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Thread: Beer Run

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    Beer Run

    Now as you can guess from this title this story is not meant to be taken too seriously. Its based on recent fun battle I participated in but modified so it fits will into a story format. Enjoy:w00t: !

    Hrothgar was tense. He didn't like this mission but the stakes where high. An inquisitor lord had been captured by whatever foul xenos inhabited this Emperor forsaken space hulk but Hrothgar had not seen any sign of them. He also new Black Templars and Ultramarines were after the Lord for their own reasons. Hrothgar also felt that other forces where moving to take the Lord as well. Under normal circumstances Hrothgar would of laughed at the Inquisitor that had told him of his Lord being captured. However, the Inquisition was paying a high bounty to ANYONE who would return him and Hrothgar's expedition of Space Wolves was low on ale and funds so he had decided to take the Inquisitor up on the offer. Unfortunately the coward had said he had to stay behind and would not be helping. So Hrothgar and his two packs of Grey Hunters as well as his fellow Wolf Guard Olaf would have to get the Lord back.

    They entered the hulk the lights flickered on. The dilapidated walls all seemed in good condition but one never knew. He stalked foreward with his pack following closely. Olaf and his pack took up positions to guard the doorways. Then they all heard the scrabbling sound. Even a normal marines hearing would have been very hard pressed to hear this tiny sound but the Wolves knew it instantly. "Stealers," cursed one of Hrothgar's men. Hrothgar gave him a murderous glance and the Hunter smiled apologetically. "No need to give away our position," thought Hrothgar. His squad pressed onward through a corridor. Then suddenly Olaf's men opend fire.

    Olaf fired his bolt pistol as quickly as he could. The Genestealers were coming fast. The first wave had been repulsed by concentrated bolter fire and a good blast from Helfene's flamer. But the rest of the stealers came on undaunted. They closed with lightning speed claws waving in terrible arcs ripping at the Wolves armor. Helfene fell first, slashed but still fighting from the floor. One Hunter was ripped apart as two stealers teamed up on him. Another hunter had his chest plate ripped off and a good part of his chest as well but he fought on for now. Olaf then lead his men, striking out with his mighty power fist, crushing two of the foul beasts himself. The Hunters followed, whipping out their chainswords and firing bolters point blank splattering alien blood all over the room. Gore was poring down, the footing treacherous but in the end the last of the stealers fell. Graf, also wielding a power fist, finished off the last one smashing it into a bloody pulp in his fury. All told, two grey hunters had died the one ripped apart and the one with his chest opened. Unfortunately Helfene and 2 others would have to go back to the ship and one Hunter would be needed to escort them. Olaf knew it could of gone worse but still this was not looking good.

    Hrothgar wondered what had happened. The vox was completely useless in here and he didn’t want to use it anyway. He did trust Olaf though so he continued on. As his pack moved on they again heard quiet noises. These on the other hand, sounded like the tread of marines. Hrothgar wondered if they were the Templars or the Ultramarines or maybe even another chapter. He quickly considered his options. The Templars were uncompromising, whatever they wanted they would get there way and Hrothgar didn’t want to kill them all to prove he was right. On the other hand the Ultramarines he might be able to deal with. He did want to make sure he had the upper hand in any “negotiations? he made. He told four of his men to hide in some doorways. He then positioned two others to seal off any escape routes. He and five of his men then strode out towards the marines.

    He saw the muzzles of five bolters and a plasma gun pointed at him immediately. Hrothgar raised his hands and said “Greetings Brothers, the Space Wolves welcome you to this little corner of the warp, misery does love company.? Hrothgar was pleased to see them lower the weapons slightly. Hrothgar now noted that they were Ultramarines and he thanked Russ for that bit of luck. Things might turn out better then he thought.

    One marine stepped foreward and asked suspiciously, “Who calls us brother, and why should we spare you?? Hrothgar replied, “Hrothgar of the Space Wolves, Iron Wolf Company, greets you, and you should spare me because you are the ones who need sparing!? His first four hidden Wolves jumped out behind him bolters held loosely in their hands. Hrothgar continued, “Now lets not fight there appears to be foul xenos, surely we don’t need to waste our time on each other?? The Marine spoke again, “No, we don’t need to fight but what brings you here “brother???

    “We come to rescue an inquisitor from his fate at the hands of the xenos, hy else would we come to this wretched wreck??

    “A fair point, but we are charged with the retrieval of the inquisitor and can not let any other take him.?

    Hrothgar thought quickly, he wouldn’t be able to strike any deals then but he might be able to get some information out of this and still gain an advantage. “Well then how about a truce of sorts? If we should booth find the inquisitor I’ll let you take him since it is your mission to do so. I’ll also tell you that we’ve found some genestealers here, this will probably not surprise you but now you know for certain.?

    The marine relied, “I’m sure my Captain will agree to your terms, and in return for your information we give you some as well, Chaos Space Marines, followers of Khorne, have come here as well so be on your guard.?

    “Good hunting to you then.?
    “The Emperor Protects.?

    Hrothgar sighed inwardly. That was about the best he could of hoped for and at least he hadn’t needed to risk his men. He quickly lead them back to a previous corridor that had looked promising when he heard the sound again, THE EMPEROR DAMN STEALERS!

    They were attacking almost before his men could react. They overran the two men in front, fighting but soon dead if the crushing weight of the stealers would kill them as surely as blows. Hrothgar let out a roar and surged foreward. He smashed one genestealers but was forced back as two more took its place. His men desperately fought back, bolters firing on full auto, chain swords leaving arcs of purple blood spraying and gore strewn on the floor. The stealers ripped at the wolves, cutting through armor like it was paper, deep wounds pouring blood. Hrothgar felt the cuts as well one persistent stealer even cutting to his bolt pistols muzzle off. But then through the fighting he saw something, a body, laid on the floor past the stealers. It was richly dressed, it had to be the inquisitor. Just as he got a good look at it he saw more stealers swarming towards it; coming to drag it away deeper into the hulk. He exhorted the rest of his men to fight on harder. One Hunter plunged his chain sword straight through a stealer, he then lifted it up and threw the still attacking thing threw the air at the group running up. Hrothgar remembered that for later. Another Hunter took his power fist and smashed a stealer straight up, splattering all over the ceiling, blood trickling down over the melee. Hrothgar strode foreward leading his men smashing aside two stealers as he went, the few remaining being ripped apart by his men. Hrothgar had no time to count the wounded or dead the stealers even now were pulling the body.

    Then suddenly bolter fire ripped into the mass, a killing volley of excellent skill. The Ultramarines had entered the fight. Hrothgar’s men opened up as well and between the two formations the genestealers melted into bloody puddles in seconds. The victory was short lived. Hrothgar heard a chilling roar, “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!? Even as he heard that terrible battle cry he saw Ultramarines flung into the room smashing into bulkheads, some not getting up. Hrothgar then saw the Chaos Champion walk into the room screaming “HE IS MINE!?

    Back near the entrance the Wolves had used Olaf heard the distant firefight going on but new he had to stay and guard the escape route. Over sounds of battle he heard another sound, the sound of many boots hitting the floor. Just as suddenly the Black Templar burst into the room, eyes darting around then seeing the Space Wolves, a Chaplain strode foreward.

    “Move out of our way! We must kill the Heretic before he spews more blasphemy.?

    Olaf did not like his tone. It is also common knowledge that telling a Space Wolf to do something is the best way for him to do the opposite so Olaf ordered his men to stand their ground.

    “Treachery!? Yelled the Chaplain, “Face the fury of the Emperor!?
    The Black Templar charged following their Chaplain. Olaf strode foreward to meet his opponent and saw the strike coming. He quickly dodged to his left and smashed his powerfist straight into the Chaplain’s chest. Even the mighty Rosarius couldn’t stop the awesome power of the strike and the Chaplain was flung straight back into the ranks of the Templar. Shocked they caught him and retreated back into another room. One of the grey hunters with a plasma pistol then blasted the ceiling above the corridor leading to the room the Templar had retreated to. It collapsed and now the templar threat had been neutralized by luck and Space Wolf stubbornness.
    Hrothgar was actually intimidated by this monstrosity in front of him. The Champion seemed to have been fighting the Ultramarines and had sustained wounds that would have stopped even a normal marine. However, he strode foreward screaming for blood and combat finishing off the last of the Ultramarines he had first engaged. Hrothgar didn’t like the look of this. He liked it even less when the two berserkers came in behind their lord.

    Hrothgar yelled “FOR LEMAN RUSS, KILL THE TRAITORS!?

    His men opened up with a fierce barrage. Both of the Berzerkers were knocked down but weren’t out yet. The Champion charged foreward, slicing a hunter cleanly in two, then cut another’s arm off. Hrothgar met him his mighty power fist raised in challenge smashing it towards the hated scum. But he was a chaos champion and he nimbly dodged Hrothgar’s strike, hitting back and wounding his shoulder. Unfortunately the champion dodged right into the strike of another power fist wielding hunter. The blow struck the stomach of the fiend blasting it out and making him into two parts. The Champion would not die so easily though and in one last spiteful attack cut the head off of the hunter who struck him. This happening in an instant, the bodies fell to the floor. Hrothgar in a rage smashed chest of the Champion before he could strike again utterly annihilating the abomination. By now the two bezerkers had gotten to their feet and all of the pack cried in rage sweeping them away with their fury before the bezerkers could properly react. Even so one gray hunter took a grievous wound, not mortal, but he too was out of the fight.

    Slowly Hrothgar went over and picked up the body of the Inquisitor. Even as he did so from down the corridor he saw a sickening sight. The bezerkers where fighting against machines, the Necron they had to be. He ordered his men back as fast as they could. His men had suffered enough already. Let the two kill each other. Hopefully he could make it out with his prize.

    He ordered “Back to the ship, get the wounded, carry back our slain, and leave the rest for the inhabitants we need to leave now before we’re all killed in this accursed hell.?

    As they made their way back Hrothgar met Olaf’s pickets. They lead them back to Olaf and the rest.

    Olaf greeted him with “Looks like you faced even worse than we did.?

    “Aye,? replied Hrothgar,? this was a very costly beer run, this Inquisitor better be good for something because money can not pay for the blood we’ve lost today and the brothers who will not be their to share.?

    So they departed battered and beaten but successful. Unfortunately this would not be the last time they returned to the hulk.

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    Very good. Had me wandring what was going to leap out of the shadows next.

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    Ahh you left the best part out IMO. Wolf you know you should of had the part where the inquisitor was being draged away by a stealer then BAM headshot and the stealer goes down (bitter sweet moment as the stealer was mine though I wasn't playing still lucky Space Wolf shot thats what it was).

    Either way very nice story though you did change a few things I think most for the best (still wish you had the stealer part but oh well ya win ya lose some).
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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