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The gangly cultist led his pitiful band of comrades up the staircase in the old, unstable, abandoned factory. The man turned and snarled."Don't do anything until the master tells me."
"Why does the master only order you...." One of them challenged back.
"Because I'm the only one who can hear him swine! Now silence!" he barked back. The leader struggled as he hefted the Krak missile into the loading tube of the stolen Launcher. The pathetic little being that was named Beezley, had been the first to fall under the taint of Chaos. He had led many others to his cause under the guide of his “master?.
The weak man set up the Anti-Armor weapon up on its bipod. The little cultist was almost impossible to see positioned in the abandoned factory.

The Valkyire Armored Flight Carrier Echo, or AFC as the grunts called it, made its daily ascend through the old factory sector of Kimunia.
“Riots everywhere? voxed in the pilot sarcastically. He enjoyed pissing off Command whenever he could get away with it.

“Emperor’s sake Jonesy, what’s wrong now?? asked a one Private Nadel.
“I’ll tell you what’s wrong you stupid greenhorn!? he spat at the Private. “Im missing an entire Armory of weapons!!?

“APC Echo come in.? came a voice through the small voxcaster next to Pilot McKenzie.
“Echo here command.? replied the pilot.
“Echo be advised weapons have been stolen from Armory IV. If you see any hints of open trouble locate it and report it on your way back.?
“Will do command, Echo out.? McKenzie finished.
“What we doin’ McKenzie? The navigator questioned
“Gettin’the hell outta here!? the now stern pilot replied as he came to the end of the intersection of the city block that connected to the courtyard.

Beezley lay in wait, patiently awaiting the Valkyire to come into his firing path. His master had taught him much about the Imperialists' ways. The cultist felt his master’s voice seep into his head as he lay....
“Ahh, I see my little vermin is doing as told.? a croaked voice replied.
“Of course master.? the cultist chirped happily as to hearing his master’s voice again. The Valkyire came into the Cultist’s firing range. In anticipation of pleasing his master, the cultist hammered the trigger to the launcher. The missile missing the ship by some divine protection.

“EMPEROR ON EARTH MCKENZIE!!? the navigator screamed.
“Frag this, lets get the hell out of here!?
“What’s going on up there Pilot?? a black clad man asked calmly from the back.
“We’re taking missile fire!? the navigator screamed back. “BUCKLE UP!!?
The black clad man sat back down in his seat and motioned to the other similarly clad men to do the same.

The cultist cursed himself for clumsiness as he loaded another missile.
“FOOL!!? the voice ricocheted through his mind, giving the cultist a splitting headache. “Quickly fool, quickly!? yelled the voice in the feeble cultists mind as he clumsily loaded another missile.

“LETS GO MCKENZIE!!!? the navigator again yelled as the pilot made a 360 degree turn in the courtyard.
The cultist again pulled the release on the launcher. A loud explosion that knocked Beezley off his feet told him he had scored a direct hit on the AFC.

The Valkyire’s ****pit took the entire blast of the missile. Killing McKenzie and the navigator immediately. The valkyire spun out of control hitting the corner of the factory, then landing violently onto the concrete below.

Sergeant Davis dazed and very much confused unbuckled himself from the crashed valkyire. He looked around his men were either shell shocked or dead. He felt for his always present hellgun it, wasn’t there. He rifled about for it. His heavy weapons specialist Morias tried rousing the remaining men of Echo Squad.
“Report Morias.? Davis called out as he picked up his Hellgun and attached it back to its pack.
“Nunez is unconscious and the rest are dead sir.? he replied as he checked the ammo box in his Heavy Bolter.
Davis walked outside and surveyed the perimeter, then called back to Morias “Get on the horn, report our position and tell them were en route to base.?
“Should I ask for a ride?? Morias replied back.
“No... the area’s too hot for evac.? the sergeant informed him
“Where...?? Morias asked as he scanned the area.
Davis motioned for him to come out and look up. Lasgun fire tattered about their position. Davis raised his hellgun and returned fire. “Pick up Nunez and lets go!?

Ten Years Later.....

Lieutenant Steven Davis’ knee joints cracked as he bent over to sit in the main lobby of the Lord General’s makeshift headquarters. A mortar made impact with the overly thick plascrete ceiling, causing dust and other things to settle in the air of the room.
A voice yelled out from the general’s quarters. “Send him in Jonesy ?
“What??? the man behind the mountains of pict-screens yelled back.
The Lord General muttered a various amount of curses towards his moronic aide and the chaos pigs shelling his command. It was only a weeks time until more reinforcements arrived and he needed something, someone, anything to keep the remaining PDF’s morale up. The Lord General was fighting a losing battle and he needed help. The portly old man got out of his stiff wooden chair and walked out into the lobby, “Davis, get in here son ?
Davis grimaced as his knees again popped as he got up to follow the Lord General to his quarters.
“Davis sit down ma’ boy ? the general lightly “motioned? Davis into a chair opposite his desk.
“Davis times are rough, as I’m sure you already know, we’ve been losing five percent of the planet every month, reinforcements are just a week away, we need to boost our men, give ‘em sumthin’ to fight for ya know?? lectured the general.
“Yes sir, I do.? came the reply from the emotionless Lieutenant
“Well, Davis, do I have the job for your boys.?

Heavy Weapons Specialist Morias grabbed the plate out of the fat “cooks? hands. “Don’t like it don’t eat it ? the “cook? spat at him.? Same garbage as ever? he murmured to himself as he sat down with the smallest individual at the mess hall tables.
“Oh what are you so down about big man?? a man as skinny as a pole yelled at him
“Nunez, you’d look really funny with that womanly rifle stickin’ outta’ your-“
?Cut the crap men, I got our next raid.? cut off Davis.
“So LT what do the geniuses at command have for us today?? asked the ever ****y Nunez
“Nunez your lucky I ain’t a commissar.? replied Davis
“Oh come on, spit it out man.? The little man replied.
“Alright, alright...............

Davis walked down the Valkyre's cramped hallway checking each of his two men's Grav-Chutes. "ALL CLEAR!" He yelled out to the pilot up front.
"PREPARE FOR RELEASE!" The pilot yelled back
Davis returned to his release point and the pilot triggered the release hatch. A red siren went off on the ceiling of the small ship. "Nunez your first!"
"How else would it b-" he was cutoff by Davis releasing the harness restraining him from gravity. Nunez released the activation stud on his gravchute keeping him from falling to his death.
"See ya on the ground Morias" Davis yelled over the siren.
"Yea, yea.? Morias braced his heavy bolter to his chest awaiting to be released. His harness released Morias was lost in the night sky until Davis saw him trigger his Gravchute and scattered small arms fire at Morias' silhouette. Davis released his own harness sending him into the hell and bliss occurring below.

Morias slowly worked the Grav chute to the ground, abandoned it and checked the ammunition drum feed on the heavy bolter. Morias checked his surrondings and managed to find his way to the rendezvous point on the small knoll.

Nunez however was having a lot less luck, his long las had somehow come loose from the attachment on his vest and had slipped from his grasp. He still maintained his auto pistol but he had now become the weakest link on his team, and that could mean the death of them all. Benito Nunez drew his auto pistol from his drop hip holster and hoped for the best.