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Theonius Malleus held on tightly as the Arvus lighter plunged through the hot atmosphere of the moon of the brown dwarf. She recalled that the name of the desert world was Sahara after the desert from blessed Terra thousands of light years away.

“Ma’am,? said the pilot excitedly as sparks leaped from his control panel and smok billowed into the crew compartment. “Brace yourself this will be a rough landing.?

Theonius strapped herself into her seat at the lights went out when a circuit blew. Out a small portal she watched an ork fighta bommerz zoom past their craft that was plummeting through the parched atmosphere. The crew and passengers on the Emperors Will troop transport hadn’t expected combat when they emerged from the warp over Sahara. The lone kill kroozer had been enough to disrupt her orders to rally a mechanized regiment for the latest crusade against the cursed Tau, Ork and Tyranid invasion of Imperial Space on this far flung frontier.

“Pilot the emperor wills that I be delivered to the surface. He doesn’t care how we do so,? Theonius said calmly. “Once I am there the fate of this craft is no longer his concern. You will do your best.?

The pilot spared a momentary glance over his shoulder to eye the tall blond female who could speak so calmly as the small lifter was still receiving gun runs from the ork fighta bommerz. He turned around as slugs bounced around the inside of the lifter from the latest run. He plunged the nose of the lander towards the surface of the desert world until its golden sand surface filled the entire view port.

The seconds passed quickly as alarms filled the silence. The orks pulled away from the crippled lifter that started to out pace them in its suicidal plunge for the surface. The pilot leveled off and opened the airbrakes as the last of the crippled crafts power gave out. “Ma’am, we are dead stick landing. May the emperor bless us because the Angelic’s Blessing is dead,? yelled the struggling pilot.

Moments passed like ages and then the lander was slammed into the ground. The sound of the wreck was like the laughter of the chaos gods as the craft flipped and rolled over the ground. The canopy was ripped off along with the short stubby wings. Sand and gravel started bouncing around the compartment as the pilot screamed until he fell quiet suddenly. The craft slid upside down and then came to an abrupt stop.

Theonius looked around in the smoke filled dark dusty crew compartment. She tasted the coppery flavor of blood dripping into her mouth and felt the small open cut on her chin. The Emperor wills it she thought as he hit the quick release on her seatbelt dropping her unceremoniously to the ceiling of the upside down lander. She righted herself and put straightened her cap.

Off to her right he heard the pilot mumble in pain. Walking forward she noticed that the pilot’s legs were pinned and his right arm was broke due to its unnatural angle. She looked into his pain filled eyes. “Pilot your mission is accomplished but you are unable to aid me anymore. Your deeds have brought me to my destination and I will report your valor and diligence to the emperor,? said Theonius. She pulled out her laspistol and smoothly, with out remorse executed the crippled pilot. His mission and pain were over in a second.

Theonius recovered her pack, some water and rations from the emergency pack and then stepped out onto the surface of Sahara. The heat hit her like a sledge hammer as the wind fanned her like blast furnace. Instantly she started to sweat in the hundred twenty five degree weather.

She shouldered her pack and set off in the direction of the brown dwarf hanging over the horizon. In the distance she heard the crackle of armored combat. Theonius trudged up a dune to see some tanks and chimera fleeing from a pursuing pack of Tyranids. “This will not do,? she thought as she set off sprinting on an intercept course towards the armored formation.

Minutes passed as the armor and lady closed distance. The demolisher commander yelled to his driver to slow as the black tank ground to a halt in front of the dark clad female. No one walked on the scorching surface of Sahara for long with out succumbing to the heat.

Theonius jumped up onto the front glacius of the tank striding quickly to the front of the heavily armored turret. “Commander why do you flee from the enemies of mankind,? queried Theonius.

“Wench the company we were attached to was ambushed by a horde of Tyranids then we received word that some Orks and other forces are landing. We must rally together a great host to sweep these invaders from the face of Sahara,? said the tank commander with a look of panic in his eye.

“True but you cannot rally when you flee in the face of the enemy. You must turn and be a breakwater against the dark tide,? said Theonius as the dust of the tanks passage caught up with them blanketing them in a tan cloud that did nothing to reduce the heat.

“You are crazy,? replied the commander. He keyed his mike, “Driver forward fast.? Those were his last words as the commissar's laspistol drilled a smoking hole through his forehead and into his brain. The commander slumped in the hatch.

Theonius calmly removed the headset and placed it on. “Driver,? she said as he keyed the mike and replaced her black and gold trim hat. “I am Commissar Malleus. Turn this tank around. Our enemies will melt before our fearless assault.?

In moments the lead vehicle of the rag tag remnants of a routed guard force had executed their at speed reversal. Theonius kicked the old commanders body out of the hatch. It landed on the floor of the tank with a sickening thudd. She followed it in as she braced herself in the hatch.

"Gunner, patch me through to the rest of the force on the comms net. While you are doing that reload that cannon," she commanded from above while pulling on her goggles.

She saw two more Leman Russ main battle tanks and seven or eight Chimera transports and several random vehicles that included a few fuelers, ammunition transporters and a mobile kitchen truck. "Imperial Guardsmen of Sahara. I am Commissar Theonius Malleus. This route stops now. Victory lies behind you. The tyranids will only earn victory this day over our dead bodies for us victory is halting the tide of Ork and Tyranids assaulting this planet. We cannot earn victory by fleeing headlong ahead of the enemy. You will join me on the firing line as we eliminate and run down this enemy. If you flee past my tank you will feel the might of righteous imperial steel as I gun your cowardly ass down with the might of the Emperor."

"Driver halt. Gunner prepare to engage cowards or tyranids on my mark," ordered Theonius as she sighted the large demolisher cannon. The two Leman Russ main battle tanks ground to a halt flanking either side of her tank with a hundred yard gap between her and them. Their drivers spun their tanks around as the turrets traversed looking for tyranids pursuing them through the cloud of dust that the mechanized company had churned up in its wake.

To the left four Chimeras pulled up and dumped two squads and two command squads. Theonius looked at on as a company standard was unfurled. Lascannons and heavy bolter crews scrabled to emplace their weapons as other guardsmen took up their proper spacing and unlimbered their lasguns. To the right three more Chimeras did the same with another platoon. The chimeras sped off flanking the tanks with their heavy stubbers manned and pointed at the enemy. They would form a mobile hammer to fight the enemies of the emperor.

The captain of the company walked up to her Demolisher and yelled. "Good to have you with us Commissar," he said nervously.

Theonius scanned the dust cloud that was starting to break. She watched unemotionally as a line of fast moving harmogaunts broke the ridge line followed closely by warriors and genestealers. "We will see Captain. See to your troops and may your troops smite the enemy before themselves today."

The captain jogged off to his master vox caster and issued some orders that came crackling into Theonius's headset. "Vehicles and support weaponry fire," was the command and all hell broke lose as the rallied mechanized company commenced firing at their previous pursuers.

Six lascannons shot blinding beams of blue light that incinerated gaunts and turned the dune into glass as a stattaco burst of eightteen heavy bolters dumped tons of rounds into the now blood billowing line of gaunts as sand and blood flew from the dunes and gaunts. The noise grew louder as seven heavy stubbers sent their slower heavy slug down range churning up more dust and blood as the gaunt threat was reduced but not eliminated.