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Thread: Medven III

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    Medven III

    A tale of deciet and blood

    *************************************************************************** **
    Planet: Medven III
    System: Medvenian Solar System
    Status: Ork Infested/Abandoned
    Technology: Modern

    After two years hard fighting the Planetery Defence Force has been pushed back to the capital,Praes, they are fighting valiantly, however against such odds it is impossible for a victory, only a prolonged defeated. The Guardsman have resigned themselves to their fate and are planning to sellthemselves dearly, going down in a blaze of glory.....
    Guardsman Kares slowly raised his body just enough to peek at the woods that surronds the city walls,it was peaceful enough, just as any other day except for the great holes in the earth and the bodies of dead orks and faithful guardsman that littered the ground. He prayed to the Emporer, asking him why this was happening to him, why his family had to be in the damned ambushed convey,why the orks chose her,why the Imperium had forgotten about this world,WHY!. His thoughts were cut short as a mighty cry went up from the woods.

    Orks on the offensive, get to positions, Fire!!!

    Kares ducked and quickly grabbed a lasgun from a dead body that was nearby, he then raised himself onto a hole in the upper wall. He could now see the orks clearly, their muscular bodies, their rags that they wore and the huge axes they carried. He let out a few quick bursts, however the shots had no decrinableeffect on the numberless orks. The orks were closer now, barely two hundred metres between them and the gate( the only weak point in the mighty city). Just then a huge explosions tore through the ork lines, the mines
    had done their job, sending countless orks to their doom.This was the last Kares ever saw, as two seconds later a salvo of rokkits hit his section, killing most stationed there including him.

    Orks closing, Kill them, Kill them all, Open gates, Send out the cavarly,Charge!!!

    Asagi felt the familiar feeling of fear slowly creep up his spine, his horse could also feel it, judging by the fact that it was prancing around nervously. He had to swallow it because the order had been given to mount up and prepare their weopens. He hopped onto his saddle and attempted to calm his horse,Dodge, a fine beast who had faithfully served him
    for many a year. He then turned his gaze to his squad a rag tag bunch of all the surviving horsemen,yet nonetheless a fine group of men all would never let him down, nor he them.He turned his gaze to the gate a few metres away and the orks beyond it,
    he then gave the order, CHARGE. His horse bolted forward dodgeing the falling rubble and debris until it was out the gate and inthe field that surrounded the city all the way up to the woods. Now he could see the orks charging back, screaming and shooting
    ,however thier aim was far off hitting the city behind them.He then raised his bolt pistol and fired back, sending limbs flying off the bodies of the orks. With just 5 metres left he raised his power lance and activacted it causing it to hum and emit
    a pale blue light. They then clashed, he quickly speared four orks before his lance was chopped in half, he then quickly drew his sword and contined to fight.His horse was killed by slugga shots but in its death throuhs it killed the orks that killed it.
    Now on the ground Asagi fought on, shooting the ork that was about to slash Marcus in half. He was now soaked in blood, both human and ork.He then turned only only to find himself face to face with a massive ork over twice his hieght.

    Fire into the combat,Fire. May the Emporer save their souls.

    Asagi raised his sword and stabbed it deep into the orks chest spraying blood. However this had no effect on the monster, then the ork retalited and tore off Asagis sword arm sending blood and bone shards flying.Asagi screamed but managed to fire a bolt into the orks head, felling it at last.Pain seared up his back as he felt a las round hit his leg. He turned to see the city firing at them.He quickly dived behind a rock and took up fire with his bolt pistol. The scenes of batte were aroundhim, he could smell the scents of sweat and blood. He could hear the din of swords clashing and guns firing. He could also hear the
    screams of the wounded. He could see his men and the enemy get shot by the desperate defenders

    Whats that in the sky? Drop Pods? The Angels of death have come!!!

    Drop pods filled the sky as the angels descended to the planet. From there it was a easy matter to dispose of the weakend orks.They were killed by controlled bolter fire that the Marines fired so effiectively.This was the last Asagi saw as he finally succumbed to his grievious wounds. The Space Marines then solemly entered the city, telling all the defenders to enter the city hall.

    In the hall the hundred or so surviving defenders were sitting in the middel of the hall, surronds by fifty Space Marines.
    One stood out in his ornate grey armour. He stepped forward and began to speak....

    "Hail great defenders of this planet, you have done the Emporer proud. He shall bestow upon you great blessing."
    A great cheer went up at this point.
    "As for me i am Librarian Xhosos of the Relictors Chapter of the mighty Adpetus Astartus. These are my battle brothers ,
    great warriors centuries old. We have come to save you from the orks. But first lets talk about you and your accomplisments."

    Nobody noticed that the Space Marines had slowly encircled the group of defenders.
    Just as the first Guardsman was about to speak some signal was given and all the
    Marines opened fire and sent gore and blood flying, in a few seconds no guardsmen were left

    Librarian Xhosos then turned to a nearby vid screen. He told it to connect to the Impending Slaughters system." Guardsman dead, prepare search teams for the weopen." he said in emotionless tones.He then turned to a nearby Sergent." Hurry up, the orks wont wait forever." he said.

    Nearby the low rumblings of assembling orks could be heard.

    Guardsman Kamen tired to calm his nerves, but after what he had just seen it was all but impossible.He had just seen his entire company killed by their supposed saviors.He nervisouly glanced around him,he was in a big storage facility. He had got here by walking in just as the marines fired, he then ran for his life and ended up here in the city depot.He began to process what just happened. A ork invasion, Space Marine allies......
    But most of all one thing stuck in his mind, he was alone, no one could save him, he was going to die here.When the reality of this sank in,he fell to his knees and began to weep.

    "Sir, I am approaching the supply depot."

    Kamen realized in horror that he could hear the approaching sound of armoured footfalls.He stopped his weeping and backed away into the shadows.From there he saw a gaint armoured in grey power armour, wielding a chainsword and a ornate bolt pistol. Upon his shoulderpad was a white skull.He had not noticed Kam and walked on.

    " Sir, all clear, no sign of the weopen,hang on........"
    The armoured gaint slowly turned until he was facing the corner where Kamen was hiding.
    "Hello my little friend what are you doing over there?" he said in a mocking voice.

    Kamen realised in shock that the gaint was looking at him.Kamen could not even try to reply, all hecould do was look on in utter horror as the gaint raised its bolt pistol and aimed it at his head." My little friend",it said mockingly," how come you were not with the others, dont you know you were supposed to meet us in the hall, dont worry i will lead you to them."
    "Dont you lie to me you scum",Kamn stuttered," I saw what you did to them, my companions,my friends, you killed them, you killed them all ,you gained their trust and betrayed them, how could you?"

    The gaint remained silent all he did was tensed his arm and prepared to fire.

    However the shot never came for as soon as the marine was about to fire a great white light filled the chamber, blinding Kamen for a while as well as overloading his sense of hearing.When the was dissapeted and Kamen could see again the grey gaint was gone, replaced by a dazzling silver figure wielding a halberd and a storm bolter
    upon the shoulder of his terminator armour was a book and on his chest was the symbol of the inquistion, a great ][.

    "Thank you"Kamen stuttered" you saved me i was sure i was about to die..."
    "Silence"the silver figure said"You have been saved but you have seen too much of us, however do not worry the emporer wil protect your soul".
    Before this could sink in, the figure raised his storm bolter and fired a single shot in Kamen's head before turning and walking on.

    4 hours later

    Brother Markin stared out the window of the ThunderHawk Gunship onto the city below a vast cityscape scarred by craters and littered with bodies, he was here to do the Imperial Inquistion a great favor. He and the 4th company of the Karos Hounds were
    here to help the Inquistion hunt down the traitorios Relictors, their exact mission was to hold the outer city from the orks while the Grey Knights took on the Relicoters in the city hall ands the vaults below.

    Doors opening. Prepare jump packs.

    Markin quickly switched on his pack just as he leaped from the ship.He soared in the air surveying the area until he landed with a thud on the roof of a 2 story building left basically unscathed from the battle.Below him he could see his brother tactical marines set up a
    barrier between them and the gate where the orks would enter from.He ducked as he saw the first of the orks charge in screaming in bloodlust.He could hear his brothers say their prayers and begin to fire their bolters sending exploding shells at the bestial orks.
    He waited though well he said holy prayers for his flamer and loaded the holy fuel. He then leaped from the building silently and landed in the middle of the mass of orks.Before the orks could recover he raised his flamer and let loose frying the orks that had encircled him.
    However this plan was cut violently short as a lucky stray shot hit one of his fuel cells and caused a great explosion sending him flipping backwards over the barrier.

    "Sir the Grey Knights of incircled our position, we cant hold out.....For the emporer, die, die, DIE......"

    Librarian Xhosos listened intently to his radio but all he heard was silence. He now knew the Grey Knights had taken over the surrounding area and it was just a matter of time until the Knights broke into the vault and found them. But there was no choice for the Emporers
    greater glory they must hold out, the weopen is just in the next room and his adepts were busy unlocking the gate at this exact moment.But then he heard the shots start bouncing off the locked door behind them, he now knew that the knights were just behind them.Then
    a massive explosion tore through the chamber leaving only him standing against a group of rightious Grey Knight terminators.

    "Inquistor, we have broke into section 4b and located the weopen, only their librarian is left, others were killed in melta explosion, send back up."

    The terminators slowly advanced on the silent librarian their steps making dull thuds on the the floor of the chamber."Librarian, you and your chapter are accused of heresy,surrender and your soul may be saved."

    The Librarian stared at the terminators before he started talking," You accuse us of heresy? Who was it that saved the system of Solaris Meden, who was that saved the Vlahannen 41st at the battle of the Blood. It was us , us who saved them and even we could not have done it without the weopens of the enemy, how could you be so blind and ignorant to be believeing that such artifacts must be destroyed they can be used for the Emporers glory...."

    "Dont you defile his name you heretic". shouted one of the Knights, they were closer now barely five yards between them and the librarian.The Librarian ignored this and contined a mad gleam in his eyes,"You belive the dogma that you get fed by the Inquistors do you, oh great grey knights,yes i know about you the most faithful chapter, the only one that a member has never turned to chaos.That is because you do not understand the
    Imperium can be aided be chaos..."A great hole suddenly appeared in the Librarains chest." Do not bade words with a heretic my brethern." The knights turned to face the zealos form of Inquistor Carmes standing at the gate, smoking plasma pistol in hand The Librain was kneeling now blood pouring from his chest yet still he spoke with a gleam of zeal in his eyes," You still dont believe me,fine but be prepared for a fight for by
    studing chaos i have learned new abilities". The Librarian streched out his arms and stated to convulse madly while emiting a purple glow.The Knights fired their guns but it was too late.

    "Brother Markin are you able to fight?"

    Markin awoke to find himslf staring at a white figure, a apothecary. " I am able brother" Markis replied before standing and surveying the surrounding area, the orks were gone and so were most of his brothers but they were victories.He then checked his armour, he had many great tears and his pack was leaking but otherwise he was fine.He then started to move towards the awaiting ThunderHawks.

    " All men loaded, move back to ship."

    Just as his ship took off Markin saw great explosions rip through the planet creating open cracks in the surface.Then the planet fell apart killing all on it .
    In just thirty minutes there was nothing left of the plant just floating debris.Markis thought to himself what had caused such a event but it bothered him not for
    as you see Markis was a Karos Hound, a chapter closely and secertly tied to the Relictors and they had got the weopen and that all that mattered.

    The End.

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