireflies.

Bullets rained against the trunk, splintering bark and wood. Lintus fired from cover, ignoring the chips splashing his helmet. Then he stood and followed his advancing troops towards the enemy.