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    EvE story(Bio of a character)

    Hey you guys. I'am just posting this from my Bio of my EvE character.
    I want you to tell me your Honest opinions if you want refrence's to some items in the bio i will post and/or explain them
    happy reading.

    Found floating in space by a Gallente exporation fleet. her pod was surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of drones. the fleet had to use EMP rounds to penetrate the layers of drones attached her pod. once recovered they found it was cracked and breachs. as the Scientists opened it they saw the Figure of a Slender woman of gallente origin surrounded by a inner container of aqua fluid. Small lights started to flicker then light up, small drones slowly took to flight. the Drones linked tubes to the outshell of the pod and the aqua fluid started to drain away.

    With the liquid fully drained the figure fell the the ground. Hours later a Massive fleet of drones came from all directions and while the Exploration fleet was in combat the ship which was carrying the Women made a quick escape leaving their fleet in ruins.
    Awoken on the Secret Gallente Scientific base, she was probed with question about her origin and name, all answered with silence. once put through Scans, it was found that her mind was heavily augmented by psyonic modules, and her eyes were a bionic enhancement which only see's Metalic objects and metalic molecules. when put through combat sims her control of Drones were second to none.

    it was on in the thrid year of testing and research. Her name was still elusive and her disapearance was never counted. On the Eve of the third month she said her first word "H..huallo"infront of the Head scientist he was suprised by her first words. he thought about her then named the girl "Sen'zir", after his young Daughter killed in the Caldari-Gallente war.

    At present time she Mines and destroys anyone that threatens her and responds like a angry hive of bee's and destroys her enemy with swarms of drones. for the rest of her time she sits on the edge of systems meditating using the ambiant sounds of drone engines.
    it has been mused by others that have found her meditating that she may be Trying to connect with another entity on the other side of the galaxy.

    EDIT: sorry i didnt notice how messy it was im just patching it up
    oh btw give me a PM or post what you think about it

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