The bells are ringing,ringing.Fire everywhere.The smoke is suffocating.The ding of clashing steel can be heard and yet in the middle of all this
violence and carnage there is a little boy soundly sleeping in his bed unknowing about the carnage going on aroumd him, that is until...

Markus awoke to find himself soaked with sweat. This same nightmare had haunted him for the entirety of his life and he knew it would
continue to do so. He shook it off as he slipped out of bed and put on his slippers.He then slowly walked to his window, from his point
in the castle he had a perfect view of the surrounding city, but he knew it would no longer be there if he failed for as you see Markus was
captain of the Imperial Army and it was up to them to crush the growing might of the Grobbi Warlord Ghagkull. The beast had been gathering
his might in the woods just south of the city and would be attacking anyday now.That is why he must get to the armies encampment at Deaths
Ridge.They had been sent there yesterday but without their leader they would surely fail.With this in his head Markus turned and prepared to mount
and armour up.

Deaths Ridge

"Wazz dat over dere?" the mighty warlord was shouting to his assembled host of orcs and goblins that was surrounding him in the forest.
"Boss dats da ooamens enkampents" replied a weedy looking goblin who was in front of the host. With one fell sweep the warlord sliced off his
head spraying blood on his rag tag armour.The lifeless body was pounced on by his cronies who looted it of flesh and valuables."Not dat ye gits,
da big ding over dere on da hill" the warlord sneered."Oh thats a catapult my lord,nothing that a mighty warrior as yourself should fear" the Warboss
turned to find himself face to face with a cloaked man, the man that had given him some weapens and lead him to the battle."Oh dis you, you gave
us da choppas but wes da biggest and yous da git so yous betta go ors we'll smash ya good". This "speech" was cut short by the sound of triumpets as
the humans began a march towards them."Humie yous lucky dat da udder humies need a good thumping, whens wez done with deme you and
ya gits betta be gone, ors youve gonna get thumped" the Warlord sneered. "Yes my lord we shall take our leave now", the man replied and with that
he turned to his small band of men dressed in his manner and marched off." Boss why wez wid dem, we should be smashing dem good" asked a
large orc."Well we needs choppas an dey has dem, bu well smash em after dis" the Warlord replied. With that said the Warlord raised his axe and
shouted," For Gork and Mork, WAAAGH".The shout was soon picked up and the host of orcs sallied forth from the woods.

Lieteniet Gregory ordered the army to halt as they approached the woods." This doesnt seem right " he thought to himself , just then his
thoughts were validated as he saw a horde of green surge out of the woods."Men into defensive postions, pikes out, riflemen stand behind,
wait for my order". The command was meet with frantic movement as the first rank got on their knees and so on forming a bristling wall
of pikes.Behind them were the Bergian Rifles, the best marksman this side of the wastes."Sound the trumpet , Fire" shouted Gregory.
With that a low note filled the field and the air was filled with the whistle of arrows, bolts and the smell of gunpowder. The first ranks
of the grobbi faltered under the rain of death but it contined forth, some stopping long enough to fire back. The air was darkened as the
exchange continued sending countless to thier deaths.However the orcs kept coming a massive individuel spirring them on to the Imperial lines.
Gregory raised his pistol and opened fire sending orcs down the hill. But it was too late for at that moment the lines crashed together
the blood thirsty orcs and the resolute pikemen. Gregory raised his sword and charged back screaming straight towards the leader of
the orcs.

Ghagkull contined his charge and to his surprise he saw the leader of the humans charging back.The warlord slowed down so that
he came face to face with the leader of the men."So yous dere leader, yous a runty oman" the warlord laughed at his own joke while the man continued
charging.To the warlords surpise the man slashed at him causing a great tear across his chest." Whyed you do dat" the warlord snarled
as he picked up the man and snapped him clean in half.With that over with the warlord contined to chase the now fleeing humans.
Soon all the humans were either dead or hiding in the woods. But then he noticed something else, there was a small group
of humans marching towards them, blowing trumpets and waving the banner of the Imperial Palace above them but still their were
only about ten of them.The warlord laughed as he ordered the boys to form lines.

"Sir the orcs have formed lines", Mas said to Captain Markus."Thank you squire" replied Markus.He ordered his men to stop as
he surveyed the orcs.They were numberless but he must still fight , he would not abandon his posistion and let the city fall.
But then something caught his ear." Get down" ,he shouted to the assembled men but it was too late, just as he dived out of the way
a massive boulder smashed into the ground atop his men instantly kiling all of them. He cursed as he got to his feet and grasped
his sword in one hand and the tattered banner in one hand then he slowely charged against the orcs, but just as he started
the sky brightend as something descended to the ground...

Sergeant Zarrogh stepped out of his drop pod and surveyed the scene that was ahead of him, the ground was littered with the bodies
of orcs and what appeared to be primitive humans.This was obviosly the scene of a battle and the orcs were probably victorious as he could
see them on a hill nearby and there were no humans to be seen."Hailing Emporers Hammer this is Sergeant Zarrogh of the Blood Thirsters
Chapter.We have landed safely and have found signs of orcs and humans.Me and my four brother shall now cleanse this area of the xenos taint,
May the Emporer protect". With that said he commanded his men to slaughter the orcs.They opened fire with their heavy bolters and sent the orcs
running for the forest , hoping not to be killed by the mysterios warriors from the sky."Xenos cleared" the sergeant spoke slowely in his transmitor.
"Look out, dive away" the sergeant turned to find himself facing a man dressed in armour probably made from steel and wielding a sword , the man
had a look of panic on his face." Dont worry we are here to save you" the sergenat replied to the man but just as he said that he heard a distintive
sound and dived sideways. For three of his men it was too little too late as a giant boulder landed atop them. This was followed by
more boulders landing near them." Follow me" the man said. With that the two mighty marines were led by the man to the safety of a nearby village.

Morkad Village

Markus secertly stared at the two red armoured men sitting at the table infront of him.What were they? They seemed human but they were bigger
than anyone he had ever seen.They also carried weopens that we had no idea what they did.'"Here are the drinks you requested" Markus said as he
slowely stepped up to them and sat down next to them."Thank you" the leader of the two replied."It is pleasure sire but i have questions , whow or what
are you and what are you doing here?" Markus asked. " What we are would take many a hour to explain so be happy with the fact that we are here to
bring the Emporers light to this world" replied the second one. " But we have a Emporer Maximillin and he rules this land" Markus stated curios of what
they meant." Then we must"meet" this man and explain to him why we are here" the leader stated " as for now let me just say that i am Brother Zarrogh
and this is Brother Exerius of the Blood Thisters chapter of the Space Marines, we shall now leave for our quaters for the night". Then the two slowely
rose up and climbed the stairs leading to the bedrooms of the manor. Markus was now alone left thinking to himself about the strange guests and what
they meant for this planet.He then silently left through the back dooor on a secert errand.

Yetoold Forest

Ghagkull slowed down to catch his breath, he had been running non stop since those sky demons showed up.His flesh was now covered in blood and
sweat.Why did those demons have to show up they had it in the bag, well at least the lobbas worked sending them heading for the hill.He smiled at the
thought of it revealing his blood stained yellow fangs.His smile was cut short as two cloaked men walked towrds him from the shadows of the forest they were
silent and unarmed." wat youz ant i can thump ya know" he shouted at them. They seemed unfazed as they began to speak slowely and menacingly
began to speak " You failed us, we gave you weopens, information, we even gave you a warning about the Blood Thirsters and you still failed us you
pitiful beast."Wat did youz kal me?' he shouted now face to face with one of them.The man produced a arcane device and in a flurry of movement and words
he shot a beam of pure light at Gagkull leaving him paralazed but conscious.The orc fell over on its side a look of pure terror in his eyes.The two men began
to talk in a strange language with extreme haste. " Wat sal ons doen met die dier?" the first asked the other." Ek dink ons moet hom gestek of geskiet maar
wat sal Tzeentch dink oor dit?' . "Ek dink dit is reg Tzeentch kan altyd sy siel gekry". With that said the men laughed over thier decision before slowely
standing and walking towards the disabled orc. " You have failed us for the last time" the first one said while the second withdrew a long thick knife that seemed
to glow with unnautrel energies.

Marine Quarters

"Do you think they know of the taint Brother Zaroggh?" Exerius asked while leaning against the wall of the small room." No i dont, if they do it is
probably a accepted part of life for them like a false religon, but we will show them thier error in thier beliefs, weither it is with words or steel and
flame," Zarrogh replied with a steely determination."Ay Brother we will show by Sagnaius's will and Grace". " Ay, it appears our host has returned from
his errand," he said with a sly smile. A knock on the door gave the marines a confirmation of their suspision."My Lords the Emporer is willing to see you but
we must leave immediatly for there are certian problems wit the general public seeing you two, so i suggest we leave immediatly in my coach before
the village awakens,". " Very well Markus lead one" Exerius replied and the marines and Markus silently went to the stables and left into the night never
to be seen again in the village of Morkad.

Emporers Palace