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    255 (x6)

    1000 point "Super-Herd"

    Bray Shaman - 126
    level 2, Braystaff, Chaos Armor

    Bray Shaman - 135
    level 2, Staff of Darkoth

    Beast Herd (60 total) - 365
    30 Gors, 30 Ungors, Full Command

    Tuskgor Chariot - 85

    Warhounds (5) - 30

    Warhounds (5) - 30

    Chaos Ogres (4) - 226
    Great Weapons, Heavy Armor, Full Command

    Total - 997

    First list for beastmen. I used the "super herd" idea from the thread with the same name. The beast herd takes out the standard infantry 3 units at a time, the ogres hit hard, the chariot and warhounds use their speed to protect flanks and flank enemy troops. I am not sure about the bray-shamans, I normally like a good magic phase, and they seem decent in combat as well. How do they normally fair? Additional ideas are always welcome.

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    A magically lead beast herd is a good idea, possibly give the one or both shaman a Dispel Scroll, just in case, though 4 dice should be fine.

    Drop the FC from the ogres, its a waste of points for an extra 1 attack, a musician and a banner which costs you 100 Victory points if it is lost. These guys get their combat Res from kills. I would say also that as they are only lightly armoured, look at swapping them for Minotaurs. Slightly more expensive but they have a better WS and Ld.

    Now the large Herd. There has been a good discussion on it in the other thread, play test it a little nd see how it works out for you. woith 60 though, often you will have a LOT of wasted men in rear ranks in combat, and the ungors wont be able to attack from back there. If it doesnt work out for you, split it into 2 units of 30 each, see how that goes, and add a shaman to each unit.

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