This was a poem I worked on some time ago during a period of depression and heartache, to me its a very emotional and evocative piece. I hope others can appreciate my work just as much as I do. Its written in freeverse so there isn't really a lot of rhyming, but alas, not everyone can be quite as good as Shakespeare, anyway, here's the poem, I hope you enjoy!

Lonliness, like nothing I've ever felt,
My heart is ice in flame, ready to melt,
I've been alone for ever so long,
Why should I suffer this way evermore?

Is there salvation for my soul?
Will there be someone for me to hold?
These questions in my head, do circle round,
Whilst my love life crashes, into the ground.

I sit and write to assure myself,
That so much worry is bad for my health,
And as life rushes on past,
I wonder if love will ever last?

Will I be alone for all my life?
Or will I find a love to make my wife?
Has my love already reached its peak?
Shall I find that love which I seek?

These are the answers I do not know,
But with ever love failure, slowly I grow,
Standing tall I raise my chin and tower,
For as I go on I learn that knowledge is power.