I am posting this here because it is too long to be in the fluff forum according to the rules there, also because it is more the story of their inception than it is a little fluff about them. Please enjoy as best as my writing style will allow you to :)

Scarolis, a small agri-world on the edge of the Maelstrom, overlooked by the Imperium as they fought xenos all around it, lies directly in the path of remnants from Hive Fleet Kraken. A single Leviathan holds its orbit over the southern pole, its ghastly cargo, descending to the polar surface. Days pass on the planet as gargoyles hunt the indigenous life, and ripper swarms rip apart what little plant growth takes place here.

The first phases of the hive invasion go unnoticed, the imperial population rarely visiting the poles, content to live in the warmer climates where the crops grow quickly. Imperial tithe ships are expected in weeks, coming to claim the food surplus needed so desperately on the nearby planets stricken with the Tyranid wars. There are signs that something is not right, if you pay attention closely enough.

Birds' migration patterns seem slightly different, as if they were refusing to venture further south as summer set in and the second growing season was near commencing. Children sighted monsters in the woods outside of town, weird blue creatures that looked like the iguanas in the pet store, but were as big as they were. These bedtime scares were quickly dismissed with a kiss to the forehead and a muttering of "The Emperor protects. Sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite."

Larger herd animals went missing after several weeks, reports came in that some of the smaller southern most villages were no longer in regular contact. Investigations were started, only to be complicated as the investigators went missing. Finally Colonel Xavius Realten, of the Scarolis 6th Company, stepped in to look into these strange happenings.

"Corporal Saccin, we need those distress beacons in orbit before nightfall. There are hoppers travelling by all the time but nobody will know what is going on down here unless you get those damn things up where they can be intercepted." Xavius paced the small command room, frantically trying to come up with some idea to fight these xenos. Soldiers and civilians both were beginning to fall to the sickness in the air. Between the spore chimneys releasing their planet choking contaminants, and the warming effect of other alien bio-devices, the planet couldn't hold out much longer.

"Sir, we are trying to get them to the launch vessel right now. The entire spaceport is crawling with civvies wanting to get off planet, they are blocking our Chimeras. Lieutenant Reolan, what is your location and ETA to the launch site?" Saccin dropped the mic onto the table, waiting for the response as Xavius' breath bristled the hairs on the back of his neck.

"We'd be there already if the old man would get some guts and give me the order to deliver with lethal force. Man Richie, I think we're about 6 minutes out." Saccin reached for the mic, getting gouged in the back of his hand by the Colonel's augmented fingers.

"You got 3 minutes Lieutenant, after that I will order the basilisks to fire on your position myself. We need those damned things airborne. Colonel Xavius out!" Xavius turned to the Corporal, his mechanical fingers squeaking as he clenched and unclenched a fist. "I want his badge and tags the second he gets back. My son would have made twice the soldier he is."

Static rang out loudly over the vox for a moment, whispered words from nowhere in particular, "We can help." Xavius and Saccin stared at each other, Saccin quickly reaching for the mic. So it went for the next 3 weeks, missions tried and failed, refugees forced into East Valtin. No signs of help presented themselves, apart from the occasional whispers in the static.

Sickness spread quickly in the refugee camps. The people began to give up their hope, small cults of emperor naysayers quickly expanded to large flocks of thousands. The largest cult, known as the Whisperers of Hope, openly proved itself able to heal the sick, stop hunger in the starving masses that worshipped in their converted warehouse, and most importantly, they were able to pronounce their message of safety through deliverance.

Strange things began to appear near this warehouse. Panic set in as people thought the nids had burrowed into the city, but the true believers saw their prayers answered as the first Whispering Warriors appeared. They were civilians and soldiers thought to have died of the sickness. Their flesh was blueish in hue, nearly transparent, yet felt scaly and hard. Their bodies had changed, they seemed stronger and proud, their legs had extended and re jointed, making them look more like the nids they were going to defeat, but oddest of all, each warrior had grown a tail.

Mutation had begun running rampant in the PDF and civilian forces, by the time a response had been acknowledged nearly half the planet that still survived was either a Whispering Warrior, or a faithful hoping for their chance. But they were surviving, even more, they were winning. Still, the voice of Raphael Earst Brenot, Captain of the 4th Company of the Ork hunting Swamp Sloggers, was welcomed with celebration.

"4th and 5th Company are headed down Colonel, we should be inside the city gates before nightfall. The WAAAAAGH Interceptor will be here within a week, but I brought enough marines to hold the place until the support batteries arrive." Raphael let the channel drop, waiting impatiently in the pod as the marines readied for atmosphere.

The marines landed shortly thereafter, reaching the city from the north end in only a couple hours. The gates opened reluctantly, and they were greeted by the Colonel. Raphael didn't know what to do. Mutation ran unchecked in almost everybody but the colonel, and he was starting to show signs himself. The marines of 4th Company gathered around their Captain, awaiting orders with guns drawn and fingers sliding onto well worn triggers.

"Captain, I can assure you, your bolters need not be trained at us. These warriors are a God sent gift, sent down to make us strong enough to battle the tyranids, and with your help, liberate our planet." Raphael knew the taint of Chaos when he saw it, and saw no reason to stay, although he didn't share this with the Colonel. Instead he gritted his teeth and ordered his men to stay outside the city, but to make preparations for the nid invasion. They would set defences around the city, only falling back when the invaders broke through.

This seemed to appease the Colonel, who closed the gate at the Captains order, and worked on the barricades he was expected to erect. Marines were quietly ordered to return to the drop pods, where they would meet up with the WAAAAAGH Interceptor and the planet would be cleansed from orbit.

The scene of the landing site told them all they needed to know of their allies. 55 drop pods had landed within the single square mile decided on as the landing zone. 55 drop pods were ripped open, their controls strewn about the site, key components missing from engines and integral systems. 4th and 5th Companies were stranded for a week.

The tech marines went to work immediately, setting the servitors they had brought down with them to work stripping every piece of armor off the drop pods. Within hours of toil between marines and servitors, a defensible fort had grown out of the wreckage of 55 drop pods. Heavy bolters from the defence pods were packed up makeshift ladders into 8 sentry towers, the floor had been reinforced to keep the nids from burrowing under, and a command HQ was made from a nearly complete pod.

Raphael hunkered down, preparing for the nid attack as the sky began to change an odd purple color, 3 long days and the sun barely shown through the deep purple cloud cover, but the lightning kept the landscape well lit.

"What do you mean there is no planet there? I sent 2 Companies to Scarolis from these exact coordinates myself less than a week ago. Check that navigational servitor again, that planet must be here."

"Sir we have tested him 4 times, I assure you we're where we are supposed to be, the planet must have left." Chapter Master Daenisis Margran shook his head and stared at the holo-projector, how could an entire planet just disappear.