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Thread: A 40k song

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    40 (x3)

    A 40k song

    I didn't knew where else to put it in, but if it is not in this forum, then please move it to the right forum!!!!

    Well here is the song:

    10 Marines

    mel: 10th Man Down (Nightwish)

    Today I killed, it was just an ork
    Eight before him, I killed them all
    In the fields a dying waagh:
    I´d kill them all to prove my own

    Come with me, make them bleed, Oh yes
    One by one, they will fall, down down
    Break their skulls, end their pain, Run´n seek for fights
    Hold on tight, this shows my might

    Deepstrike me into war
    It´s not just fun it´s because of Him
    Emperor's will controls my life
    Obey to kill to save yourself

    Come with me...

    "I envy the 9 lives that gave me hell
    My path made up by their torn bodies
    Man to ork, marines to boyz, dust to dust
    Call me a hero cuz I want to kill even more"

    They waits for us back home
    They lives with eyes turned away
    We were the first ones to shoot
    We wiped out both orks and kroots

    "The ultimate high as all aliens dies
    A ruler´s tool, priest´s excuse, tyrant´s delight...
    We alone, the great space marines
    We´ll march till the dawn brings us rest
    10 marines with their nasty bolters!"

    Come with me...

    I have nearly no experience in writing songs, but I actually thinks that this have turned out quite good, but please give me some feedback on it

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