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The battle had been raging now for three days and nights on the distant planet of Gregis II. The company of Soul Reavers led by Lord Macharius Ravensdark himself had been forced to bunker down as the implacable iron warriors continued their metallic march. Never ending bombardments and missile strikes had left the War-Caste at under half strength, a mere seventy six marines still operational against well over five hundred renegades and countless heretics.

The remains of the proud War-Caste now took shelter in the myriad trenches and tunnels of the great earthworks that had once marked the frontline in the battle for the planet.

Macharius Ravensdark, paced up and down the wall of the bunker, paying no heed to the constant tracer fire filling the night sky and the huge blossoms of fire that erupted here and about as thousand pound shells struck the earthworks. This was not a fight War-Caste Hades could win and he knew it. They were a tactical detachment, designed to react quickly to different battle scenarios but not for prolonged siege warfare, which there enemy were unopposed masters of.

A shell erupted some twenty foot away from the old Grand Master, sending up a fifty foot wall of shrapnel and mud soaring into the air. The small squad of marines present dropped to the floor, seeking cover, only Ravensdark ignoring the ringing of hot metal on armour as he continued his thoughtful pace. A large chunk of ceramite screeched through the air towards him which he absent mindedly batted it away with his palm.

They were stuck in no-mans land with no hope of support or rescue. His very own flagship, the Shadow of Judgement had had to pull out of orbit when news of an ork assault on a nearby imperial system had reached the librarians.

Suddenly a trace of movement amid the nearby redoubts and corpses caught his bionic eye. Ten marines moved in near silence, the only sign of their presence the glint of their steel coloured armour in the explosions. A scout party sent by the enemy.

Macharius turned to Captain Juntas.

‘Captain, an enemy recon is on its way.’ Captain Juntas, a grizzled veteran by every step of the imagination wiped a mass of mud from his once jet black armour and moved to his commanders side.

‘I see them sir. Ambush?’ a cold glint appeared in the man’s eyes as he said the word. The Reavers were taking every victory they could get in this dire situation.

‘Yes, captain. Take two three man teams. Position yourself at the bunker complex to the east . Spare one. Any information we can attain may be useful,’ said Ravensdark, his cold voice ringing out above another torrent of fire. He had absolute faith in his men, they would do their job. Juntas selected several marines and led them out into the night, all crouched low and moving quickly.