The story of Zaknafein Daark, Anarch of the Alpha Legion is a tale born of mystery and told in myth, as few would wish to acknowledge the existence of such a being or his foul master, and at the same time of fear of catching the attention of Zaknafein himself.

A member of the infamous Alpha Legion, Zaknafein Daark fought the followers of the false emperor at every turn, felling the devout with the bolter and the chainsword. Zaknafein was always at the fore front of the battle, lusting only to bury his sword in the body of another, but nothing brought such cruel glee in his heart as did the slaughter of psykers. He could almost taste their warp beacon draining as their blood leaked to the ground.

With such skill and unholy zeal, Zaknafein quickly rose in the ranks, becoming a Lieutenant; second in command of his particular cell. Here Zaknafein Daark continued to slay in the name of chaos yet staying true to his legion, sneaking, spying, assassinating and infiltrating behind enemy lines to kill them

Preparing for another assault against the Imperium, Zaknafein Daark's cell descended onto the world of Desedna. Their flight was masked from all tracking devices on the planet thanks in part to the efforts of the cultists imbedded in Imperial bureaucracy, and also to the Cell's Lord, Mordaris’, psychic powers. Everything was going according to plan, the Planetary Defense Force was to be given a swift crippling blow at important strategic military bases so as to disorganize and disintegrate the command, thus allowing the Alpha Legion to take them out at their whim. Following that, the many hundreds of cults throughout the planet, with influence ranging from the common guardsman to the Governor’s assistants, were to rise up against their oppressors in a grand revolt that would take attention away from the cell, leaving them to do whatever it was that they wanted.
The scouts, returning from their mission brought alarming news, that though the Planetary Defense Force was the size previously thought, for some reason it was being lead by an Inquisitor and units of Storms troopers, alongside him included a daemonhost, a daemon made to serve the Emperor. “It’s these contradictions that will eventually destroy the Imperium? mused Zaknafein. This, however, was a problem, as an inquisitor here could greatly complicate the matters, he would have to die.

The attack was to continue regardless, the Alpha legionaries revealed their signal to start the attack, and sounds of melta bombs attached to Leman Russ’s, demolition charges placed in barracks, and mutinous Guardsman rebelling against their Commissars was a symphony of destruction across the planet. Already the PDF was in panic, lasfire, bolter fire and plasma shots flew all over, illuminating the night sky around the base. It was hopeless, however, the guardsmen had no hope against them even on open ground, but here at night, disorganized and in close quarters they stood no chance. Zaknafein ran from barrack house to barrack house, slaying all who stayed their; the fools who tried to resist, the fools that tried to hide, and the fools that somehow had stayed in their beds. All were offered to Chaos on that night.

During the carnage, he found his lord in the command center of the base engaged in a battle of might and wills with the foolish Inquisitor. The two fought via blade to blade, psychic power to psychic power. Warp energy burned in each combatant’s eye’s, as the battle took place on more than just the physical realm. The Inquisitor managed to cut great wounds into Mordaris with his lightning claw, but the chaos lord was too powerful for him, and with a quick swing of his power axe, the Inquisitors head fell to the floor before his body. Zaknafein saw his lord casually walk over, albeit with a certain wounded limp, to the daemonhost that had been watching the battle from a hiding spot that would make an Alpha legionnaire jealous and began conversing with it.

Zaknafein saw this, and anger started to rise in his heart, this was a foul beast of chaos the alpha legion stayed away from daemonics for the most part, and to make matters worse, moments ago this traitorous daemon had been on the enemy's side! Rage continued to build, and a tiny voice in his ear prodding him on was all that was needed, he didn't even question where the voice came from. Both the lord and the daemonhost were oblivious to Zaknafein's presence as he went over to the Inquisitor throwing down his prized chainsword and grabbed the expired Inquisitor's pure white lightning claw with only the bisecting skull of the Adeptus Mechanicus marring its perfection. Eerily it seemed to form itself around his hand snuggly. Aiming his bolt pistol at the daemonhost he fired shot after shot at the foul creature, unloading an entire clip in the foul beast. Seeing that it was still up plunged the newfound claw into its chest, ripping out what could have only been the human’s heart, and without thinking ripped off his helmet and consumed the foul thing. Mordoris stood in shock at this, of all the things he expected to happen with the daemonhost, this was not one of them.

Mordoris was filled with rage at his Lieutenant's actions, ‘how dare the upstart?’ and was prepared to deal with him when suddenly through the door came a guardsman who had mustered the courage to continue fighting, fired las-shot after las-shot at Mordaris. His attack was in vain however, as with a thought, Mordaris had him thrown against the wall with the psychic force of a brick wall. Mordaris made a horrible mistake however; he had turned his back to Zaknafein Daark, and in that second Zaknafein had plunged his claw into his former lord's back, that coupled with the injuries already sustained, felled the once mighty chaos lord.

The Alpha Legion is broken up into cells for a number of reasons, first so that if a cell is destroyed, it will not affect the abilities of another cell, second so that if an Alpha legionnaire is captured he would not know the whereabouts of another cell, as only the lord knows that. That second one proved to be Zaknafein Daark's downfall as though he was now the cell's lord, he did not know the information Mordaris did, well once did anyway.

Immediately following his lord's last breath, an altogether strange feeling washed over him, like it always did when he killed psykers, but this was almost more powerful than he could bare. Gleeful from the energy, Zaknafein paused to examine the room and his situation. Zaknafein's mind reeled, why had he killed the daemonhost and his lord? because the daemonhost was a perversion of every law he once knew, he told himself, and that the Alpha Legion was not about consorting with such daemonic filth, the honor he felt about his legion still stayed with him after all this time.

"I beg to differ" boomed a voice that sounded like a battle cannon but Zaknafein knew it was in his head "you and the rest of your legion are just playthings for us, the masters of the warp, don't hold any false illusions about your position" said the voice in his head, varying from uncontrollably loud to the softest whisper at a whim. "Want proof? Fine, here it is" with that his right hand began to grow numb as it started to shake uncontrollably. Unable to do anything, the bolt pistol fell to the ground. His hand began to swell and his armored glove ran like water around it, the hand grew to twice its normal size, and at the point the true pain began. At each finger grew huge talons, piercing the fingers of the glove, growing almost a foot, until it looked like a claw similar to the Imperium made one on his left hand, save this one crackled with daemon energy and was on his fingers. Marveling at the change, Zaknafein noticed how the hand started to pickup and move toward his throat without his volition. "See?" boomed the entity in his brain "your legion are our playthings, much as you are now mine! I do thank you however, the pitiful human I was possessing never had anything near the power you have, or will have!"

Zaknafein Daark screamed at this turn of events, screamed at this loss of his own personal control. It only took him a minute to realize that the screams he bellowed were not in internal as he had thought, but were for all to hear. ‘I still control my voice, perhaps there is some hope’, thought Zaknafein. With that he offered a plea to any who would help him, help him break free of these daemonic bindings and help him fight against all of this, the followers who would kill and raze for exactly what Zaknafein had right now, the daemons that delighted in controlling his mind, and finally the Gods themselves that would reduce their followers to playthings and futily fought against each other to further the plans all of their own that would never help the foolish beings that follow them. He prayed to whatever entity would save him. "HAHA" shrieked the daemon in his head "there is nothing that can save you out there, you are now mine". Something on the floor caught Zaknafein's attention, however, the pool of blood from the Inquisitor, Mordaris and the once daemon-host began to pool together, and then started to shift and twist.

The blood moved, clearing a hole in the middle, the blood again moved trickles leaking towards the center, and started to spell a word, almost incomprehensible, "Iiercclltlsheeio" it said. With his still functional voice, he tried to pronounce what he recognized as the daemon's name. On the third try he accomplished the task, immediately the voice and pain in his head subsided.

Looking for whoever was the beneficiary of his salvation, he saw that the pool of blood started to rise, forming into a shape, a shaped of a cloaked figure with a sword and shield, on the shield was a bisecting skull, one side white, the other black. Instinctively Zaknafein looked at the lightning claw that had the skull of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but instead of a mechanical skull on one side, the skull was half black, just like the specter’s shield. The specter began to speak, in a voice that made one have complete trust. "Malal has accepted your prayer, and will allow you to be his champion in destroying the usurpers of chaos, now go, gather your forces and make war upon the warp spawned"

in that moment, Zaknafein Daark became a Doomed one of Malal, and the Anarch of the Alpha Legion


this is part one of my chaos champion's story. you may notice that the name of my champion is part of the old champion of Malal in the comics, and part homage to a certain weapons-master in a certain fantasy story

more to come soon
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