It was dark in launch bay three of the Crimson Fist battle barge Nihilus. Captain Vidarian and his Terminators were preparing for their drop; they were in a circle praying for victory when a voice rang out over the loudspeaker: “All units enter your designate pods and prepare for launch.�
Vidarian finished his prayer and told his squad to enter the pod, they promptly followed his order. Once in the pod and properly secured, the hatch shut and all went black. It was very cramped and dark within the armored shell. Though muffled by the thick plasteel plating, Vidarian could still hear the voice: “All pods commence drop in five, four, three, two, one, launch.�
Immediately feeling a surge, the pod was released from its holder; hurtling towards the war-torn city at an incredible speed. Though the pod was only in the air for about ten or twelve seconds, to Vidarian it seemed like hours, even though he had done the same countless times before. He yelled into the com-link: “Get ready brothers! Today we burn the xeno scum, tomorrow we feast!� Although not receiving a verbal response, Vidarian knew his battle brothers heard him.
The impact was rough, loud, and destructive. When the pods doors swung open, Vidarian saw they were inside a building, looking up, there was a huge hole punched through the ceilings. Forming up with his squad, Vidarian checked his auspex, there was a large group of Eldar troops just outside their building, though they were already engaged with Sergeant Morius’s Squad. Running at the wall separating Vidarian and his squad from their foes, and smashing it with his shoulder, he and his brothers burst forth directly into the Eldar unit, taking them completely by surprise. Swinging his power sword, he beheaded one Eldar soldier wearing red armor and a white helmet; he leveled his storm bolter with another, fired and unsurprisingly blew his target to shreds in a hail of shells. His hand was knocked down by a blow from yet another fighter with a knife, bringing his blade around he disembodied his assailant at the hip.
Seeing a more regal looking Eldar leap over brother Farron towards him, Vidarian raised his sword to parry and successfully did so. Immediately after though, the Eldar struck again, his sword cutting a deep gouge into Vidarian’s chest. Surprised by the speed of his opponent, Vidarian stepped back, raised his storm bolter and let fly, a few of the shells rung of his opponents elegant armor, but one shot found its way onto his helmet, blowing him back and leaving a smoldering hole in his head.
What was left of the Eldar troops began to run. Vidarian looked at his brothers and uttered one word into the com-link: “fire.� All four of the Terminators raised their storm bolters and opened fire on the fleeing troops, tearing down what was left of them in a hail of explosions.
Checking his auspex again, he noticed small signals on the next street, he decided to investigate. Turning the corner, he saw nothing, looking about carefully, he heard a rock fall off a balcony above him, looking up he ordered his brothers to back up and keep on their guard, he told brother Janus to ready his assault cannon. Suddenly a group of Eldar leapt from the building Vidarian had suspected. Letting fly, Janus ripped some of the Eldar out of the air, the rest of the squad opened fire with their storm bolters, shredding the squad to bloody corpses. The leader had survived, although barely, Vidarian ordered his squad to keep moving, as he was walking he stepped on the leaders helmet, cracking it open beneath his massive weight, a crunch sounded as the Eldar’s head was crushed.
A call came over the com-link as the last of the Eldar vessels fled, and proceeded to be destroyed by the space marine orbital defenses in the space battle above. Thunderhawk gunships began to land in open areas and the Marines took their leave.