Seems the other thread is busy and in my quest for a bit of glory and to track stats for which specific comic is best I will be posting each new "...Only War" issue in its own little thread. Now I do appreciate chatting/conversing with people about the comics. I think on the 4-7 forums they are posted on as of today there have been between 3-5K viewings and maybe only 50-60 posts from fans.

So that being said if you see something you like let me know. If you see something you don't like let me know. If you have some ideas give me a yell and you might see them in print.

Now back to business. I am proud of this one. First it is a twice in a week production so I beat my time line. Second I did some foreground and back ground work on this one along with some shading.

Now with all that out of the way I present ... "Pie Plates"

Yeah you have to hate the old ordinance templates being dropped on your crunchies. But hey it is one of the advantages of the IG and especially the non-exterminator based Armored Companies.