This is a story Im working on. This is what I have done so far. Ill keep going. Hope you like it.

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The swamp was reeking of decaying logs, mixed with the muddy water, filled with leaves, fungi and leftovers from the native species dinner. It turned it into a foul sloshing mixture, uninhabitable to most human life forms.

‘But not me’ Jeaus thought to himself as his lizard like mount splashed the smelling liquid everywhere. They continued quickly, Jeaus guiding his mount through the shallower parts of the swamp, so as not to get covered in it. But he could not avoid some small drops which flew up and splattered onto his face. He could feel them running down as Beacon took powerful strides with his long legs, each one causing Jeaus to bounce on its back. At first it had killed his butt, but experience, a saddle and plenty of padding had enabled him to live with it.

They were on a planet not far from Kashann, where the original hunting had been found. His father had been born there, and then volunteered to be one of the first colonists. However, once the colonists arrived on the planet Rimanepus, they had lost contact. So now the generations had passed, and Jeaus had learnt to live in the tribal conditions.

His lizard was of slightly different make to the originals, as it had adapted to its own planet. It was a lot faster than its Kashann cousins, as it had more predators to escape from, and was well suited to running through the dense swamp. But in return it had lost some of its bulk and protection, and was not as strong in combat. Nethertheless, it was a fiercesome opponent. It had also grown long claws, so as to climb trees for another escape rout.

But Jeaus had made Beacon combat ready. He had a saddle with equipment attached and reins going through the creature’s mouth. The lizard also had a long holster attached to its neck, which held vibro-javelins. Jeaus would use them to capture different animals that provided the colonists with a source of food. Or he used them to kill the Kroot who inhabited the jungle swamps. They had luckily not been touched by the Tau, and still relied on savage and barbaric weaponry. The colonists may have had technology, but their numbers were much fewer than that of the Kroot, who where also much more ferocious fighters.

But years of living in the tribal conditions had made him a brutal and resourceful warrior, both in close and ranged combat. He had also built a strong bond with Beacon, and the pair seemed to understand each other perfectly.

“Jeaus, report position.?

The old vox crackled as it always did. It was Barnel. He had served in the guard, and still used some of the military terminology, much to the annoyance of the rest of them.

“I’ll be in soon, ‘bout half a minute. See you when I…?

“Yes what?? Barnel’s voice asked through the vox.

“Five of them, hiding,? he said as he moved Beacon into hiding behind some bushes, “They’re watching the camp. I’ll get rid of them.?

“Careful!? but his voice was cut short as Jeaus turned the vox off.

He drew one of the javelins from the holster and activated it. They had refined the design so that it was silent, but deadly. He quickly loosened the straps of the spear that laid waiting on his back and prepared to fight.

Jeaus pulled his arm back and took careful aim picking the one furthest to the right. He thrusted his arm forward then let go, and it sailed through the air. The kroot warrior did not realise it was under attack until the javelin punctured the back of his head and through the other side.

The others turned around, but Jeaus was almost upon them, his huge sharpened spear pointing towards them like a lance. Beacon called in excitement as he was urged forward. Jeaus slammed his spear into the first one of the creatures, its beak like mouth crying in pain as blood spurted from the wound.

Its comrade tried to attack with a long curved knife while Jeaus was bust, but Beacon’s quick thinking and long claws tore it limb from limb.

The other two realised their defeat and began to flee. With no time to pull his spear from its previous victim, or to activate new javelin, Jeaus drew a customised dart gun from a holster on his leg. Laser sights made targeting easy and soon the other two kroot were dead, red laser dots now replaced with dots of blood where the darts had hit them.

Jeaus wrenched the spear from the carcass, and then the javelin, switching it off and sliding it back into its pouch. Then he turned around and started trotting back to base on Beacons back.

Argerus was waiting for him out the front, a hunting rifle in his hands, ready to help Jeaus had he had trouble killing the attackers.

“Nice work. I’ll attach their bodies and heads later, might scare them off.?

It never did, but Argerus kept trying anyway. His persistency was one of his strong points.

Beacon stopped next to him, and Jeaus jumped off. He was much larger than Argerus, but that made the small man better at hiding in the swamp’s undergrowth. Jeaus was a tall muscular man, with long red hair, which he rarely bothered to cut. He did however shave, occasionally, and had a thick layer of stubble covering his chin. He wore a light vest and long watertight pants, which would hold out in the mud. Heavy all terrain boots were on his feet, the pants tucked in to prevent leakages. Over that he had a heavy cloak, of muddy brown with some green colour, so it would blend in with the swamp colours. His face was always dirty, no matter how much he washed, from constantly covering it in mud for camouflage.

He left Argerus to his business, and led Beacon round the back to the holding pens by his reins. Many other lizards were in there. Some were ridden by their owners; others were herded forward during fights to attack. He removed the saddle and pouches, then opened the gate for Beacon to go in.

He swung the rusty piece of metal closed, did up the chain and headed into the shed with Beacon’s saddle and pouches. Silver was in there, scrubbing her saddle for her lizard Leafhead. No one knew where she came up with the name, she just did.

“Hello, any interruptions?? She asked without looking up.

“Five of them and all I lost was two darts.?

“Will you come with me later to the generators??

Silver had long flowing hair, but too had a mainly dirty face, but not as bad as Jeaus’s. She was stronger than any girl on the camp, and certainly stronger than any girl Jeaus had ever met. But somehow her slim shape deceived any how thought otherwise.

“Okay, but are you carrying the battery??

Silver stood up, finally finished her task.

Smirking, she replied “To much work for a women.? And left.