Background Story to understand the meaning of the image - The fighter, or in a story I have going through my head, an assassin that possesses special traits that fits his/her style of fighting. The guy in the image is from BloodLust Clan, which is made up of Berserkers. He is one of the strongest ones in the clan where he can go in a berserk fury and yet still look calm. The weapon he weilds is called "Carnage Blade." It is a sword from a category called "Cleave Blades." The swords in this category pretty much are used to cleave through humans in one slash, flesh and all. One of his abilities is called "Chains of Carnage." Where the 6 hooked chains attach to each side of the hilt become animated and in when he slashes the main blade the hooks all hack and slash in the attack zone of where he swings the blade. Hence the name since not only you get hit by the main blade, but your flesh is ripped and torn off from the hooks. In the picture pretty much is the assassin getting ready to use the Chains of Carnage.

Hope you all enjoy I am currently doing anotehr guy from the same clan but armed with a weapon from the Cleave Blade family called "The Gourger."