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    Space Wolve story

    Kraal: A Heros tale
    Kraal Haussinger woke up only to find him self tied to a wall in a dimly lit room.
    “How did I get here?� he thought to himself, suddenly it all came back.

    5 hours ago. Small Space Wolf outpost on Senyan IIV*******************************************************************
    Kraal ducked as a krak missile soured over his entrenchment.
    “Why in Russes name did these Dark Angels decide to attack this small outpost
    of ours�, he shouted to Long Fang Gregorias, “ Probably for our beer�, he laughed back. Kraal turned to his pack of Blood Claws who where all eager to face their
    foes in the glory of close combat. Well time to teach them a lesson, he thought to himself. “Wolves to me, Charge for Russ�. As soon as he stepped on the embankment
    he smiled as he saw that there were only ten Dark Angels. He soon broke into a run
    at the Dark Angels. However the dark angels had something different in mind
    and they revealed two hidden plasma cannons and started firing. Kraal immediately hid behind a large boulder. The Blood Claws were not so smart and were blasted apart by the plasma and a few well-hidden mines. Kraal cursed under his breath but was cut short because he heard noise behind him. He slowly turned to find himself staring into the face of a death wing terminator.
    His world then faded to black.


    Kraal stared at a dark ominous figure standing before him, “ Repent, and you will be absolved in death,� it said. In response Kraal simply spat out some blood, which had collected in his mouth, probably due to the blow the terminator had given him. The dark figure of Interrogator Chaplain Jeppal stepped into the light, looking sinister and fearsome in his jet black suit of power armour inscribed with numerous seal and decorated with many engravings of his conquests and in his hand was held a polished many bladed knife which had a sickly green glow and made a constant buzzing, “ then you must be purified with pain� he said with a sinister laugh.

    The bound Grey Hunter looked on in defiant silence, clothed in nothing but a loincloth, revealing many scars, tattoos not to mention his great pulsating muscles and his long fangs and the ceremonial pack marking that he had gotten over many years of loyal service to Russ. Kraal looked the very image of defiance as he stared into the eyes of Jeppal. “So no answer� said Jeppal, ever walking closer to Kraal, “ then you leave me no choice� just as he spoke these words he raised his hand and stabbed the blade into Kraal’s chest with the force that would kill a lesser man. Kraal remained silent but just spat out his pain, which slowly began eating away the Chaplains armoured foot. The Chaplain saw Kraal wasn’t speaking so he stabbed again and again, always with the same result, the silent stare of Kraal.

    By the end of the 2-hour session Kraal was bleeding awfully and had well over thirty stab wounds over his body and by all rights should be dead, however somehow he managed to hold on to life and once the Dark Angels apothecaries had patched him up and he was back in his cell was able to settle into a trance. In that trance he had a revelation and knew what he must do. In the morning he was taken back to the interrogation room. As he was bounded to the wall and just as Jeppal came close enough to start Kraal used all his might to break his adamantine bond and in a instant he smashed Jeppal’s head with a single swipe, and immediately the servo skull which had been floating about set off the alarm but Kraal didn’t care, his wolf instincts had taken over.

    The door opened and in ran two space marine Kraal easily dodged their shots and then pounced smashing the chest of one with a single punch then knocking down the other with a kick then tearing off his helmet and stomping in his face. He then charged into the passage only to find a mighty a mighty marine slowly advance towards him.

    The hero was clad in a ornate suit of power armour richly engraved with symbols and covered with purity seals and in his hand he wielded a mighty sword jet black with no reflections in its face. Kraal knew at once that this must be the Grand Master Azero he had heard so much about. He then immediately felt a bestial rage well up inside him then it broke free, letting out a bestial howl he pounced but in his rage was easily dodged. Kraal felt a sharp pain as the Grand Master swiftly slashed the sword across his back. Kraal then quickly turned but he was stabbed in his side rupturing intestines and kidneys, causing blood to spill all over the cold stone floor. Kraal then fell on his knees bleeding badly, Azero then raised his sword over his head preparing the deathblow, however it never fell for as he turned Kraal mustered all his strength and jumped up kicked Azero into the wall. Kraal then slowly walked to the knocked out Grand Master and raised the sword, which was lying on the floor and used it to repeatedly stab the Dark Angel.

    Kraal then searched around and he saw a group of five Dark Angels had just turned the corner. He also noticed behind them was a teleporter platform, if only he could make it! He ignored his pain and charged towards the Dark Angels. They opened fire sending bolt shells but Kraal was already too close. He kept on charging in a bestial grace, chanting “ For Russ!�

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    We need more stipulations. Why were the DA questioning him? They don't think the wolves have turned, they just have a feud with them.
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