Hammerfun episode 10 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hammerfun episode 10

    well i know i said id do a bio thread for ep10, but im still working on it as im wanting to get all of my characters
    done in one go (i mean, ive got guardsman will,
    comisar nikolas and murphy- the lvl 20 karma ninja dreadnought to do not to mention all of the others)

    so to make up for it here is a new strip and as a bonus a new feature a "hammerfun quicky" a little thing ill do
    from time to time basically being a single pannel strip.

    but as the summer hols have started i should be able to update
    hammerfun alot quicker. not to mention the L-O meet being nextweekend
    i should have alot of ideas for scripts. never know i might actually get a story line going
    (got an idea on how to mix the armies together for cross
    linked stories and such)
    but alas once again the adverts at the side of this post maul things
    so im going to put a huge random space in the way so you can all see it
    (this is as you can guess the same reason for this odd sentance structure in the post
    in my vain atempt to avoid those ads. CURSE THEM!

    but on with the comic!

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