Exert from the Chronicles of the rise of the Gorgustine family: Chapter 34-Verse 53-Segment 2

The horses hoof beats rang in tune with the heartbeats of every rider. Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, quicker and quicker. The rate quickens. The riders drove forth, charging towards battle, charging towards death. Beads of sweat drizzled down the faces of every soldier. Sweat of fear, not heat. The enemy was close now, but the charge halted. Above on the hill stood their commander, his face unshielded by the usual helmet that enclosed it. He looked across the field, towards the enemy. He could feel the anticipation hanging in the air. He looked to his friend, Sir Huegustine, his paladin. He reached his weary hand towards his belt, and drew forth his sword. Again he looked up, trying to capture those peaceful moments before engagement. He glanced at his Banner. “Courage is not given, it is Earned,” it read. What a true statement that was. Many here would die today, but they would die with honor. Those who lived, they will tell generations from now how they fought for the esteemed Commander Gorgustine. He weary fingers closed tightly around his battle worn sword. He looked into the enemy, then glanced to his second in command. E signaled the charge to commence. The hoof beats and pounding of feet resumed and the charge moved forth. An epic battle would occur here today, and the ancient hoof beats of those brave warriors would live on forever.