Ah some of you thought I wouldn't bring this back did you.... DID YOU? No?.... err carry on then

Got a triple treat for you all this post. After sending some of my comics to tsoalr I got comments on the text being of the hard to read kind. So I’ve made a strip featuring 3 different colours to back (or colour) the text with. Its more of an experiment really and I reckon ill just choose a backing colour which best fits the strip (the black over white looked funky in the latest part of the story) so as a double feature celebrating Hammerfun’s return I give you 3 strips ^_^

white with black backing (ze classic style) black with white backing (works better on ze snowy maps i think) and white with blue for something different (bit too eye catching i think)

this one was posted in general dicussion but i think was missed by many.

and ze latest page for you all!

*wanders off to collect his bonus waffles*