Heres another I did awhile ago before I joined the forum

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Nagareath the Graceful watched as the dark hordes of the ruinous powers began to emerge from the trees into the clearing. The treeless plot of land on which the battle was to take place was huge. Lush grass coated the ground, each delicate blade, shining a light green under the bright sun. However, today this beautiful creation of the forest would be stained with the blood of men, elves and other things to foul to mention. His Glade Guard, the bowmen of Loren forest were lined up the ranks along a hill near the back of the clearing. His personal bodyguard, the Eternal Guard, stood strongly, the dark gold amour shining like the moon itself, their double ended spears ready to carry out the task for which they had been forged. Nagareath scanned the dense trees that surrounded the battlefield, but nothing could be seen in the shadows that they created. Nagareath knew though, that was much more hidden in that wood than a mortal, or worshipper of the dark gods could imagine. Together, the elves of the Golden Leaf would defend their forest from the invaders, should it cost them their lives.
He himself was tall and slender, with long golden hair that fell around his shoulders. It shone like the golden decorations on his bow. He was dressed simply yet noble, with no armour. Two sword handles poked up from his back, and these were the blades that had been passed down through generations in his family, that had served him well on the battlefield many a time. He held a regal bow, with much decoration. It was very ornate, and looked more like a relic than a weapon.
The mighty wood elf noble looked at the horde of Chaos. They had many warriors, as well as marauders, Chaos hounds, and the dreaded Chaos knights. Nagareath hoped that among the ranks, there stood not a unit of the fell warriors that he had faced before. They had fought with utmost ferocity, there blades swinging in huge arcs, slaughtering all before them. In the centre where the blocks of heavily black armoured warriors stood, looked like a wave from the ocean breaking on the shore, ever marching forward. The horde looking immeasurably larger than his forces, but hopefully the might of the forest could swing the outcome of the battle. Then like all waves, the black tide stopped moving forward, with the roar of the general at the front. Nagareath could not pick out the leader, but he was sure that he would find out what it looked like before the battle was over was over.
Quickly taking advantage of the Chaos Lord’s mistake, he called out in ancient elvish, and his warriors quickly drew their bows and launching a volley of shots. The sky darkened with arrows, before they rained down upon the foul warriors felling many, as the arrows struck then, piercing the armour, embedding themselves shields and dark warriors alike. Arrows also sped form the trees surrounding the clearing, as the hiding scouts at their flanks, and the way watchers, who had managed with great ease to elude the Chaos horde as they marched by, shot at their rear, killing many with their unparalleled skill with the bow. Many a dark warrior had been killed, but the horde was great enough to ignore the casualties and continue advancing, creating shield walls around their sides to protect them from the arrows that were continuing to pour from the trees and main body of Glade Guard.
Negareath drew three slender arrows from his quiver, nocking them onto his bow, each between a set of his slender pale fingers. The gold decorations on the bow that took form of trees and leaves glittered, and contrasted with the dark wood of the bow. He released the arrows all at once. They zipped like a serpents tongue towards the enemy. Chaos warriors held up their shields, seeking cover from the arrows, but they shot right through them and next their armour, each arrow felling a target. Just as he was about to draw more arrows, shouts from the Chaos flanks caused him to turn his head and see what was happening. From the dense trees, Dryads, Tree kin, Wardancers and Wild Riders of Krunous were charging from the trees, slaughtering the marauders and hounds on the flank. Many were dying on the blades of the elves. Fimbor the Elegant, a wood elf noble of the Wardancer Kindred, danced and weaved around the enemy, slashing and hacking at the weakly armoured chaos marauders, leaving a path of bodies behind him, his double blades stained with dark blood. Dryads were impaling marauders on their pointed limbs, along with the mighty tree kin, dealing hefty blows, taking out many dark warriors at a time. But the unit doing the most damage was the Wild Riders. They were charging through the chaos lines, their elven steeds swiftly trampling the enemy into the ground, their master’s spears and swords making sure none were left alive. The marauders were beginning to flee, exposing the vulnerable flanks of the Chaos. More wardancers were emerging from the opposite trees.
Suddenly one of the trees shuddered, and came to life. It picked up a Chaos hound from a unit passing by. It hurtled it into the pack, which were running towards the wood elf lines. It killed the thrown hound, and crippled many others. The pack turned around, and began to bare their fangs, snarling at the massive treeman. They charged him, but he replied by picking up one of the pack and breaking it’s spine. He was crushing many an enemy. Nagareath saw the body of a Chaos sorcerer moving through the ranks. He opened fire with another hail of arrows, but the only targets they met were the marauders in front of the sorcerer. He could only hope that treeman would be able to take the sorcerer out before any dark magic could be cast. As the sorcerer approached, a wood elf spellsinger emerged from the trees, supporting himself in the air with his noble magic. He was an elegant figure, draped in a few turquoise cloths, his hair billowing with the winds of magic that the others on the field could not feel. The Chaos sorcerer was much different. He was covered in furs and ragged clothes. He was adorned with many dark charms, and held a skull topped staff. He lifted the staff and pointed it at the treeman, uttering dark words. The staff began to crackle with dark magic, and a glowing red beam formed from it, hurtling itself at the treeman. The spellsinger cried out in ancient elvish, of which only he knew the meaning. A green barrier appeared in front of the sorcerer’s spell, in an attempt to save the treeman. But the dark magic ploughed right through it, incinerating the ancient warrior.
The hounds it had been fighting turned their attention towards the spellsinger, and circled around him. But he was saved by a group of warhawk riders who had flown onto the battlefield and begun the massacre of the hounds. The elven mage began to glide over to the sorcerer, for a duel between the two races’s magic.
Nagareath turned his focus to the main part of the battle. The Chaos front line was almost upon them now. The flanks had adjusted to the fight from the side and were battling hard against the Elves. The dark warriors had taken many casualties, but it wasn’t enough to slow the hordes. The glade guard continued to fire upon the enemy, as the Chaos warriors marched forward, the front rank falling but still coming. Nagareath approached the Eternal Guard, who had been waiting patiently from the start of the battle to do their bit in the struggle against the invaders of the forest.
“We go to war soon my kin. May the spirit of the Golden Leaf bring us victory over those who only wish pain and suffering to come to this forest.? They marched to a gap in the lines of bowman. Nagareath drew his two blades. They shone brighter than the sun itself, and were polished with magic so they would never wear. The standard bearer of the guard’s banner rippled in the breeze, and they highly trained elves stood, ready for the battle.
The Chaos lines were not far away now, and were beginning to break into a charge. His men used their last efforts to sling as many arrows at the Chaos as they could.
“Althënia!? cried Nagareath in elvish, and the guard broke into a run towards the Chaos lines. Their charge hit home, and the Eternal Guards double ended spears swiftly and delicately ploughed through the enemy unit, leaving many dead foes in their wake. Nagareath himself was expertly twirling his twin blades, stabbing with almost perfect precision. He parried a strike from a warrior and stabbed through his armour and into his chest. The Chaos warrior in front of him was suddenly swept aside, and the elf lord looked up to see a huge Chaos General. He was covered in black armour that in itself seemed to glow with hate. He was wearing a horned helmet and carried an axe with a huge curved blade and was draped with tangled chains. He also carried a huge shield covered with dark runes.
The Chaos general swung at Nagareath with his axe, but the elf parried with his two blades. Taking advantage, the lord took a swipe at Nagareath with his shield, but he ducked and weaved out of the way. Now it was Nagareath’s turn to take the offensive. He ran towards the Lord and thrust his blade towards a chink in the armour, but the Chaos lord brought his shield to meet it. What followed was a mixture of blurred strikes and parries, as the other troops fought around them. The wood elves were slowly being beaten back, as their numbers fell, the Chaos’s kept coming.
Back in the duel between the two generals, they were still fighting. The Chaos lord was attacking and defending like Nagareath. But the elf was about to pull a trick that would bring him victory. He dropped suddenly to the ground, faking that he was tired from the elongated duel. The Chaos lord laughed and raised the axe above his head to deliver the final blow. But just as he was bringing it down, the elf quickly rolled to the side and stood up. The dark lord’s bald was stuck in the ground. Nagareath took advantage of this and leapt up onto the axe’s haft, and then towards the Chaos lord’s head. Being to slow to react, the enemy general could only watch as the wood elf plunged both his blades through his visor in his helmet and into his helmet. Nagareath jumped nimbly to the ground, and the Chaos lord came crashing down.
Nagareath turned to see the sounds source, and saw orcs and goblins surging from the trees like a green wave.
“Mălthańag? Cried Nagareath. His forces had victory for now, and they were rapidly disappearing back into the trees. He himself started running for the trees. They would wait for the Chaos and Greenskins deplete each others numbers before they finished off the intruders of the elves of the Golden Leaf’s forest.

By David Stringfield