Well my first attemt at writing a story. It is about my Grey Knight Grand Master and a assault he leads against the hated foe. Chaos!!!


Mandred was inside the Divine Spear, a Grey Knight Strike Cruiser. He was standing in the middle of his sqaud of Terminators on the teleportation deck. Brother Captain Constantine was standing next to him and around them were the remaining 6 members of his sqaud.
These where the finest warriors that the Emperor commanded. Vetrans of a thousand battles, these warriors had witnessed things that would blast the minds of lesser beings.
Demigods in their own right, they had solo binded with the emperor and survived.
They wore ornate suits of terminator armour. Blessed with holy oils and ungents of warding they were all but unstopable on the feild of battle.

Suddenly the light flashed green and with a ear spliting scream the terminators were teleported through the warp.

Mandred could feel the deamons of the immaterium trying to claw inside his head. Each one he pushed out with his indominatble will power. Suddenly it was over. He saw instantly that they had teleported to the wrong location. Now kilometers behind enemy lines he would have to fight his way back and complete his mission.

"Brother Mandred, chaos activity has been sighted by the Divine Spear, it is not a hundred meters from here" said Constantine.
"Thank you brother, brothers be wary and watch out for traps" was his replie.

Advancing a one hundred meters down the street they came upon 10 cultists. The cultists had barly relized what they were facing before their heads and chests exploded in showers of gore as storm bolter round ripped them appart.

"Be vigalent brothers"

Advancing further they came into a large courtyard were soldiers of the Imperial Gaurd were strung up like macarbe decorations. Blood was splatered everywhere and the heads of the gaurdsmen were pilled high in a 8 pointed star.

Suddenly Mandred noticed movement both infront and behind. Through the windows of the building he saw more cultists gathering in them.

Briskly he shouted out his orders, "Form a defensive circle, may the emperor guide our hands, show them no mercy!".

Then the cultists began to charge. Storm Bolters opened up sending hundred of shells into the tightly packed cultists. Explosions of gore, bone, blood and brain matter flew. Still the cultists came on.

Then they where upon the terminatores. Mandred had already unslung his Deamon Hammer and was using it in concert with his Nemisis Force Weapon and began to cut down swathesof cultists. One cultist steped forewards to challenge him, obviously a leader, he was sent flying back into his ranks when the hammer hit him with the force of a tunder bolt. Nemisis weapons cut glittering arks of death through the cultist as though they were not there. Bolt Shells impacted into exposed flesh or ripped through armour.

Mandred could feel the plain number of cultists was letting a few blows slip through his defence but these where turned aside by his armour,

Suddely the will power of the cultists broke and they began to flee from the knights, they were cut down.

Mandred survayed his sqaud and saw that a few were bleeding but otherwise they were fine.
"Brother Mandred, are you alright?" questioned Constantine.
"Yes Brother, I am" he replied.
All around were the bodies of dead cultist. In many places there were layers of bodies. Arms, heads and limbs were laying all around.


That is all for now, will our Grand Master succede in his mission or shall the forces of chaos triumph over the emperor.:w00t:

So what did you think?