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    If Sci-fi Were A Religion...

    Hi,the libarium online loser here.

    i recently got shown a website where a topic that came up was 'if sci-fi was a religion'.

    here is the 1st service of the church of sci-fi.

    Note:this is pressed out as a script.writing for me is easier as a script.try to picture it in your head.for those who dont know some of the charecters,private message me.oh well,here goes nothing

    <Patric Stewart Enters>

    Patric Stewart: (turning round,giving menacing glares)...and the lord of sci fi,Herbet George Wells,sat down and invisioned a invincible army of tripods,striding though corrupt fields,purging all sinners with their heat ray of holy purity.now let us sing hymn number 42,oh tripod please dont burn us.

    <pan round.major kusangi,tachikorma,cylon,obi-wan kenobi (episode 4),han solo,daleks,the doctor and king kong start garbled singing.for purposes,we will refer them as the audiance>

    audiance: Oh,tripod please dont burn us
    we know were all sinners
    wash away our sins today
    with your holy puri-tay

    <low angle.HG Wells,HP Lovecraft,James cameroon,T-1000 and a rancor start singing.they are the choir>

    choir:i am going to burn you!

    <rear angle.a red flash of light erupts,and kills audiance>

    Patric Stewart: Damnit HG Wells,cant you go 1 hour without burning someone?


    sorry about breifness.if anyone wants to report me to moderators,in my defence i say that there was no place to write general stuff.

    also note that the charecters will not change,but the hymns will.if anyone has any ideas for a serving of the church of sci fi,private message me.also,this is copyright.i would not print this off if it were not copyrighted.

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    All i can say is, What???
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