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    Imperial Guard Fic

    Hey guys, im new at this whole displayin of work business. just a little project i got goin at the min, this is just the first chapter. gic it a quick read and a comment please. cheers p.s please don't laugh

    The 65th

    As the ramp of the shuttle came down the rush of battle adrenaline began to pulse in the veins of the 65th Mundasian Rifles. It has been three months since they left their home planet of Mundus for the service of the god like emperor on a distant planet against the mysterious race of the Tau.

    Seven months earlier……

    Across over ten thousand homes on the planet of Mundus the sons of many families are awakening today to find that they have a call up from the Imperial Guard regiment of Mundus. This is an honour that most will not regard with such high praise however to refuse this bout of service will result in summary execution. One particular family has been in the service of the Emperor of man for generations, it is now that once again their family has been called into service.

    Mundus is a beautiful planet which is situated in the outer regions of imperial space. It is three weeks light travel away from lucky space. It is a planet that is surrounded in mystery as no-one knows how the planet has managed to sustain life as it is the close to its local star, which is about to start the final section of its life cycle. Mundus is a planet that is full of rolling hills and is very much like planet of Gudrun where the cities are concerned. It has many lakes and bridges and mainly consists of the farming trade.

    The clock struck 7.30am when Clyde Murdicius snapped open his eyes. He was preparing for another day of work when he heard his mothers shrill cries, to him they sounded like the cries of the girl who drowned when he was just a small boy. The sound sends a shiver down his spine as he rushes downstairs.

    Clyde is a young man of 21 years standard; he is 5’11’ and is of medium build. He is the oldest of three brothers. He has light brown hair and grey eyes. He is the latest of a long line of men to serve in the service the Imperial Guard. As he rushed down the stairs in order to get to his mothers aid little did he know the future that had been set up for him. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he broke through the door to see his father standing before him.

    ‘Good morning boy, you have a letter with which is sealed with the Imperial mark of Mundus’.

    The tone with which his father spoke sounded proud and as if it had the strength and courage of a thousand men.
    Clyde took the letter in his hands. He turned it over and over and spied the Imperial crest.

    ‘Well what are you waiting for, open it and read the good news.’

    It was at this point that the seal was broke and Clyde’s future was set. Although unforeseen was his mother’s reaction. The two men had been so pre-occupied with the letter that they had not taken note of Lady Murdicius who had been sobbing in the corner of the room. She rose silently and rushed over and slapped the letter out of the hands of her son.

    ‘What are you doing woman’ cried Lord Murdicius as he slapped his wife ‘this could be the making of our son!’
    ‘I am not having any son of mine die on a planet in the middle of nowhere!!’ she cried as she fled the room’

    Clyde’s head was spinning as the news began to sink in. The letter was from the local barracks of the Mundasian Rifles. It was a drafting letter that was impossible to refuse. Clyde had heard stories of a group of boys who had refused to join the ranks of the Imperial Guard. They were found dead a week after the letter was sent. They were tied to trees and they all had a single bullet wound to the head. Clyde knew that this was his duty and he was not about to refuse it.

    ‘Father, why did mum act that way?’ Clyde asked his father.

    ‘Clyde I will tell you why but in order to do so I must tell you of your uncle Gregor. Much like you he was the eldest of three sons and he was called into the service of the great Emperor. He went through his basic training with flying colours and got top marks in everything. He was shipped out to the Shabbat worlds where there was a campaign against the malicious forces of chaos’ Lord Murdicius sighed the biggest sign Clyde had ever seen, ‘Your uncle was charged with the well being of a platoon. He followed orders and was gathering medals for courageous acts. But it came to a head when they were charged with taking and holding a city. The platoon was cut down almost instantly by enemy fire. Your uncle and the remnants of his men managed to battle their way to a crossroad about halfway through the city.’ Lord Murdicius paused ‘…. There were only fourteen members of the platoon who managed to escape what happened. They say that your uncle led them well but as the platoon topped the hill they were met with overwhelming odds of enemy soldiers. They cut down the platoon. The cries of the men could be heard beyond the edges of the city itself. They captured your uncle and they could hear his screams as they escaped. The enemy tortured him and left him to die strung up to a Chaos star.’ Lord Murdicius spat on the floor at the mention of the accursed icon.
    ‘That son is why your mother reacted the way she did. But just remember that when you are on the battlefield that we are proud of you.’

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