Good Points:
Some news on the upcoming Orcs and goblin list to be released in October – The plastic multi-part kit to design lords and heroes looks especially good.

A showcase of a very nice Tyranid army (being a Nid player I’ve decided to give gargoyles a go after seeing this).

A little taster of the art exhibition in Nottingham – the article isn’t actually very good but I’ve been to see the real thing at the weekend and would highly recommend it (Free entry to the castle on weekdays, £3 for adults at weekend).

Good news for those who play LOTR; a whole 27 pages of articles (and 18 pages of new releases) this month compared to the 4 pages of coverage lotr received last month.

White Dwarf has returned to its 128 page format after losing 24 pages last month.

Bad Points:
With all that LOTR content it hasn’t left a lot of room for the rest of us – the first proper article for WH or 40k doesn’t start until p66.

The letters page and hobbyist articles seem to have gone for good.

Index Xenos – While it’s very very nice of WD to actually publish some background fluff I still long for the quality of Index Astartes/Xenos articles in the past which could easily include a double page spread of text at a sensible font without a single picture or item of filler.

It seems the numerous adverts in the magazine aren’t enough; this month you get a free A2 advert for 7th edition Warhammer in place of a poster.

Still heavy on the adverts and pictures and low on actual text content. The loss of the hobbyist section (and letters page) near the back of the magazine is unfortunate and results in a rather short read, but overall this issue didn't seem as disappointing as other recent issues – although perhaps my expectations have been lowered my the recent quality of the magazine.
With the release of 7th ed. Warhammer next month and 2 new lotr supplements having just been released next months WD looks likely to be low on 40k content despite the Medussa V campaign.

Until next month,