HEy. Sorry if this is set out wrong, or in the wrongplace or something, but i have recently made a short story for my inquisitor, and i want to share it with the world :yes:. Sorry if its no good, or not fluffy or anything.

This is a short, fictional story based upon an Inquisitor in the Warhammer 40k universe. He travels to the distant planet of Hataraw IV after receiving a distress signal from the planets capital Hive city. What he finds is an insidious plot to overthrow the rule of the Emperor. Read on…

The shuttle descends to the landing bay, the shrill whine of the landing thrusters drowning out the roar of the wind. As the small vessel lands, the access ramp slowly grinds into place, and the cognitors groan in protest. Inquisitor Tanfew proceeds down the ramp, and breathes his first breath of fresh air for over a week. Although, fresh is a relative statement in the 41st millennium. Pollution from the kilometre high Hive cities spew out into the ozone, and the air is laced with chemicals and toxins.

Tanfew travels the boarding ramp that extends to the Hive city known as Trevalei, the capital city of Planet Hataraw IV and ultimately the capital of the system, as Hataraw IV is the only oxygen-rich planet in the system of Traboh. As Tanfew travels the ramp, he begins to dwell on why exactly he had come to this planet. En route to the capital of the adjacent System, Nemesis II, Tanfew received an urgent distress signal from Hataraw informing him that the planet was falling into heresy, and that immediate help was required. Without hesitation, Tanfew had sent a message stating he was delayed indefinitely to Nemesis II, and changed course for the System.

Upon arriving, he ordered his personal Strike Cruiser, Holy Retribution, to remain on standby to await his call if assistance was required. He then took a shuttle to the capital city to rendezvous with his informant. He turned into the hive and began making his way to the assigned meeting place.

The hive was a massive, sprawling complex of paths and corridors, and as such it took Tanfew over an hour to reach the meeting place. When he got there he discovered it was an abandoned manufatorium, with many previous tools lying around in piles of rubble. Sitting in the middle of the room was the ragged form of a man in carapace armour, bulky armour that was made of a series of chitinous-like plates of ceramite.

The beleaguered form of a man looked up when Tanfew approached, and Tanfew was shocked to find that it was a fellow Inquisitor. The man had a ragged, stretched appearance, as if he was on his last reserves of energy, and the sword and scabbard lying on his lap had obvious signs of wear and tear. The man was of a large build and a fairly tanned complexion, a huge moustache and a bald head with a bionic plate over half of it.

Tanfew approached him, and noted immediately that the Inquisitor, whilst strained, was a formidable fighter, and his call for aid was obviously a last resort as the situation got out of his control. “Hail, fellow Inquisitor,? Tanfew called out, unable to say anything else.
“Hail to you too, and thank the Emperor that you were able to make it so quickly.? The Inquisitor replies, “I am Jovec and as you are aware from my message, I am deeply concerned by the planets actions these past few weeks. I fear that the planet is turning to Chaos so I immediately petitioned the aid of anyone who could help. ?
Tanfew, having heard the message, replied, “Thank you Jovec, I am Inquisitor Tanfew of the Ordo Malleus and I have been sent to help this situation as you see fit. However, I am concerned as to the nature of the heresy on this planet, as history on this planet show that there hasn’t been any major rebellions for the past 400 years, so I am troubled as to how a planet could turn from the Emperor so suddenly. Please, tell me exactly what you have found.?

“Well,? Jovec begins, “I have been investigating this planet for the past few weeks as I said, and over the time I have seen some very serious blasphemies against the Emperors Word. There have been brutal killings; men and women strung up in the name of the Emperor and wars on surrounding Hives have been sweeping the planet. The leaders of the planets are debased and unstable megalomaniacs, and they are leading a coven known as “The Bloody Word?, which is a twisted form of the Imperial Creed. Missionaries and Priests of the Emperor have been found executed, and a Commander who questioned the Militarisation upon the Neighbouring Hive was found dead in his chambers. I infiltrated their coven, and as you can see it was a harrowing and daunting experience, as the coven had no structural base and assassinations were rife. I was, unfortunately, discovered before I could complete my work, and I fled for my life.?

“Well,? Tanfew says, processing this plethora of information. “When you said that the leaders of the planets, is there anyone still in power that isn’t corrupted against the Emperor?? “As a matter of fact, there is,? Jovec replies, “The Imperial Guardsman High commander Lent has protested against the military incursions, and has withdrawn all his men from the conflicts. Many assassinations have been made against him, and the assailants have all failed.?

“Why hasn’t any of this news reached the word of the other systems surrounding this planet? You seemed to have been able to send out a message efficiently enough.?
Jovec faces Tanfew for a second, then visibly slumps. “The message I sent was intercepted whilst I sent it, but it obviously managed to get through if you came. That was what betrayed me to the coven. They deployed with agonising ferocity, and I had to flee for my life. They thankfully didn’t get the part where I said where I should meet you.?
“No wonder nothing has come out of this heresy,? Tanfew states. “If they control the astropaths then that means they effectively cut out the world from view.?
“Yes, that is what I thought as well. Tell me, do you have any supporting men on your ship? I fear that we may need them before this is over.?
“Nay, I have but one regiment of Stormtroopers, just over 50 of them, and some supporting guardsmen. I didn’t realise that I would have need of any military forces, so I only brought my private Militia.?
“Damn!? Jovec curses, “Very well then, I can still outline a path we can take that may not see them used. I propose, that with just two of us, launch a retributive strike at the Commanders of this Coven, eliminating them. That way they will be leaderless, and we’ll be able to clean up this Heretical cult quietly and efficiently.?

“Well, how many of them are there then?? Tanfew replies, calculating how this could work. “There are 4 commanders that are leading this at the moment,? Jovec says, “and they are spread out all over the top levels of the Hive. The Highest, also the Planetary Governor, Is a Severus von Carstein, and he overlooks the whole operation from his private level on the top of the Hive. I strongly suggest that we take him out last as he will be the hardest to get to and will have the most men guarding him. The next is one of the sanctioned Psykers that are on this planet. His name is Gustav Creed, and will undoubtedly be with Severus, so I propose that we tackle him last as well. Be forewarned, he is a Gamma-level Psyker, so you should have some form of strong anti-psychic ward up when we engage him.
Then the next is a bloodthirsty and unstable man known as ‘Bloody’ Baal, on the account that he rose through the ranks by killing anyone in his way. I know this one, so I’ll take him on myself and he is in the chambers next to the armoury. That leaves the Second-in-command of the Imperial Guardsmen, who swayed nearly half of the Platoons on this planet against the Real commander. His name is Vladimir Creed, and he is the brother to Gustav. A master strategist, he will be overlooking the siege of the other hives, so will be in the Tactician Chambers on the second highest floor.?

“Impressive,? Tanfew replies, “But how can we get to the higher levels? They’re normally locked off to the civilian levels.?
“Well, Tanfew,? Jovec replies, “I have hotwired a chute that leads to the top levels from here, and it is located just around the corner. It shall take us straight there.?
“Very well then, “Tanfew replies, unslinging his daemonhammer Godsplitter and testing its balance. As always it swung perfectly, so Tanfew put it back over his shoulder. “We shall leave immediately then??
“Yes, it is better to get started quickly before this gets too out of hand. I fell that something bad will happen soon.?

And with that they set out for the elevator chute. Muttering prayers to the Emperor under his breath, he began to think about how this had gotten out of hand for the Imperium so quickly. As an inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, it was his divine right as a servant of the Imperium to investigate anything Daemonic or affiliated with Chaos, and his innate senses towards this were going off. He could smell the warp-powers on this planet, and he began to get anxious. The last run-in with the Forces of Chaos back on Coronis IV had nearly cost him his life, and although he had destroyed the Greater Daemon, it was a shallow victory as he had lost half his private army, his fellow Inquisitor and Comrade, Veritas, was lying near-dead on Nemesis II, and it had been for nothing as the planet had to be declared Exterminatus and destroyed anyway.

Tanfew was still thinking about this as he rode the Chute to the top floor. Halfway up he remembered something. “Hey Jovec,? he said, breaking the silence that had descended for the past few minutes, “how are we to stay in contact with each other??
“Ah, yes I had nearly forgot,? he replied, “Heres a com-link. It is set to a secure channel, so we won’t be overheard by them. I propose that we meet here no later than 1800, so that will give us 4 hours to eliminate them before we take on Severus and Gustav. Agreed??
“Agreed,? he replied, just as the chutes doors opened.

The corridor was deserted when they exited the elevator. Jovec turned to Tanfew “To get to the Tactician Chambers,? he stated, “You travel west until you reach a service elevator. From there you go up it until the top level, which will only be the second-top level and you will be there. Remember, they are heretics, so no mercy will be allowed.?
“Yes I know the imperial creed on heretics, my good man. I will not let them live.?
“Good. I will meet you here no later than 1800. After then I will be gone, assuming that you had been captured, and will take them on myself. Don’t be late.?

With that they departed their separate ways, with Tanfew travelling down the corridor and Jovec turning to the left. Tanfew found the corridor Jovec spoke about easily enough, and he made his way down to the Elevator. He found it odd that there was no-one out, and began to feel suspicious. He warily looked around, feeling like he was being watched, and quickly unslung his daemonhammer. He ran the last few paces to the elevator, putting his back to the wall, and fumbled for the call switch. He looked up the corridor, expecting someone to jump out, and when the elevator came he pushed the last button and waited for it to move. Just as the doors began to close, he heard the rustle of feet and looked up. With a shock he saw a massive Cyber-mastiff chasing him down. Cyber mastiffs are large, hound-shaped beasts that are comprised entirely of metal, and are ultimate security and hunting machines, as they don’t feel pain or pity and their jaws can crush even powered armour. Tanfews’ carapace suit wouldn’t even stand a chance. The Mastiff lunged at him, and without thinking he swung his hammer at it, catching it in the side of the skull and knocking it at the corridors wall.

The doors to the elevator slammed closed with a bang, and Tanfew was left braced against the wall, panting with fear. Cyber-mastiffs were commonly deployed with a set target, which meant that whoever was there already knew he was coming. He anxiously processed this in a second. The situation had quickly spiralled, and Tanfew began to think over whether or not to bring in his militia. They were efficient, but also noticeable. It was hard to bring in almost 70 armed and armoured men and not get noticed by someone.
Tanfew deliberated this, and then thought against it. By the time they could get ready and properly briefed, the leaders may have organised an effective resistance against it.

For the second time in as many hours, he found himself exiting an elevator into a deserted corridor, although tis one was substantially wider and more luxuriously decorate, with tapestries depicted on the walls and a small plant standing beside the door to the elevator. He quickly made his way to the tactician Chambers, and upon arriving he heard the muffled voices of people talking quietly on the other side of the door.
…Were yet to break through the Defences. The ingrates from the other hives are proving to be harder to defeat than expected. And if Severus demands blood, you know as well as me that if we can’t get it, it will be ours he uses for the sacrifice instead!?
“Oh, curse that Severus. Just because he gets instructions form the Chaos Gods doesn’t mean that he can control me!? a thump is heard from the other side of the door where the second voice obviously slammed something.

Tanfew listened, his heart rate quickening with each word. When chaos was mentioned, he froze, his blood running cold. He knew it! Without a word he slammed open the door, unslinging his hammer with one movement. Inside were two men, one a Guardsman Commander who he assumed was Vladimir, and another who must also be a commander. The room he was in was a large, decorated room with a vid-graph in the middle of the room. Vladimir wore a large, blackened cloak and had a bolter-pistol slung around his waist and held a power sword which he had been using for an indicator in the vid-images, and he had a large, drooping moustache and broad shoulders. The other wore a power-fist on one hand and in the other grasped a broad-bladed knife, and had a crimson officers cap perched on his squared head. Both had chaotic icons pictured on their armour and the obvious signs of chaotic influence on their souls. They were corrupted without a doubt.

Both were startled out of their argument, and Tanfew took the initiative by ramming his glowing hammer into Vladimir’s shoulder, spinning him around and knocking him off his feet. The other reacted quickly, swinging his power-fist at the Inquisitor, who barely dodged the blow. Tanfew swung out with his hammer, and the assailant dodged, then counter-attacked with his broad knife, stabbing back-handed viciously, and catching him on the chest plate, which barely deflected the blow. Tanfew punched him in the face, knocking him down, and then he reverse swept his hammer, knocking his head from his shoulders. The body slumped forward, falling into Tanfews shins.

Tanfew turned back to the vice-commander, Justin time to dodge an expertly placed blow from the twisted individual. Tanfew reacted without thought, elbowing him in the stomach and catching him on his armour, jarring his arm. Vladimir riposted blindingly fast, and Tanfew stumbled as the sword caught him in the shoulder, cleaving through his armour like paper and embedding it in his upper arm. Tanfew smashed his good arm into his underarm, and felt a satisfactory crunch of tendons giving way. Vladimir let go of his sword, mainly because his arm lost feeling, and stumbled backwards. Recovering admirably, he drew his pistol with his good arm ad rose it to fire. Tanfew struck out, catlike, and crushed the traitors ribcage as the head of the hammer connected with his torso. Vladimir stood there, paralysed, until the jagged edges of his ribs pierced his heart and he died.

Tanfew stood there, deeply breathing, as the blood from his arm began to pool on the rug beneath him. He then drew from a pouch located on his belt a bandage, and undid his gauntlet and shoulder guard, throwing away the-now useless piece of ceramite and slowly wrapping the bandage around his wound. After this was done he drew out two inquisitorial seals from another pouch, placing them on the assailant’s foreheads and commending their unworthy souls for forgiveness in front of the Emperors eyes. He then took the Commanders bolter-pistol and clips, as they were of a magnificent artificer-make, sheathing it in his belt and took the cloak, wrapping it around his shoulders, as it was of fine woven complexity and Tanfew wouldn’t allow such magnificent items be commended to the Chaotic powers.

Slinging his hammer back over his shoulders, he glanced at the time-depicter on the wall and noted that he still had 2 hours until meeting with Jovec, so he began to study the battle-plan that the two traitors were discussing, and saw immediately what the problem was. They had encircled the Hive, but had set up too few men on siege equipment and tank columns, instead allowing the men to try and over-run in had-to-hand, a plan that would never work with the number of men. They were going to send the men to their deaths. Tanfew quickly looked around the room, and located a master-vox caster that would be up-linked with the men on the battlefield. He drew up the communicator mouthpiece, and began to talk to the leader of the troops on the battlefield, imitating the husky voice he had heard earlier.
“Is that the Commander?? Tanfew imitated, “Is that the current leader of the Siege?
“Aye, milord, this is General Kraken on the line. What seems to be the problem?? A voice answered, floating bodiless through the speaker.
“Well, I have been reviewing the plan of attack, my good man, and I believe that you should consolidate the forces instead? Tanfew replied, continuing the charade. “Their defences are too strong at the moment for our plan of attack.?

“So what your saying, milord, is that we should instigate a tactical withdrawal before we even fire a bullet? Are you mad, sir??
Tanfew thought about this for a second, and then replied, “Are you questioning my authority, my good man? For that is treason, and we all know what happens to people who argue with me, don’t we??
Tanfew could almost see the man paling as Tanfew said those words.
“N-no, milord, I’m n-not arguing with you. Your word is the rule. I serve only for the Coven.?
That throwaway statement startled Tanfew for a moment, but he reacted admirably, “Yes, you shall not. I will overlook this just this once, do I make myself clear??
“Crystal, Milord,? Kraken stammered in reply, before terminating the link.
Tanfew hung the speaker up on its hook, and smiled to himself with grim satisfaction. He had just delayed the killing of innocent people, for the time at least. With that he began to make his way back to the meeting place on the lower level.

On his way there he remembered the Cyber-mastiff, and began to look around again. When he reached the service elevator, he punched the button and waited grimly for the doors to open. When they arrived he climbed into the chute, and pressed the button for the level he started on. The elevator descended slowly, and Tanfew slowly processed what he would do if the Mastiff was still there, waiting for him or if it had returned to its master.
He hoped the latter was true.

The elevator reached his destination, and Tanfew was glad to see that there was no Mastiff ready to rip out his guts. He solemnly proceeded to the rendezvous point, and when he reached there Jovec was already waiting. But he was not alone.
“Who is this,? Tanfew asked Jovec, inquiring to the figure next to him.
“This is, my fellow inquisitor, the High Commander Arcus Lent, the true Imperial Legions General and overseer of the defence of this planet.?
Tanfew looked at the figure huddled next to him, and immediately noticed that the sense of weakness given off by the commander was a sham. This man was an efficient leader, and as Tanfew was observing the commander, he raised his head, pointing ice-cold blue eyes his way.
“Lent here has all the access keys, codes and pathway schematics for this Hive. Or at least the higher levels.?

Arcus Lent was of a tall build, fairly muscular looking, and had a grey, mottled cloak that hid his obvious commander regalia underneath. Wearing the crimson regalia of the Planetary Defence Force, he also had a tabard of the deepest blacks, and wore a lightening claw on both of his arms. His face was one of constant hardship, obvious signs of loss and unbending loyalty to both his comrades and to the Emperor. His hair was an oily black that was slowly turning to grey, and he had scars and wounds pock-marking his face.

As Tanfew studied Lent, Jovec continued. “Arcus lent has been mounting a resistance as I said, and has many fellow supporters in the PDF ranks that he has assembled. With his help we feel that our operation could become doubly more effective?

“Oh, yes, and how would that be?? Tanfew stated, slightly sceptical.
“Well,? Lent started, “I have organised an attack against this Hive from the inside against the Coven. In about half an hour they will begin attacking traitors, stretching their resources, which will allow us to slip by and attack the two remaining leaders, as I assume that Vladimir is dead??
“Well then, after we get through it will only be a case of taking out Gustav and Severus before the Coven is leaderless. Then it will only be a case of destroying the un-coordinated remainder before this world is back under Imperial control.?
“A brilliant idea, my good man,? Tanfew replies after he finishes. “Tell me, Jovec, is Baal dead??
“Aye, he is, “Jovec replies, “And good riddance too. Such filth doesn’t deserve to be in the most holy Emperors universe.?
“True. So are we set then? Because it seems to me that we should be going soon if we are to get there in time for your distraction.?
“Yes, we should leave now if we are to get there in time.?

With that they headed down the corridor that Jovec travelled earlier to Baal, and turned to the left and travelled down to the end, at which was an elevator that obviously lead to the top floor. There was also a Cyber-mastiff. With a harsh metallic growl, it lunged at the trio, bounding up the corridor with frightening speed. Tanfew barely had time to unsling his hammer before it was on them. They scattered as it charged at them, and it went after Jovec. Tanfew chased after it, and Lent released his claws with a shriek, also bounding after the Mastiff.

Jovec turned to face the beast, and it leapt at him, trying to pin him down. Jovec died underneath it, and swiftly rose facing the machine. It turned on its hind legs just as the other two caught up with Jovec. It lunged, and a vicious melee ensued, with swords and lightening claws a hammers swung. The mastiff dodged the first blow, from Jovec, but was unable to avoid the lightning claws or hammer swung in its direction, so it absorbed those blows on its think armour. The hammer blow rattled it, but because it wasn’t fully charged the blast from it wasn’t enough to knock out the servitors inside it. Jovec then drove his sword into its chest plate, the powered sword piercing the metal and tearing a rent in the beast. It was still mobile, however, so Tanfew loosened his new bolter-pistol and shot a quick succession of rounds into it, the detonation from the explosive-rounds tearing it to pieces, destroying it utterly.

They stood therefore a second, revelling in their small victory, until Lent piped up.
“We should really get going now.? He said, turning to walk away. The two inquisitors’ followed suit and left. They made their way back to the elevator and pushed the button for the elevator. When it arrived they crowded inside and Tanfew reached over and pushed the top level button, and it slowly began its ascent towards retribution.

As they were travelling up the chute, Tanfew processed the plan again. “So when we get there, where will Severus’ chambers be located??
“Well,? Lent replied, “The Planetary Governors chambers will be directly ahead of us. It is a wide, decorative room, and as such will provide plenty of cover so we can engage the enemy more evenly. I think?
“Who do you think will be in the chambers?? Jovec says, “Other than Gustav??
“Severus is always surrounded by his personal entourage, which consists of 7 highly trained men armed with various weapons. There was also, last time I was there, a Techpriest assigned to his bodyguard.?
“So the plan is to rush into unknown territory, try to kill seven or eight highly professional guardsmen, and then take down the Governor and his flunky, who is, no less, a gamma-level Psyker!??
“That about wraps it up, “Tanfew replies, comfortable that he’s not the only one stressing.
“Okay then, let’s do this? he finishes, just as the elevator doors grind open.

Facing them are 2 burly guardsmen, who are obviously surprised that they are there. As one Jovec, Tanfew and Lent set upon them before they even draw breath. The one to the left is armed with a plasma pistol and begins to raise it just as Jovec stabs him with his sword, and the second falls to a flurry of lightning claw blows delivered. Jovec retrieves the highly rare, but volatile, plasma pistol and ammo from the guardsman and quickly places seals on their foreheads.
“Stop for a second.? Tanfew calls as Lent begins to head to the door. “We are facing a Psyker here, so we will need some form of anti-Psyker barrier so we don’t get mutilated by him?
“Well,? Jovec says, reaching into his pocket, “I have a psyke-out grenade. I’ve been carrying this one here for a while know actually.?
“Excellent.? Tanfew remarks, “We should move on then. Lent and I will take on the remaining guardsmen whilst you engage Gustav. If anyone gets the chance, take down Severus as well. Agreed??
“Yes? they both answer, moving out.
They all approach the door, and Tanfew slowly mouths a countdown. On one, they burst through the door. The result is instantaneous. Guns begin to blaze, and Tanfew and Lent dive to opposite sides as Jovec crouches towards an exquisitely carved pillar depicting various battle scenes. Tanfew draws his pistol and looses off half a dozen shots, catching one in the chest and clipping another’s temple. They both fall to the ground with exaggerated slowness. Jovec releases a shot from his plasma pistol which hits a table one is hiding behind, reducing it to a pile of melted wood. The traitor kneels there dumbly for a second, and is hit with a second plasma round in the shoulder. He screams and keels over, the plasma disintegrating his upper torso and face. Lent dives forward, unsheathing his claws with a sickening shriek, and catches the closest with a slash, ripping his arm off, then dives back behind cover as return fire sprays back

Jovec crouches back behind his pillar when a shriek sounds, and a detonation against the pillar rocks the whole room. Jovec pokes his head back around to see what did that, and sees a guardsman holding a quickly-recharging plasma cannon, and looks at the remains of his pole and realises that it won’t hold another direct blast. He steps up from cover and unleashes a trio of bullets, missing him but hitting the wall behind him, spraying him with residual fire. The guardsman turns angrily towards him, and tries to fire before the cannon is fully charged. Bad mistake. The input valve of the cannon leaks, releasing white-hot plasma, and the cannon explodes on its tripod, incinerating the guardsman instantly and melting everything with a 4 yard radius.

Suddenly everything is quiet, and they look around the room at the chaos. At the end of the room is a door, which slowly opens revealing a Psyker who could only be Gustav.
“Die, you scum? he curses, his voice tearing at the seams of reality and grating on the minds of the trio.
“You first? Jovec replies just as the Psyker releases a bolt of warp-lightning at Tanfew. He dives for cover, it barely missing him, and Jovec lobs the psyke-out at him. As the grenade explodes, a white light permeates from it quickly. Jovec, Lent and Tanfew are unaffected, but the Psyker begins to scream, tearing at his face as if the light was an enemy.
Suddenly, he goes still, and looks up at them. “If that’s the way it’ll be then, scum. I’ll kill you anyway!?
He draws a glowing weapon, infused with chaotic sigils that rend at reality. Jovec proceeds, calmly drawing his anointed sword. How they were exactly like opposites! Jovec, with his sword bathed in pure glowing energy and Gustav with his chaotically infused sword and insane gleam in his eyes. They were polar opposites, and as they crashed swords it gave of sparks.
“Go you two; I’ll hold this one here!? Jovec shouts to the others as he engages Gustav, parrying and delivering blows at each other.

They carry on into a huge, room, the ceiling miles up and the room enough to fit 50 battle tanks easily. But that wasn’t the problem. In the middle of the room stood a raised dais, infused with chaotic energies and glowing with unholy light. Upon the dais was Severus, a flickering knife in his hands and his bodily form constantly wavering, as if it was about to change into something else.
“So, the mighty Tanfew we meet at last. Welcome to the end of your life? He called out, his voice honeyed with the sounds of chaos and daemonic influence. “It was nice of you to visit me here. I was rather expecting you wouldn’t come.?
“Who are you, abomination?? Tanfew cries, mentally steeling himself against the corruption that permeated from this room.
“Ah, my good man, don’t you recognise me? You must be losing your touch. We’ve been in this position before, haven’t we, back on Coronis?
Tanfews blood went cold at the mention of that planet. This was a trap, all of it, just to get back at him.
“Tell me, how did you set all this up then, Filth?? Tanfew replies after a second, numb with shock and desperately thinking of a way out of this predicament.
“Ah, so you do recognise me. I was beginning to think you didn’t know who this was. Don’t try and stall by the way, as it won’t work.?
Tanfew heard a screech of metal on metal, and turned back just in time to see the doors to the chamber slam shut.
“We are alone now, aren’t we Inquisitor? Oh yes one small detail. You.? With a quick thrust, he threw the knife at Lent, catching him in the shoulder and pinning him to the wall as blood began to ooze from the wound.
“Where was I, ah yes? here remarks snidely, and with a flick of his wrist the dagger returns to his hand, where he drives it into his chest.
“For chaos!? he shouts, the daemonically altered voice reverberating off the walls and he begins to laugh maniacally.

Severus’ form begins to alter, and with paralysing swiftness mutates and reforms, growing larger and more pronounced, with his shoulders sprouting wings and his body transforming into a hide of chitinous scales. A daemonic axe appears in his right hand, and all light is extinguished as he draws the darkness towards him. His head mutates into a massive bull shape, and dark fur sprouts from his body. With an inhuman bellow that shakes the Hive, the possession completes. Severus is no more, and in his place is the embodiment of destruction, a Bloodthirster of Khorne.

Tanfew is almost struck down by the evil emanating from the creature. He slowly unslings his hammer grasping it two handed, and commends his soul to the Emperor. The beast slams down with his axe, sheathing the floor and barely missing Tanfew as he dives to the side. A massive hoof follows him, and Tanfew barely recovers in time to dodge it again. This time, he swings his hammer and catches the hoof, the Blessed Hammer striking the beast with an almighty crack, crackling energy knocking the limb away. The Bloodthirster roars in rage, and flaps his gigantic wings, throwing up a gale in the room, knocking Tanfew against the wall and winding him.
Slowly, Tanfew gets back up, the beast booming with daemonic laughter. It swipes at Tanfew with apparent scorn, causing him to duck against the blow. He charges at the beast, and just before he gets there a blinding kick from it sends him sprawling to the ground. He feels a hoof pressing against his spine, slowly crushing him against the floor. Out of nowhere, a figure in Tanfews vision appears, slashing left and right at the beasts’ leg. His eyes slowly focus on it and he’s startled to see it is Lent. The beast shifts his weight, focusing on this new pest, and Tanfew is able to roll out from beneath it

He stood up, shoulder to shoulder with him, and both did a nod of acknowledgement. They struck as one, diving at the beast and forcing him to throw everything it had at them.
“For the Emperor!? Tanfew bellowed, and he watched the form of the daemon grew weaker, the faith shown by both the men an anathema to its chaotic influence. Its movements became more sluggish, like it was underwater, and the light began to return to the room. Its iron will fought back as they drove it, though, and a battle of will ensued. Tanfew dodged a movement by it and then struck the fist that it swung at him with, crushing it with the hammers power. It staggered back, its anger overflowing at these two upstarts beating him, and all of a sudden it burst forth with renewed efficiency. It struck blow after blow at them, and they began to fall back again. It kicked Lent to the side, and then turned back to Tanfew, who blocked the blow from his axe with his Hammer. Sparks flew, and both were locked in a defensive move, struggling against each other. Tanfew began to slowly lose, as the gargantuan beast pushed down on him mercilessly.

Then the doors to the chambers burst open in a blast of plasma, and Jovec stood there in a cocky stance wielding his plasma pistol. He released a quick burst of energy, then the pistol depleted, so we drew his Anointed sword and charged at the beast. It struck out at him with his remaining hand, and Jovec dodged, bringing his sword to bear and slicing down on its wrist. The beasts hand fell to the ground, oozing chaotic ichor and it howled in derisive pain when this happened. Tanfew unlocked his weapon with the beast and struck at it, knocking the massive axe from its grasp. It backhanded Tanfew, who went to ground from the blow. Lent seized this moment and grasped its unnatural mane, pulling himself up and holding on for dear life. One handed, he began to drive his lightning claw again and again into its bull head, the beast screaming and tossing trying to throw him off. Tanfew got back up and in one smooth motion threw his hammer at the beast, crashing into its skull. A halo of light played around its head as the Hammer struck, then a terrific blast of energy sent the beast reeling backwards. Lent dived off, landed badly and twisted his ankle, hobbling away form the beast. Tanfew retrieved his hammer, as the beast fell to its knees, wounded beyond measure.
“This isn’t the last I’ll see of you, Tanfew? he whispered insidiously, to which Tanfew replied, “So be it.? And crashed his hammer into the Bloodthirster, crushing its skull and killing the foul beast.

They all stood there for a minute, all wounded and worn out by their brush with death. It was Lent who spoke up first. “Well, what happens now?? he asked the two inquisitors, as this was their job in destroying daemonic influence.
“To the scale of this planet, I am not sure.? Tanfew replied after a moment. “But this hive will be destroyed, at the very least to stop any chaotic influence spreading to the neighbouring hives. Because of the cults obvious powers, which we have all seen today, I believe this planet will be declared Exterminatus and destroyed by the Inquisition when I make my report to the Adjacent system. This raises a complex problem. As I need more guardsmen for my private militia and your men are the only ones to escape this corruption I believe that it would be in your best interests if you were to come with me when I travel back to Nemesis II.?

The Commander, knowing full well the power unleashed by the Inquisition when it comes to daemonic breaches, including the destruction of civilians and even entire planets, hurriedly agreed to Tanfews proposal. “I have 200 loyal guardsmen and a tank division standing at you command, Sir!? Lent says, addressing Tanfew.
Good man. How about you, Jovec?? Tanfew says addressing his fellow Inquisitor. “Will you come with us??
“Well,? He says, deliberating for a moment, “I guess you would need someone to save your life every now and then.?
“Pah, if you think,? Tanfew retorts, “It was the Emperors grace that saved me this day, not you.?
With that brief sense of fulfilment, they exited the chambers where the beast lay.
Tanfews job was done, but at what cost?

When they got to the elevator that will take them back to the shuttle, Jovec turned back around.
“I will meet up with you in a second,? he said to the others, then turning round he ran back into the room where all of the guardsmen lay dead. There, just outside the door to the Daemons room was an item that had been calling to him since he had first laid eyes on it.
With deliberating slowness, he bent down to pick it up, and then slowly replaced it in its scabbard.

It was the corrupting Daemonic sword that was wielded by Gustav…