This is the background story for my Lahmian vampire. Feel free to point out any narrative inconsistencies and such. I haven't written fiction since, ahem, that Smurf parody in 6th grade.

Nekrophelia remembered the sun. It flickered through her dreams, a distant speck of light sputtering feint shadows just as the solitary candle at the end of the long passageway leading to her chambers guttered each evening. Some evenings as she arose and cast aside her slumbering shroud, the candle illuminated in her mind the pallid face of Gilles de Breton, grave and strong beneath the funereal sails that carried his battle-scarred corpse over a misty lake.

Her father, Lord Marcus of Bordeleaux, had proven himself time and again Gilles’ most trusted companion, and after the Tenth Great Battle, Marcus’s place among the nobles of Brettonia was second only to the king himself. For the brief years that Brettonia would enjoy peace, Nekrophelia--she now knew herself by no other name--found herself in the company of Gilles more and more.

Marcus noted his daughter’s whispering glances at Gilles and was heartened to see his liege return her fondness. Formal talks of courtship began but soon the grim visage of war loomed once more on Brettonia. Nekrophelia bid her father and Gilles the blessings of the Lady and waited for their return.

Brettonia’s historical canons record Gilles’ legendary deeds as he restored peace and order to his lands, yet Nekrophelia found herself wanting for her warring lover. Upon Gilles’ triumphant return, she sensed in him something still tender, but hesitant and distracted.

As Gilles’ devotion to the Lady grew and his governing responsibilities intensified, Nekrophelia became distraught.

“Had madness meant so much?? she asked.

She now joked that she carried the secret of Gilles’ death to and beyond the grave.

The gameplay on the first week, as well as a heated discussion about characters entering buildings, largely determined the next installment.

Nekrophelia awoke from her daily slumber and immediately sensed unease about her. She flared her nostrils at the scent of fresh blood in the keep.

Despite the unrest she perceived about her, the Lahmian tended to her rising rituals with the assistance of her thralls who chatted idly about the day's events. After grooming, dressing, and feeding, Nekrophelia summoned her chief Necromancer Horatio to her quarters.

“Horatio, dear, all this blood in the castle. Really, it’s unbecoming. Do tell me what happened.? Her voice deftly slithered around his senses and bound him with silken cords. Although he knew his report would displease Nekrophelia, he craved to tell her all that had transpired.

“Yes, fair mistress, much has indeed taken place as you slumbered. The keep suffered two attacks. At first, Polonius and I believed the two war bands must have colluded to overcome our defenses, but we quickly discerned, nothing could be further from the truth. When, Mistress, do Goblins and Imperial troops ally themselves??

Nekrophelia’s eyes flared like two embers dropped in snow. “This follows no logic,? she thought aloud as she fingered the rim of the blood-filled goblet on the table between them. Horatio’s eyes hungrily followed her circling index finger. “And Horatio, tell me. Is the threat averted??

“Yes, madam. Polonius and I dealt with the two bands without incident. I believe we added more zombies than we lost.? He snickered and his eyes danced to the side as he recalled the undead scrabbling from the loamy earth. “A ridiculous wizard led the Empire band. The wolves Reynaldo has been training ran him down. The remaining Empire forces were easily dispatched. The goblins, too, were laughable. They go to war but wet their breeches as danger draws near.

“Sadly, madam, I must report that we did have two traitors in the midst: one pack leader and a zombie with which I had been experimenting. But worry not; they are dead a final time. I fear, though, that many armies are stirring and that your domain will face many threats.?

“Yes, I know of the traitors and of these threats,? Nekrophelia said, sipping from the golden goblet, watching Horatio’s eyes on her bobbing Adam’s apple. “Just as I know of other things.?

The necromancer stiffened and patted at the milky pendant hanging at his chest.

“Horatio, tell me true, darling. When those big, scary goblins came calling, did you really hide in a barn??

Horatio swallowed, his dry, undead cheeks and throat making a rasping noise. “Yes, Mistress. But please, let me explain.?

“Explain!? Nekrophelia said, “What is their to explain??

“But Madam, there were too many. The Goblins, they were everywhere. And we did defeat them…?

“Tell me, sweetness,? her tone softened, “did you hide beneath the straw??

“No, Mistress.?

“Did you hide in the loft??

“No, Mistress.?

“Perhaps you hid in a stall, dear Horatio.?

“No, Mistress.? Somehow he grew even paler.

“Then Horatio, where could you have hidden? In a cow’s arse perhaps??

“N-no, Mistress.? He cast his eyes downward.

“Yes, you won the battle and you could have lost your unlife. Have I not told you what Gilles de Breton told his mages before every battle, He who hides in barns will die in a barn. I am not concerned that you are a coward, but you are a fool to hide somewhere where you can so easily be entrapped. Hide in the woods, shelter yourself inside your precious zombie units, cringe behind a rock wall, but do not hide in a barn! Remember, Horatio, I brook no foolishness from those who would learn my dark arts.?

With this, Nekrophelia tipped the goblet to her mouth, letting the last of its ruby contents trickle down her throat. Horatio’s hands twitched, and he bit his lower lip. Returning the empty goblet to the table, Nekrophelia said, “Ah, you are as handsome now as you were when you first came supplicating yourself to me, but despite your propensity for dealing with the dead, you are a remarkably dull one sometimes. Still, I like you well enough. You will please me next time. You will use all your wits and consider your actions carefully, won’t you dear.?

Horatio assured her that, yes, he would follow her directions. He gathered his robes about him and hurried to the library. The secrets of Arkhan’s tome were beginning to reveal themselves to him. Later, he must find that d**ned Polonius. He hid in a barn, too, after all.

Watching the bumbling necromancer exit her chambers, Nekrophelia’s gaze again was drawn to the flickering candle at the hallway’s end. Gilles, she thought, Gilles, the tide of battle is rising.