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    1000 pt first gen nurgle/undevided list

    as stated in the title this is a first gen list and i was experimenting allot with magic items and tactics. today was the first time i had played the list against scaven, and for 5 turns with lots of ups and downs and we had to call the game because the store we were playing at was closing but we called a draw. i will include the entire army list then a small explanation as to why each character has each item and so on and so forth. some stuff is out of the hoards of chaos book. i will abbreviate but later i will include a "key" of sorts to the abbreviation's.

    to start things off

    1 wargor
    gaze of the gods
    chaos armor
    ex hw
    total 148

    1 bray shaman
    bray staff
    the dark heart
    lvl 2
    total 181

    1bray shaman
    bray staff
    the gore tooth
    lvl 2
    total 141

    next on to core

    2 beast heards
    10 gors
    8 ungors
    total (separate) 139

    2 units of 5 warhounds
    total (separate)

    next special

    3 minotars
    total 192

    army total 1000 on the dot

    mon = mark of nurgle
    gw = great weapon
    la = light armor
    fc = full command
    lvl = level

    to start the explanation of unit choice i will start with core i chose the two beast heards because i have to have them plus they are very good in combat. the war hounds are screening/flanking units.
    the minotaurs are there to hit hard and hit fast.
    the wargor is for some extra combat res and that leadership bubble he is also there in case i need a few units to go ambush.
    the bray shaman with undivided will usually take lore of beasts for bears anger and whatever else he gets. i intend to run him with the unit that dosn't have the wargor.
    the bray shaman with mark of nurgle is there for magic missiles and to weaken the characters my wargor wants to challenge. or to do damage to those pesky blocks of units.

    tell me what you think

    Please don't post individual unit costs which have no options added in the future. Many thanks GN

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    I think the best use of Nurgle in a beast army is in a Doombull / Minotaur list at 2K, so your on the right track with the Minotours. Drop their standard though.
    Id also suggest dropping the banners fron the Beast Herds. They are another unit likely to loose them to the enemy.
    Not sure why im working backwards, but oh well. Onto Characters. At a low points level, i think beast Characters are best kept cheap. Saying that, the wargors setup is firly tough. Just make sure you have a Spawn model, no doubt you will need it.
    Possibly loose the magic items from the Brays though, especially the Gore tooth. You can auto select the Bears Anger spell anyway, and Bloodgreed wont work if he is in a unit. As for hatred, he only has 2A so its not really worth it. The Dark Heart can be handy, but just adds to the cost of an already expensive and unarmoured model.

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