This is a story that I think most of you will enjoy. It is a story about warhammer 40k and it takes place on an Ice world called Talerite. well here is what I got so far.

The Bringer of Darkness
The Bringer of Darkness


He was on a frozen battlefield and combat was everywhere. There were Orks, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, and Eldar and they were all fighting dark shadows. The sky and the frozen earth were black. Yet next to him was an Eldar woman. She was beautiful with black hair and emerald eyes; all he could think about was leaning over and kissing her sad face. She was crying as she looked onto the battlefield and she turned and looked into his eyes and then she kissed him. It was the greatest thing he has ever felt in his entire life.

The mighty Space Marine woke from his dream and thought, what heresy was that.
“I mustn’t think of it any more. It is only a trial of my faith to the Emperor. I will not fall to such temptation but yet what was the temptation?? Captain Ultilis of 8th Ultramarines Company said to himself.
“Captain we have an eragent message from the Ice world Talerite. The planet seems to be under attack from Orks do we give aid??
“Yes Pasihus we do sound the alarm. Ultramarines go to war!?

Part 1

Chapter 1

Colonel Graham was down in the icy trenches looking through his binoculars at the Ork lines.
“There must be over 300,000 of them. Here take a look Major.? Colonel Graham handed Major Russell the binoculars.
“I see what you mean sir, is that a Gargnat?!? “Yup it won’t break us but their infantry will with that thing giving them support.?
“Sergeant Russell hand me that Vox there. Thank you, Major Bragg come in.?

“Yes Colonel what is it sir?? “Major listen up I want you to bring out the 3 old Baneblads we have. We’re going to need them to take out the Ork’s Gargant. Also when they come in range of our guns on the Fortress walls I want you to give them everything we got and try to take out as many of their war buggies as you can in one volley because those things will be out of range before you can even reload.?
“Roger that Basilisk cannons are ready to fire on demand sir.?

“Good that’s what I like to hear,? Colonel Graham looked around at the men and women of the Talerite 1st Regiment. 100,000 troopers are stationed at the fortress, the only thing in the way of the Ork’s path to Hive Verma. There at Hive Verma where 2 billion people live and it is defended by 3 out the 5 Talerite regiments. Though the planet is an ice world Talerite is rich with the precious metals the Forge worlds need. Talerite has a population of 3 billion. Hive Verma is where most of the mining is done in the mountains next to the Hive. The rest of the population is spread throughout the planet at different mining location.

Colonel Graham looked around at the trenches. He saw his men getting ready for combat and crowding around heaters. It was a dead silence all he could hear was the constant hum of the Leman Russ tanks engines. He looked back at the Orks lines and he knew they were about to attack.

“Men we prepare to fight the retched green skins. They come on our world and claim it as their own well I say NO! This is our world our HOME! Who are they to come and take it from us? Our fathers worked their hands to the bone on this world. We are Talerite’s Ice Warriors, soldiers of the Emperor. Do not show these beasts mercy for you will receive none. These things are dumb animals but even dumbest animals are the most dangerous. Do not give in to fear don’t give up. We will fight to the LAST MAN!?

Every man in the trenches and in the fortress gave out a roar to the colonel’s speech. But even over the roar, Colonel Graham could hear the Ork’s battle cry he could hear the Waghh